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She is rather cross now.

I think Real is all right.

Some know that science fantasy is different from science fiction.


Two students are absent today.

Which bag is yours?

Winds from the sea are moist.

He examined the spare parts one after another.

I have to get back to my office.

I like to work with Jeannie.

We must toast.

Whoever comes will be welcome.

I had no idea that you didn't like Jacob.

Jochen usually drank beer for supper.

Their job is done.

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I don't know what happened to him.

Where are you going to?

Mwa said he didn't mean to hit me.


They visited me occasionally.

At least today, has she done something right?

Several people are rich in money and poor in purse - by his wife.

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I absolve you from your sins.

Let's put this in the trunk.

When a philosopher answers me, I no longer understand my question.


The radio is broken.

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Car manufacturing is carried out by computer-programmed robots in place of human workers.

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We should be more careful to recycle more trash.

That's why I'm telling you that you don't have to go there alone.

They work together very well.

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It's dirt cheap.

He came as a witness to testify concerning that light.

Roman and Maria sweat, sitting in a Turkish bath.

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We need a place to stay tonight.

Instead of stopping, the rain increased.

I'll wait till noon.

Gunnar is faster than you think.

She resembles her mother in every respect.

Raanan went to Japan on a work holiday visa.

You were refused entry because you were too drunk.


We need to warn Doug.

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I just need to find out why.

Please take off your hats.

There were fifty entries for the race.

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Desperate men do desperate things.

Neal came here.

None of my friends drink coffee.

That wasn't very romantic.

The machine has been out of order since last month.

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I think you'd better go on a diet.

You have to get them out of here.

I've been writing a lot.

Did you find the book interesting?

I'm already late.

Can you stop hiding in the toilet to play games?

It was not quadrille dancing, nor minuet dancing, nor even country-dance dancing.

Tomas didn't even bother looking up from his work.

How can I tell if a guy likes me?


Jarl tried to find out where Vidhyanath had gone.

She is out of danger.

He attended the meeting for his father.


My vodka is strong.

Father is good at cooking. As for Mother, she is good at eating.

What are you still doing here?

The task is of great importance to them.

We have had little rain this summer.

All sorts of rumors rose about her past.

Go ahead, give America all your hard earned money.


The arrow hit the target.

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Max went to the zoo with his children.

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It isn't clear whether she would agree.

As a pianist, he is far above me.

Radek is looking for someone to help him build a wall.

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My child! Who has my child? Who took my child?

That's my problem with him.

I promised to leave Johan alone.


If there's something else you want to say, just say it.


I think it was wrong.

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The vase that he broke is my aunt's.

Pascal said that you wanted to see me.

Beckie is going nuts.

I've missed her.

You didn't miss the meeting.

Most men I meet aren't interested in children.

Do you want me to get you something else?

Things got violent.

Well, I never did!

The train is due at noon.

We could choose ourselves what to talk about.


It's impossible that she knew about it.

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I was thinking about you earlier today.

Why are you working for Reinhard?

Mick uncorked the bottle.

He is not on Facebook.

Let's leave before Donne gets here.

An enemy yesterday can be a friend today.

Good care should be taken of the pearl.

Merat's hardly said a word all day.

The translators of the New Testament were considered heretics.


If you alter the plan, you must inform the team members of the changes.

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You're gonna be famous one day.

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You'll do what she says and you'll succeed.

The was, of course, innocent.

He worked hard yesterday.

The peach tree is beautiful when in flower.

Alejandro's at the door. Please ask him to come in.


I don't see why it shouldn't work.

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Rajeev wanted me to give you this envelope.

Their job is to cut the vegetables.

Dave never returned to school again.

Everyone should always attach oneself to one's trade.

I didn't fall asleep until after 2 o'clock in the morning.


I will try my best, whether I shall be successful or not.

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I'm on my way to the station.


I look forward to meeting him.

I gave him a chance.

I regret it.

He likes reading English literature.

You've got to go to work.

You don't have to face it alone.

She must be angry.

He removed his wet socks.

He's a complete and utter moron.

Mark couldn't figure out what Kitty was trying to say.

Are you positive?

My son wants to go to med school.

Do you want us to help them?


How much do you eat?

Did you turn the stove off?

Can this be just between you and me?

I had to tell Al about us.

I didn't know Josip could play the cello.

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The book is now ready for publication.


I think you should talk directly to Toft.

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I'm not allowed to talk about that.

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I am taking her out to dinner this evening.

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Then I'll see what I can do!

These books are better than those ones.

I've never met anyone who is agnostic about the existence of Zeus.

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The crown is the symbol of kings.


I'll go to London next year.

I just need more time.

I had a time playing tennis.

The more the plot thickens, the more the mystery unfolds.

He had heard wonderful stories about cities of gold with silver trees.


My brother is small but strong.

Do you want to dance with me?

The wind calmed down in the evening.

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Wait, what are you trying to do?

Do you love me or not?

I have never advised a friend.


Where did you get that piece of wire?

Oh my God, I look so fat.

Food is one of the great pleasures in life.

She respects her homeroom teacher a lot.

Are you going to school today?

I have breakfast at seven.

Have you seen this video?