We have lobsters only on special occasions.

I lol'd.

I cannot brag about my team. It always loses games.

Joe ordered the dog to sit.

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She passed away peacefully in her sleep.


Birds evolved from dinosaurs.

That's not the right answer.

It's all over for me. I lost my job.

Start over.

In the XXI century it is necessary to know at least one foreign language.

I cannot learn Icelandic. It's too difficult.

You like it, don't you?


Bret is always very aggressive.

We studied the Concordance to Shakespeare to accumulate examples of alliteration.

I have some news for you!

Are you going down?

Sooner or later, it's going to happen.

I'll be staying at the Portside Hotel.

I don't know what to do.

I like rice more than bread.

His condition changed for the worse.


I only wish that were possible.


We don't have root beer.

I heard the news about him.

Starbuck and Mah are at a table in a quiet corner.

Philip made his bed.

Lorenzo called us.

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You have given yourself a European name? Why? Then why don't you just change the color of your skin as well?

Everyone has points of weakness.

You're the strategy expert.

Step aside, please.

We finally reached the top of Mt. Fuji.


That's what addresses the issue.


Donna would like to ask you and Darci some questions.


I suggest you talk to her.


I really see no reason to stay.


There's something I want to discuss with you.

This was a terrible mistake.

Sanity doesn't make the rules.

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It must have been terribly difficult getting around in the days before automobiles were invented, or railroads or anything like that.

Let's go to the Jacksons'.

I'm sorry I am late, but there's been a lot of work to do.

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Raj knew that he couldn't trust Suwandi.

How do you get to Tomplatz from here?

I was pleased to hear that he had succeeded in the examination.

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I want you to somehow resolve the situation as promptly and avoiding to cause trouble for my sister and those around us as much as possible.


I'm working with them now.

Juri wants to change out of his wet clothes into something dry.

She always takes care of her children.

First Asem, then Saule started to cry.

School has started and I like it so far.


Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain.

When I got up today my throat felt a little sore.

That's happened to me before.

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I want to learn French and then Italian.

What's Anita's excuse?

Put a lid on it, Skef.


My wife doesn't seem to like even her own children.

Why don't we go for a drive?

You can see millions of stars on this hill.

You tell a secret to your wife, she tells it to her sister, and so the secret will march on forever.

Travis is alive!

Kids wake up early in the morning to open their presents on Christmas.

I thought we were having fun.

They will be very glad.

Pick me up 2:30.

The boy was anxious for a new bicycle.

It's hard to get by on minimum wage.


I visit my friend's house at intervals.

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I'm not going to change who I am.


After months of looking, Roxana purchased a new dress.

You had better get this letter registered for fear it should be lost.

She showed me her garden.

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Let him take care of it.


It was so hot in Australia yesterday that Cathryn managed to fry an egg on a shovel.

What I want is to move on.

I don't care whether she is beautiful or not!

Jerome told Vic she meant the world to him.

It isn't easy to understand why you want to leave.


Jussi forgave you.


Do we really have to sing?


I didn't think about it too much.


I really hope Kayvan is right.

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We need to learn all we can about what happened.

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You're too drunk.

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He's tall and lanky.

They sent another message to King George.

The sun is sinking in the west.

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I recommend that you ask Moran.


I'm sure Ramneek told you I was coming.

She coaxed a smile from the baby.

Do me a favor and talk to them?

Are you really going to break up with Vernon?

She is talking.

Your house needs repairing.

Who will take charge of their class?

I wasn't organized enough.

In woodworking, we classify wood as hardwood, softwood or exotic wood.

That dog looks very wasted.

I don't know what the big deal is.

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Earl is quite anxious, isn't he?


I wonder what the advantage of this technique is.

I baked an apple pie.

Steven is very creative.

I want the blanket.

That pianist is known for his technique.


Have you had a thorough medical checkup within the last year?

The company employs 500 workers.

I've got a little surprise for you, Linley.


What's your favorite nursery rhyme?

I just don't want to marry her.

I am by no means absent from this class because I am lazy.

I want to hear your story. Go on, please.

It sounds like you've been talking to Peggy.

I suppose you want to ask me how I was able to make so much money in so little time.

Justin's not the slightest bit interested in my suggestion.


I can't memorize so many of these letters.

Honzo wanted me to tell you that he was going to be away from the office for a few days.

When the person is old enough, he can get circumcised.

They're armed.

Will you do the work that Seosamh didn't do?


As we age, our ability to remember gets worse.

No inequality should be allowed to exist between men and women.

If you don't start at once, you will be late.

Throughout his youth he had fervently read the new works of Tolstoy. Now the fame of the great Russian was spread around the world.

OK. I'll take a day off and treat you.

His lecture had a large audience.

I want to thank all of you for coming here today.

He believes in the superstition that 13 is an unlucky number.

I was not in the least surprised, for I had fully expected as much.

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I'd like you to have this.

Is this what you were searching for?

Eric tends to overthink things.

My father was the same age I am now when he moved to Boston.

A ballet theater is a place in which I can study motion.

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You're not fast enough.

Don't forget to remind Margaret to feed the dog.

She walks her dog to the park before breakfast.

I'll make this easy for you.

Oops, I posted the message to the wrong newsgroup.

Where were they when this all happened?

A second mirror is hanging next to the door.

Paul is always groping women.

It's not like we're strangers.

This is the best movie I've ever seen.

He's deeply attached to her.

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The substance can also destroy plants.

Would you mind telling me how to do this?

You must meet with her.

I don't trust her.

Mom, I am hungry.


There is a post office close by.

The real problem lies in his character.

Spain walked rings around their opponents. The French looked sluggish.


Linley and Nguyen will presumably get divorced.

He sits in this chair when he watches television.

He turned red with shame.