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Win knows where Marco went.

I swam toward the shore.

The Scottish National Party has lost its overall majority in the Scottish Parliament.


We're just not used to it yet.


That is because you always study hard.

He hired a new secretary.

What does the red plaque say?

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Go away. I was here first.

Adam found it difficult to solve the problem.

What does Val want from us?

Ahmet fished a key out of his pocket and unlocked the door.

We'll try our best.

I think that he repaid the money.

I've got another commitment this evening.


Jealousy is a disease; love is a healthy condition. The immature mind often confuses one for the other, or assumes the greater the love, the greater the jealousy. In fact they are almost incompatible; both at once produce unbearable turmoil.

You should have listened to him more carefully.

I will come be your guest tomorrow.


You owe it to Tim to tell him the truth.

Oh, Mother, help! I'm dying!

Dimitry says he can get everything we need.

It's sad to see Toft so unhappy.

We have many difficulties before us.

Compared to New York, Tokyo is a much safer place.

I know a couple of good restaurants on Park Street.

She couldn't come because of an illness.

Why don't you take some pictures of yourself with scenery of Boston in the background?

Can you come and help me do this exercise? I have been pulling my hair out for two hours and I am still stuck.

Cristina would come home late at night, completely drunk.

Louie just got back to Boston today.

Were you in love with them?


Does that belong to Angela?


Can someone give me a sensible answer to this question?


We were on the point of leaving when Sergei arrived.

I wonder what it feels like.

A day on the road is good for you.

With her heart pounding, she opened the door.

Words cannot describe the horror I felt.

One cup of coffee, please.

I pierced one.

Skef, this bitch, was hiding behind a big word, to surprise Jong.

I suggest that you see Mr White.

She wanted to marry an all-American man.

Srinivas's so old.

The people standing around were amused and laughed at the brave little dog.

President Clinton denied any dishonorable actions.

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He's the one I called.

You're so cute together.

This job calls for practice.


I've never seen a house without a door.


Bob was shy when he was a high school student.


Randy came up with a good idea.

Molly asked me to come back tomorrow.

For next class, I want you guys to transcribe the lyrics from any singer as long as it's in English.

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Japan's balance of payments has been running a huge surplus for many years.

Leila often meets his friends here.

We stopped the child from getting into mischief.

Andreas hates to get his feet wet.

Under the conditions of y'all not being able to fight in lojban, please don't fight.

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Now I'm older, I see things differently.

Clayton isn't likely to do that.

I've never seen a house without a door.

I'm a 24-year-old American; I go by Steve.

Are you aware of anyone who would want to harm Arthur?


Marrakesh is hotter than Paris.

I intend to stay in Boston with my uncle.

I was just teasing.


Steve has been offered a job in Boston.

He is a cheerful boy.

He entertained us with jokes all evening.

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There's one thing I shall never understand till my dying day.

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Franklin took his children to the park.

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What are you wearing to graduation?

During the Golden Week holidays, many volunteers went to the quake and tsunami-hit areas in Tohoku.

I'd like to talk to you for a minute.

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I'm still training Trevor.

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He made the most of his free time.

Do you like to drive fast cars?

Is this your car?

We have ninety minutes to carry the concrete from the mixing plant to the worksite.

My neighbour's name is Woody.


Let me see that again, Noam.

There is little hope of his recovery.

It'll take time to get everything ready.

On Saturday nights, it's difficult to find parking around here.

I was extremely angry.

I'm not sitting next to them.

Jonathan thanks me every day.

I have no idea where he is at present.

His music has attained great popularity overseas.

Each student has their own computer.

Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans ten years ago.

Holding hands can express love between two people.

He is likely to win the championship.

Tatoeba is currently unavailable. We are sorry for the inconvenience. You can check our blog or Twitter for more information.

The jacket, which I wanted, costed three hundred dollars.

Darin was annoyed at the interruption.

A Japanese person would never do such a thing.

Mitchell seems disappointed.

The dog is barking at her.


He used to work hard as a lumberjack.

I always pass the time by watching TV.

We just got them to go to sleep.

Ravi did his homework.

Despite your reservations, we will do what we decided to do.

I had a busy day today.

Times are tough.

Juan and Stewart don't eat meat anymore.

These books are heavy.


The house closest to here is two miles away.

Please take a seat and wait.

I would keep waiting for you if I had to stay awake past midnight.

It could be a trick.

You can't leave me here.

I bought these for Beverly.

I'm sick of this game.

Are you cooking tonight?

Hunter got rid of the evidence.

Just give me another chance.

Give me some specifics.

Linda wore no make-up.

I don't think Jagath can deal with the situation.

Piercarlo seems to be tolerant.

Some friends of mine are building their own house. They hope to finish it next summer.

As I don't have the software that matches the attachment, I cannot open the file. Please resend it in another format.

Lynne went upstairs.

Please contact Tyler directly.

The longer you live, the older you get.

I hate the English language and everything related to it.

Open your window.

I felt bad about picking on him.

How do you say "" in Lojban?

The alert witness recognized the criminal.

Will you be eating and drinking all night?


Mike visited Mr. Ogaki who is our principal.

Vicky's baseball glove was on the dresser.

The investment firm tricked customers into buying worthless stock.

Turning left you will find the bus stop.

Have you met the new boss?

I've learned to live with the pain in my back.

I actually liked it a lot.


You're the only other person who knows what actually happened.

Let me do that for you.

More students apply to the university than can be accepted.

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He said that he wanted some money.

Those records are not accessible to the public.

Polly was sitting across the table from Gigi.


I know that she is pretty.

He worked hard to make his child happy.

He felt something touch his shoulder.

Old habits die hard.

The secretary is good at English in addition to being beautiful.

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He left Japan never to come back.

Pierce is very close to Turkeer.

Sally asked me if I wanted to go to a movie with him.

The outside walls of the auditorium are terribly stained. It is, in part, due to acid rain.

Damone backed away.

Dimitry went guarantor for his son's car loan.

Where shall I drop you?


The petrol pump attendant wasn't very thrilled when we only bought a newspaper from him.

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It is already August.


The policeman was off duty.


He said he did not want to be president.


I'll get out of your way.

What Reid said was true.

The yacht race will take place tomorrow, weather permitting.