That big advertisement tower puts our city to shame.

They went trudging across the desert.


Where do you think the safest place in your house would be during a tornado?

Let's take a look at the facts.

While you are about it, please make some coffee for me.

I need to buy new spectacle frames.

Juergen handed Ken the money.

Francois lives alone in a large house.

Every girl's crazy about a sharp-dressed man.

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They were arguing about money.

How about shaving your head instead? I think it would look good on you.

Reid ripped off his shirt.

Ernst has problems sleeping.

The dog looks sick.

That's partially correct.

They never found out the truth.

We've done our work.

You can vote for change.


Mahmoud wanted to lose weight.


It's really nasty.

They live downstairs.

She's unbelievably stupid.

The lamp went out.

I felt kind of sorry for her.


I took you for Roy when I first saw you.

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Call me when you know something.

I want to be examined by a doctor because of my stomach ache.

Is this art?

Taking drugs is worse than smoking.

Turkey is the heir of Ottoman Empire.

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Antique carpets are especially valuable.

Browsing long enough through eBay, you're sure to find something that you never knew you wanted.

Sean is likely to be late for dinner.

I want a cup of iced-tea.

Nguyen was a drunk.


I spent two hours playing the piano.

It has suddenly gotten cold, hasn't it?

How's your wife?


Miriam wasn't supposed to show the contract to Arne.

The students ought to study more.

Antonio handed Barry the money.


"Where is my phone?" "It's on my desk."


I want to give Lum something useful for his birthday.


I don't know what to say. I truly don't. This is just so incredibly beautiful.

"That's the one problem," he said angrily.

Would you please inform me of the expected shipping date?

What is your favorite boy band?

Most of them were college students.

Do you mind my smoking here?

How many were there?


I'm sorry this took so long.

It was late afternoon by the time we arrived in Boston.

I'll lend you all the money I have on me now.


I forgot to put a stamp on the envelope.

It was unbelievable.

Clay tried to keep calm.

It's probably a person. However, not logically entailing Peter's expression...

I didn't get his name.

You are not watching TV now.

A spiral staircase leads onto the gallery of the church.

Brandon is Charleen's boss.

You deserve better than that.

Masanao staggered into the room, carrying a bottle of beer.

This squirrel is shy.


The situation is complicated.

I just want to make sure we're all on the same page.

We learn something new about ourselves every day.

I wanted to be an inventor when I was young.

It absolutely wasn't Blair who went with him to the art gallery.


Japan is close to China.


The government executes the orders of the bankers.

My pet is sick.

Nichael never told me why he got divorced.


You're the one who taught me how to do this.

There's nothing to fear.

The suits in this row are all made of imported European fabric.


Ramadoss lay on the couch, staring blankly at the ceiling.

Lock and barricade all doors.

He is kind to her.

I did it while I was drunk.

He shall die.

"Ah, the trailing group has arrived." "Oh no. They caught up with us while we were resting."

Anderson brought a flower and presents for his date.

I want to talk to you.

Soccer is very popular among Japanese students.

Many old people these days cannot keep up with the times.

I could hardly make out what she said.

The alternative possibilities were resistance and flight.

Nou's laughing could be heard three blocks away.

We all jumped at the crashing noise.

I just wanted to help her.

Please put the meter on.

I have no time.

This was my first visit to a foreign country.

He was accused of murder.

I get up in the morning at eight thirty.

Our condolences.

I hope this'll be the last time I see you.

The ground is wet after rain.

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How did you hurt your hand?


Don't tilt your chair back.


There were many people in the hall.

When were your books delivered?

He was late as usual.

I'm going to ask your daughter to marry me.

Do you know what I mean?


Now let's talk.


My eyesight isn't as good as it used to be.

People can choose to start loving, but can't choose to stop.

The mother doesn't love any one of her children more than any of the others.

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The risotto is delicious.

Jacobson wrote a story about that.

The man robbed me of my bag.

I think you should take that job in Boston.

The fog made driving difficult.

She plays beach volleyball.

What are you trying to do? Drive me insane?

Damon said yes.

All you have to do is apologize for being late.

I want something to read for when I take the train.

She was afraid to make a speech.


I owe Gordon some money.

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They hurried by without a glance.


I think Tanaka is incompetent.

He knows how to come to Tokyo.

Sanford is going to need a push.

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It's his.


Such an accident is likely to happen again.

What did Sofia write about?

I don't play games.

Walt said he was too busy to help.

The relics of your grandparents are in this church.

Slartibartfast just found out that Chuck is already married.

Not many students attended the meeting.

I'm in a relationship.

But what do I see!

I'm going to make you happy.

Are you going to tell Gregor?

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The party arrived at Kyoto.

Some survived.

Who is going to play tennis?


The moment the teacher left the classroom, it became quite noisy.

We both saw her.

There are no waves without wind.

How did this get started?

Saul was just helping me get dressed.

Since I don't know what questions I'll be asked, I'll have to wing it at my presentation.

I want an explanation now.

I took my umbrella lest it rain.

What a beautiful house!

He lives in a small town near Osaka.

Give me your book.

I don't think you've ever met Norma.

We can't hire anyone new right now.


His account of the accident accords with yours.

I bet Dale could help you with that.

I saw your shop board out there on road.


I want her to sign this.

You've got seniority.

Gina's sheer coldness attracted scads of men with low self-esteem.

Depending on which you think of as the main point, either is OK.

Ritchey looks preoccupied.


Do you want some company?

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The guards rotated in making their rounds every hour.