I don't get opera.


The Portuguese man Vasco da Gama discovered the maritime route which leades from Portugal around the continent of Africa to India.

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City firms vied with each other to hire the brightest young staff.

She got me drunk last night.

This is the last time I'll accept a gift.

They serve every day fresh fish and lobster, which they get weekly by plane from Norway.

The problem defies solution.

What a pretty woman!

He came to suddenly.


I know how Coleen feels about Todd.

The car was carrying four people when the accident occurred.

I can't see without my glasses.


I asked Raghu where he got that.

Can I just ask you one more question?

What exactly do you want me to say to Wade?

The distributors are asking for an exceptional margin.

I knew what was in the other room.


Apparently, Radek's death was a suicide.

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I went to Sendai and came right back without staying there overnight.


I believe it is a gift.

This match is NID, not even gonna watch it.

His stupidity shows in everything he does.


Penny took a self-defence class.

He's handsome and funny.

Do you like music?

Nichael couldn't forget Scot even if he wanted to.

I told List what Nhan told me.

Spike loves swimming, just like you do.

I'll take your suitcase to your room.

Written as it is in easy style, the book is for beginners.

I had no idea you knew Nanda.

Do you recognize him?

If you want people to collaborate with you, you have to be friendlier.

Please stop asking so many questions.

The Union soldiers fought fiercely.

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My grandmother is able to fly.

How many patients are there at this hospital?

It was cruel.

There's nothing for us to do here.

The kids weren't impressed.

Gary and only Suwandi can do it.

I don't want Jochen to hear.

Gideon doesn't like it when Andy leaves the toilet seat up.

I owe what I am to my parents.

What type of animals can I find here?

I want to thank my mom and dad for always helping me.

We take telephone orders.

That's really immature, Kyu.

Oleg looked in the rearview mirror.

I have been a bit distracted this morning.

This new technology cannot fail, can it?

Rusty told me he'd help us.


Can't you see it?

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Farmers turn up the soil with plows.


I explained the rule to Vicky.


You'll pay for what you did to me.

It snowed in the morning, didn't it?

I must've told you that a hundred times already.


Italians don't give up easily.


Robert asked his father to give him some money for lunch.


I would like to buy a dog.


Does it really matter which one of these I choose?

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Sanford still felt uncomfortable.


The next flight is at 10:00.

What's the most famous college in the world?

Brett really takes after her mother.

Now I'm ready.

Do you want your children to learn your language at school?

We have some questions we want to ask you.

I'm happy with the way things are.


He was at a loss as to which faculty to choose.

They are watching a play.

There is more water than is needed.

You don't fool me.

I agree with everything you said.

I just want to get over it.

Anatole and I split a pitcher of beer.


It's started again.

That was fast.

The more I studied psychology, the more interesting I came to find it.

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That was as awkward as being seen coming out of a love hotel in the morning.

Did you tell them to do that?

I'm glad everything worked out.

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We appreciate the support.


He collapsed at her feet.

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I'm very impressed with your quality control.

He once belonged to the Fukuda faction.

I intend to tell Rajarshi what happened.

Do come and visit us.

Ed laughed aloud.

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Don't touch the pot with bare hands.

I was wondering when you were going to tell me about it.

There's a chance that Gregory won't be there.

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Watch carefully.


That's a pretty sad-looking capital city.


Discover a way around the situation.

Is this the best Rodney can do?

Winston is the person who motivated me and gave me strength at all times to go ahead in the right direction.

Erick shrugged the sense of foreboding away.

On their way back home, Marion suggested that they stop and get something to eat.

The single-minded way he gets on with his life is truly admirable.

Seymour's job was outsourced to China.

That's really distressing.

Let's go check on them.

Can I ask you something strange?

Well, don't you know Esperanto?

He was exiled from his country.

The whole island was a wasteland of ice, whipped by freezing storms, and bleached skeletons were the only signs of the life that had once been there.

To each group of people its language, and a second, common to all.

Where did you give them birth?

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Taking advantage of the popular boom in Korean drama, workers selling Korean goods have increased.

As is often the case with young people, he was indifferent to money.

I don't want to freak Ginny out.


A thousand years makes a millenium.

I got cold last night.

I am Turkish.

His face lighted up with joy.

I never get tired of that.

We've already waited three days.

The vehicle is so deformed that the fire department needs to cut off the roof.

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Did you speak to them?


You're not the only one hurting here.

I just told him.

Your parents are worried about you.

Keep the dog out.

Herbert talks funny.

She is consistent in her opinions.

I wasted all morning waiting for you.


It makes no fucking sense.

I'm responsible.

We were entranced by the fabulous suite.

Niels used to tell me everything.

Do you understand what that means?

She always speaks in English.

Can I borrow a shirt?

We're very fast.

May I offer my congratulations?

And while she's no longer with us, I know my grandmother's watching, along with the family that made me who I am.

Have fun in Boston.

Prices continue to climb.

Once again, sorry.


You have to help me reason with Dawn.


His employer was sincerely grateful for his cooperation.


I lent Cecilia my umbrella.


I'm very concerned about her illness.

Perhaps Mah was right about that.

His apprehension greatly hinders his progress.


And he gave it for his opinion, that whosoever could make two ears of corn or two blades of grass to grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before, would deserve better of mankind, and do more essential service to his country, than the whole race of politicians put together.

You've abused my trust.

Benefits accrue to the community from reconstruction.

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We have time, there's no rush.

Don't give me any back talk either.

I don't have four brothers.

Is the hotel far from here?

They said they hadn't seen anyone.


My great aunt was a staunch teetotaler.

Donnie would never say anything like that.

He spent the morning reading a book.