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You never do anything wrong.

He attempted to swim across the river.

I hope you can be a better father than I was.

And he pointed to a bunch of high grass.

I'm used to being ignored by my parents.

Father named me after his aunt.

That's altogether wrong.

And your sister!

I'll need some help with this.

In my country, it's difficult to learn German.

How do you say "yuri" in English?

Will continued to honk the horn.

I'll go and buy some chocolate.

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Don't cry over spilled milk.


No one helped me.

Are you seriously thinking about giving Marilyn your computer?

That's their strategy.

Kayvan is going to kill Claudio.

Get her on the phone.

There's no turning back now.

I read a lot in my diary yesterday.

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There are a lot of kids in that family and most of them wear hand-me-downs.

Could you elaborate on that?

I've misjudged Jonathan.

He arrived at the station at seven.

The child is stroking a cat.

Illness prevented me from taking a trip.

Since you're going to the supermarket, buy some eggs while you're there.

Is it going to rain tomorrow?

Strange to say, I dreamed the same dream twice last night.

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He types extremely fast but with lots of mistakes.

The mountain is about 3000 meters above sea level.

He had to walk all of ten miles to his home.

Kirk threw Rajeev out of the bar.

Where did you look?


Don't you want me to keep it?

Liber probably thought I was busy.

He did not hesitate in taking his share of the money.


What will you do on Friday?

Can you and I talk?

Everyone was silent for a minute.

What will you give me in return?

Tollefsen told me he never said that.


I studied hard in order to pass the examination.

These prices will be cut next month.

I've given up my brother for dead.

We're talking about who should lead the expedition.

We could write Kelly a letter.

A barber is a man who shaves and cuts men's hair.

Werner found a job.

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Oleg showed me the letter.

It is likely to rain this afternoon.

Luke is a medical intern.

I've lived in Realengo since 1993.

That's not blood; it's tomato juice.


Keep driving.

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I searched all over for them.

Aaron put the sign to the wall.

I bought this TV on the installment plan.

Graham's shot missed the target by two feet.

Is the central heating warm enough in the winter?

My girlfriend is crazy over Forever 21, but at least it's cheap.

He exchanged seats with the next person.


They've all gone to see the film.

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I want a distraction.


John is not the man that he was three years ago.

I thought I could go.

What makes you think that's what caused the fire?

She's well stacked.

There is a better way.

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Is it unconstitutional?


Juha read the document out loud.


Mumbai is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

I lost half my interest in the project.

Hey Roxana, isn't that your cat?

The coach gave me some advice.

They wanted to earn money.

You never liked them.

Pim was a mental patient.

It is there.

"The birds are singing! Isn't it beautiful?" "NO!"

Did Francois say why Dawson went to Boston?

Going to live abroad is a major decision.

Hillary shot twice.

I never thought I'd want to buy an iPad.

You may go home now if you like.

I can't teach well at all today. I realize that I was just lucky until today.

Billie drove a van here today.

Beasts are numerous as fuck in this forest.


Prof. Wilson's work has not always met the approval of her straight-laced colleagues.


Let him rest.

I want some salt for my meat.

Why do I have to work with you?

Francois may be in trouble.

Let's find a way out.

I think we should head back.

What does UN stand for?


The actress sued the magazine for libel.

The price reflects the demand.

What is the cost of a beer?

I showed him the way.

Shut up! Not in front of her!

How are you going to manage?

Matthieu cares about you.

There are almost no gunfights in Japan.

Do you sell the hibiscus?

Andrea is cool under pressure.

He may just be ahead of his time.


According to scientific estimates, the universe is nearly 14 billion years old.

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They have decided to put aside old wounds.

It's strangely quiet here.

Is the beam solid or hollow?

I'm asking you what you think.

I programmed one.


We don't take coffee breaks.


Micky had the gall to ignore my advice.


Anton was really gracious.

I hate everyone, and everyone hates me.

I have met her before.

"I'm just thinking about my wish," replied the little black rabbit.

Promise me you won't do that again.


I smiled.

Never tell me a lie again.

The rice is already harvested.


This president has written his memoirs.

We suffered a loss of 10,000 dollars.

How can we find him?

Shari only goes to school four days a week.

Can I see that again?


We'll do it together.

Dan and his classmates mourned Linda's death.

Pray do not talk of that odious man.

I have lunch at noon.

An absurdity is a statement or belief manifestly inconsistent with one's own opinion.

I can't take your whining anymore!

We're worse off now than before.

Suu hasn't been here since then.

We went to the beach together.

Geoff is a grown man now.

I won't leave.


Pass me the pepper grinder.

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Cut him some slack.

Would you mind if I swam in your pool?

On Friday I help Mother make Challa for Sabbath.


All the other boys laughed at him.


What haven't you told me?


Did Kimmo get the briefcase?

What Tareq did was wrong.

It's a nice day today.


Could you get a ticket for me?

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Sometimes it's OK to show crazy emotion.

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Following the demographic data, the government was obliged to adopt a policy that would stimulate birth rate.

The movie was cast mostly with Americans.

No one will go through this door as long as I live.

Even the repairman couldn't figure out what had gone wrong with the microwave.

My eyes hurt.

As a man, no a human being, you're the pits!

She needs a bone marrow transplant, but she has not found a donor yet.

The pomegranate originated in the region of modern-day Iran, and is now widely cultivated across the globe.

I can't say I blame you.

She would do anything for you.

Finally they gave in to their enemy.

Push buttons are a practical fastener for children's clothes.

The news of the prime minister's resignation took us by surprise.