The boat began to take in water and soon sank.

Here is your receipt.


You're wealthy, aren't you?

Piete moved away from the window.

Shane, who goes off and on attending the computer, is obviously crazy.

These are Leslie's glasses.

I had a lot of difficulty getting in touch with her.

Don't talk with your mouth full.

I can speak Esperanto as if it's my mother tongue.


We might have underestimated his ability.

Glory to the King of creation.

Finland is a Nordic country.

They kept the plan among themselves.

Thank you for cutting the dead tree in my garden.

I know where to start.

I'm going to buy a box of matches.

That was your plan, wasn't it?

I'm shocked.


You just have to know where to look.

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I'd like to get under way as soon as possible.

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Gill has to cook dinner tonight.

Clarence is doing a nice job.

He was voted prom king.

I want to move away from here.

Stephanie told us a good joke.

This dog runs fast.

She said that she would visit Jack with her sisters.

No one is going with me.

It was stiflingly hot.

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How do you explain it?


Varda wants Rajarshi to move to Boston with him.

It was a thrill.

He cheated on the test and got caught.

Are you messing with me?

We'll be in Boston for three months.

London is large, compared with Paris.

I've never seen this place so empty.


Judging from his appearance, he is ill.

The peddler carried a big bundle on his back.

Emily is a high school student.

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One never knows whom one might run into.

Merton fooled everybody.

How much of what Caroline said do you believe?

Dan's condition grew worse and he was sent to the hospital.

You did an incredible job.


You're a good-for-nothing.


He's capable of doing it.

I don't want to think about anything anymore.

She tried to get whatever she wanted.


I'm afraid you've arrived in Boston at a most unfortunate time.

It's difficult to find work.

Education is an admirable thing. But it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.

Laura forgot.

I finished the race.

Being tired, as I was, I went to bed earlier than usual.

I didn't say I wanted this.

Are you a high school student?

Please don't tell anyone yet.


What time will the washing machine repairman come?


Birds and beasts like tragic sounds, their ears are identical with the human ones.

I'll be going shopping in the latter part of the week.

I knew you'd go there.

That's what I wanted to know.

Sjouke is young and beautiful.

Don't bother looking for me.

Who wouldn't want to live here?

Never did I expect to see her in such a place.

There is a Mr. Kimura on the line for you.

The interviewer describes the interviewees.

Please don't tell.

The couple broke off their engagement.

Tell him you can't do it.

I don't want you here.

Shannon earns twice as much as me.

We are moving toward a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything as definitive and has as its highest value one's own ego and one's own desires.

I guess everybody knows that.

When will Linder be here?

"Looks like Maki's a twin!" Ken said. "Really now," I replied, totally uninterested. Maki was a member of a ukulele club that ran beside our club in the school lounge. She looked lovely in Ken's eyes, but to me she was just the sixth cutest girl in class - average, in my opinion.


Cristi isn't on Facebook.


I picked Soohong's pocket.

I was very glad to get a present from her.

You're the boss.


Is there any prospect of his recovering?


The soldiers were disaffected toward the government.

Jeanne was the last one to turn in his homework.

You'd better examine the contract carefully before signing.


I can't tell which work is better than the other.


It's my job to help people.

May I drink alcohol?

The bad poet is usually unconscious where he ought to be conscious, and conscious where he ought to be unconscious.

I'm fed up with always backing you up.

You've gained a few pounds.


Those are my orders.

You can't blame this on us.

He's renting the room.

Why would anyone want to steal any of these things?

I reckon we'll see him once more.


Do not lean out of the window.

Is this my wine?

If he hadn't been eating while driving, he wouldn't have had an accident.

Rupert had a splenectomy.

They looked back.

Come to see me in my office.

This is a big help.

I'd like that beer, please.

This is a real beehive.


The game is not over.

I had a bad cold and was in bed for a week.

My nose is too big.

She did not go out often after the babies came.

Russell plugged in the coffee maker.

Please write back soon.

Would that it were true!

I went to the pawn shop and asked them to please appraise my 1980s style car

Maybe that'll be enough.

Jordan says Brian likes you.

Can't we just ask her to go?

He's going to get fired.

Is that a bullet hole?

We're a little busy right now.

This is now our home.


I'm pretty sure Clem's angry.

We took a walk along the river.

Kuniko is related to Mr Nagai.

These shirts are both the same size.

Now, let's have a look.

In severe cases, cracks can form or it can snap apart.

I knitted these mittens for you.

Denis sends more than a hundred text messages per day.

That amount of food will last them for a week.

We've done a lot of stupid things together.

She disappeared two days ago.


Kinshasa is the capital of Democratic Republic of the Congo.

You should ask Erwin out.

Let's do the homework together.

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There aren't any clouds today.


I'll take it to her.

It was so noisy there that I couldn't make myself heard.

Dan went to his first exam unprepared.

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We all felt sorry for you.


Heather goes to school at eight o'clock.

I've never seen this kind of thing happen before.

Niels is a heavy tea drinker.

I learned that in the first year of medical school.

She always turns a deaf ear to my advice.

This is my opinion, not hers.

I think you may have overlooked something.

You shouldn't listen to us.

We're not going to harm you.

He ignored his father's advice.

Do you want to hear what that person said about you?

Caroline heard a voice.

He retired from office.


Clutching my painful wound...

I don't know what I'm going to do with this.

I know he doesn't like me.

That's not the goal.

Hold up there, sergeant.

I can't leave this to others. I'm no lifesaver but if I don't help her myself....

That child may have been kidnapped on his way home.

Lynne said it was raining.

They were a match made in heaven.


I fell in love in an unlikely place.

I suggest you have a native speaker read over your report to make sure there are no errors.

Snow indicates the arrival of winter.

Why isn't Courtney eating with us?

Are you being held hostage?


They say that Mike is sick in bed.