He is concerned about his father's illness.

Raghu almost passed out.

Sanity has the oddest ideas.

I don't need help.

Listen to your mother.

That wouldn't be appropriate.


Let him buy the next beer.

He absorbed new ideas.

Blaine told Juan to wash her face.

That's your job.

They were destined never to meet.


Their numbers are dwindling.

I didn't criticize him.

I know you'll do what's necessary.


Do you think he's in trouble?

I like having lots of things to do.

I hope you will be completely cured.


I don't drink beer.


We want to wish you and your family all the joys of a coming New Year.

She's leading a happy life with her husband near the sea in Kamakura.

When I was little, I was blonde.


He is rude, but I love him all the same.


The collapse of the new concrete platform killed four workers.

There will be grave decisions to be made.

I need to charge my mobile.


Give me a hand with this refrigerator.

He is not always busy in the morning.

Let's have some fun.

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It's too bad but we got pummeled at the soccer match.

The sheep graze the grass in the field.

How much did you pay her?

Everything here is covered in dust.

It's a real pleasure to meet you.


Can't you speak French?

You always get up early, don't you?

I didn't mean to overwhelm you.

In China too glass is being excavated out of graves from the Era of Warring States.

I don't particularly care.

He lives far away, so we only see each other a few times a week.

This company needs a new manager.


I was very, very happy.

The rights of the individual are the most important rights in a free society.

Why did things change?

I can't see where the problem is.

Rich people have a tendency to look down on the less fortunate.

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Stay home so that you can answer the phone.

Colin must be mad at you.

Brazil is partitioned into states, which in turn are partitioned into municipalities.


She's the French ambassador to Portugal.

He died last year of old age.

Won't you look in on us?

Will you tell me how to play the guitar?

Don't try to talk now.

It is the law.

Are you in Boston right now?

They took enough provisions for three years at sea.

I think I'd like to visit Boston someday.

It began to snow.

It's time to separate.

The government was criticised for not taking pre-emptive action to avoid the catastrophic consequences for customers following the collapse of the National Bank.

Almost everyone I know can speak French.


All the audience was excited.

I don't recall asking for your opinion.

I feel terrible today.

I met him at Tokyo Station.

She has a new man in her life.

Do you know kabuki?

I'm not like her!

The fire is going out; will you add some wood?

I study for many hours at night.

Johann is a terrible roommate.

Are you still awake? It's already three where you are, right?

We were just screwing around.

Don't talk about him that way.


Every day I planned my revenge.

Tai leaned over and whispered in Gil's ear.

Dirk should have told Anna right away that he wasn't single.


Does Kristi know you're doing this?

Matthieu couldn't say anything.

Adriana is from Costa Rica. She is Costa Rican.

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My sister is younger than me.

Linda developed a close-knit relationship with Dan's children.

Venkata loves listening to classical music.

He ran toward me as fast as he could.

We didn't need to do that.


Some parents don't punish their children when they lie.

We should determine what is to be done first.

Aurelie is a young shepherdess.


That baby has charming eyes.


What would I not do to help you both out of the trouble?

This saves time correcting everything later.

The banshee let out a blood-curdling scream.

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The boat hugged the shore.

We need a challenge.

Classes begin next week.

I don't care much for coffee.

I helped my father with the work.

There's something we have to talk about.

I don't know what would be the best.

The article's tone was one of pessimism.

That boy is a handful.


Do you want us to tell her?

Ritchey and Martyn discussed the problem.

It's that, you know, um, whatchamacallit. It's on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't remember the name!

My daughter is having dinner.

It was a chance meeting.


That seems like a good idea.


Do you need bread, sausage and cheese?

Nguyen wasn't overly optimistic.

The monkey climbed up a tree.

It could be coincidence.

They live in the suburbs.

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They know who they are.


Judy is Merril's new boyfriend.

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Wayne was the class clown.

No title is engraved on the statue.

His belly is as bright ivory overlaid with sapphires.

I don't think I've ever seen you this drunk before.

It was just a bad dream.


I can't make head or tail of those directions.


It's an impossibility.

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Life is, at best, a sea of troubles.

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Your hair's not even wet.


Somebody should say hello.

Please tell me which to take.

Mum asked me to buy her a new blanket.

The house only needs minor repairs.

He was angry and confused.

This is taking longer than I thought it would.

Pravin is confident and independent.

Shyam spoke highly of Nhan.

Do you have any in green?

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Don't bother denying it.


It was a fire by arson.


Our hotel accommodates 2000 guests.

It's almost dark.

Did I touch a nerve?

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We are having an international trade fair this month.

I wasn't able to catch the ball that Lyndon threw to me.

I know what needs to be done on Monday.

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My son still believes in Santa Claus.


The recent shortage of coffee has given rise to a lot of problems.

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Jack of all trades, and master of none.

Are you sure you turned off the stove?

How do I know you didn't do it?


That would be possible.

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This garden is at its best in summer.

Give me a toothpick.

Isabelle unlocked the car and got in.

He is going to strive to explain why.

We spent all evening dancing together.

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There was an emergency on the road.

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He had his left leg hurt in the accident.


It's OK to be scared, Naresh.


I attended the party with the intention of taking some pictures.