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We are all excited about the concert.

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If anything, my father seems happier than before.

Hank freaked out.

Elias doesn't need a wheelchair.

There are too many codes to remember.

We can give it one more try.

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I can't go on like this.


You can't make me leave.


What we are seeing now is a country teetering on the brink of civil war.

Space almost never calls Dawson.

Hirotoshi is legendary.

Lila didn't come out of his room.

Mr. Suzuki is a great scientist.


Can I do it for you?

Everett was reaching for his gun when Wilmer shot him.

Intonation is absent in his way of speaking.


You know I won't do that.

Let's get out of this place.

Make sure Julian knows what he's supposed to do.

Toerless will be so excited.

If you're busy, you don't have to come.

I can't endure the noise.

His patience reached its tipping point.

How many islands does Germany have?

Do you think that bugged them?

I've always been attracted to older women.

I have a meeting with her.


Don't you see him?

Speaking of fall flavors in Japan, what comes to everyone's mind? For me, after all is said and done, it would be pike.

Just let me handle this.

I have three sons.

You absolutely rock.

Sorrel got back home before midnight.

We must allow for some delay.


I must buy shoes.


This is the best time of the year.


Don't forget to mail this letter.

Hearing a strange noise, he jumped out of bed.

There still aren't any highways in this mountain region. All goods are transported on the backs of people and horses.

We were perplexed by the crossword puzzle clue.

What's going to happen today?


Lum gave Van up for dead.

City firms vied with each other to hire the brightest young staff.

They easily fall back on his company.

I just want you to scare them.

Absolutely nonsensical things happen in this world.

I'm prejudiced.

Please pay the tax.


She sympathized with those unfortunate people.


You'll never escape that way.


Erik is still the same guy.

I ran away in a hurry.

I just retired a few months ago.


If he were happy, he would play much better.

Children were different from her.

This is a book of children's stories.

I was about to commit suicide.

Is there a river between two parks?

Jerry said he wasn't interested.

Look at Venus!

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That's what the government wants.

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This is a false bottom pan.


I desire a lot to see you today.


I ruin everything I get my bony hands on.

What's more, our first battle is to defeat that dragon!

If anything should ever happen to me, you can look here.

Don't talk to me that way.

You are a liar.

The only thing that's certain is uncertainty.

The strippers can't get away.

When Rafael was studying medicine, he painfully saw how people afflicted by heart diseases died due to lack of adequate medical equipment.

I'll save you a piece of cake.

Takayuki removed the splinter from Florian's finger.

The meter of this poem alternates between seven and five morae per line.

Geoff is a winemaker.

I love being in empty rooms.

The trouble with him is that he is seldom punctual.

No complaints have been reported.

Had it not been for your help, I could not have done it.

Jean-Christophe thinks that Suwandi is being unnecessarily cautious.


Show me you're brave.


She is really a good singer.

She was more than happy to do it.

Hon is quite confident.


What are they at?


I really want to figure this out.


Amarth moonlights as a street mime.

His wife never found out.

It was easy for him to answer the quiz.

Leslie went on reading.

Because of the level of pollution, which was mentioned before, you can help the local environment by avoiding petrol-based means of transport, so you can both spend less money and reduce the level of pollution.

He entered the boutique.

Jelske earned it.

I haven't heard from her since then.

It's a bit weak example.

The one thing I know is that I know nothing.

Belinda doesn't play golf as much as he used to.

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Air is for people what water is for fish.


The police came and looked into all the evidence.

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I didn't listen to the news yesterday.

I considered calling the police.

I got stuck in traffic.

Claude came closer.

I want to help Brad.

It will heal.

They lived in the countryside during the war.

Can I have the key now, please?

He kept on telling lies.

That feels so good.

That was a good time.

The cinema was filled with people.

Can you help me out here, please?

More modern buildings are safer than older ones.

We'll be thirsty.

You see? You must study a foreign language.

We should've worked harder.

Pilot and Dimetry tossed a ball back and forth.

Fill the blanks with suitable words.

How long would it take you to paint my garage?

That's an abuse of authority.

Eli said he enjoyed the party.

He couldn't take it any longer.


I feel so pretty.

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My father will return at the beginning of next month.

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I am so much obliged to you for your kindness.

I've always wanted to live in a mansion.

He will leave for the station an hour before the train leaves.


Knudsen and Clyde shook hands with each other.

I'd make a decision quickly if I were you.

No one will know I'm here.


Do you really think that Carlos can help us?


I didn't know that Ken could speak French.


I went bungee jumping for the first time today.


I sucked up the dust on the floor with a vacuum cleaner.

For the time being, I don't have a plan.

I'm a dog lover.

I'm afraid Marcel's not going to recover.

Cary has been waiting for Raja for more than three hours.

That would be one reason.

The request was denied.


I'll never work for her.

Few boys are dainty about their food.

Talking to him always puts me in a good mood.

The ship ran aground on a sandbar.

I can't call her at home.

I agree with that.

He had to spend many barren days.


Pieter is extremely unlikeable.


Is that from her?

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Humility often gains more than pride.


You deserve a vacation.


She was very fanatical about religion.

He's studying history at college.

This does happen quite often.

We could both go.

I like my teacher's dress.


Last year when I was in the United States, I had almost no opportunity to speak Japanese.