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Wayne State University School of Medicine and University Physician Group

To request WSUSoM/WSUPG accounts, select the option from the left. Once the accounts have been created, you will be contacted at the extension that you provide.

The School of Medicine no longer hosts email services and all email has been consolidated with Main Campus on Office365. So we can only provide email accounts for individuals who are entitled to a Wayne State University AccessID account. Also select the correct department since there may be shared resources for that department that will need to be provided.

Request for access to various WSUSoM/WSUPG systems are not processed by the MED Domain Account Operators but the respective administrators of this systems will be notified of your request for access upon processing the new account request.

To notify us of an account termination, select that option from the left. Account terminations would be for those people that have left the School of Medicine or University Physician Group. Account terminations can be requested by anyone though they will be verified with the department before processing. Accounts to be terminated will be immediately disabled and then removed from the system in 30 days.

Any accounts with expired passwords of more than 30 days will be treated as abandoned accounts and disabled and slated for deletion. This includes accounts that forward to DMC or Karmanos.