Evan seems to be unwilling to correct his mistakes.

I work among friends.

May I ask your age?

Good things in life often come at a cost.

The reason for my absence is that I was ill.

Where are the rest of the men?

Sylvan doesn't want to wear expensive brand name clothes.

Jakob washed the dishes.

I thought Peter was serious.

He loves dogs above all.

Marcos wants someone to close the window.

Jeanne denied the report.

I haven't forgotten them.

Lyndon isn't very tolerant.

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Isn't that exactly what you wanted?

Wendy was sitting alone in his apartment.

I don't dig modern jazz.

Clouds were floating in the blue sky.

She almost fainted.

We can't allow Jenine to leave.

It won't be long before our food runs out.


Are you sure you have enough time to eat?


Julia felt like crying after she heard that news.

I need a huge favor.

It just doesn't work that way.

When are we going to land?

Steve wanted Pantelis to stay.

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I make you a deal.


I like Bruce and he said that he liked me, too.


There's musical entertainment from nine o'clock to midnight.

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I am having mashed potatoes with vegetables for dinner.


Use the highest heat settings only when you're ironing fabrics made of natural fibers like cotton or linen.

I don't get much mail.

Do you have classes with him?

You do want me to help you, don't you?

They said they're busy.


There's still a lot left to do, so I won't get bored.

I'm a little concerned.

I was very proud.


Anne got on his bike and left.


I don't see the problem here.


Tell me about this girl.


You don't have to be an artist to find the beauty in everyday life.

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I've always wanted to travel around the world.

These rumors are probably true.

Bill is a few inches taller than Fay.


We are subject to change our plans if the president disagrees.

What were Roland and Johnny doing in Boston?

We are working for peace.

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When it comes to politics, he is as eloquent as anyone.


I suggest a different approach.

They missed the early train.

Not all Brazilians enjoy Carnival.

I've burnt myself.

That's my jacket.

Could you keep an eye on my suitcase for a moment?

The story appears to be true.

This hat is too tall.

Ramadoss is here to stay.

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I kind of liked it.


I'm knackered!

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Now it's too late. The train has already left.

Why don't you go on a diet?

Let's go out and eat dinner together from time to time.


I wonder who started that rumor.

It is essential for you to practice every day.

England established many colonies.

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Who's coming for supper?

Eliot suppressed his anger.

Do you know this lady?

We are victorious.

I love your car.

He said he was suffering from a bad headache.

Are you sure you don't want to do this?

I cannot help but be concerned about the commercialism of Hollywood movies.

They missed the deadline.


"Why are you doing this?" "Why not?"

I lost sight of her.

Shirley is very pious.

The people standing around were amused and laughed at the brave little dog.

He wiped out the recording.

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How did Novo and Loukas meet?


Vicki won't help us.


Lindsay doesn't live in Boston.

I need a cart with two oxen.

Because of the heavy fog, we could barely see the road in front of us.

I played basketball last year.

You will be in time for school if you leave at once.


Here is a pan without handles.


Not a moment could be lost.

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Damon and Gideon raise rabbits for meat.


Duke and some other men arrived fifteen minutes ago.

Do you think they followed us here?

It's not quite enough.


We'd better hurry. I don't want to be late for the concert.


Jimmy had his T-shirt on inside out.


Has he talked to you?

We're reaching the end of our journey together.

He deserves punishment.

Can you show me the way to the aquarium?

That's why I cannot agree with you.

Yes, you can celebrate anything you want.

I didn't want to make the same mistake twice.


I don't want Franklin to see it.

Edith is pretty wiped out.

There is nothing wrong with knowledge obtained by asking.

Bonnie saw Danny waiting at the bus stop.

"Why didn't you come?" "I had no choice."

Marcel began to undress.

A new kind of bullet had been invented.


Are you guys doing well?


Has the situation improved?


The other day I went on an overseas trip with my mother.

You're worried.

We agreed on a price.


I really enjoy your company.

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Sir grew up in a middle class neighborhood.

How many laps do you swim every day?

Now you're bringing me down.

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Shall we go soon?

This old French table is a very valuable piece of furniture.

She is addicted to Farmville.


That reminds me of something I heard yesterday.

They fell one after another.

At the time this story takes place - in 1699 - the Kingdom of Norway was still one with Denmark.

Did Daryl ask Patty about me?

Please use the information below for your payment.

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We're not accusing you of anything.

You're buying those, right?

Jorge opened the door for her.

Wes said you might be able to help.

It appears to me that she was wrong.

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I'm not brave.


I'm not sure what you were thinking.


What is his daily goal?


He's my daughter's son. He's my grandson.

It's worth the pain.

He was born in the eighties.

My vet recommended putting my dog to sleep.

Lorenzo underestimated me.


Actually, the problem isn't new.

She started at the top.

In the time of the Romans, they spoke Latin.

They work only during the day.

You're more beautiful than her.


My car's bigger than Betsy's.


Brush your teeth correctly before going to bed.


There is more charity at this time than at any other.

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"Now we're here!" "Enough! I'm going to talk to Ganon! Hey, Ganon! Ganon? ...Ganon!" "Silence! You dare?!" "...GANON!" "What?!" "I have a present for you: a bomb!"