Everything is going well with our plan.

Greg heated the milk.

What is the size of this district's greenery area ?

Life isn't fair.

I'm just cleaning up.

Speech is silver, silence is golden.

I went to sleep during the math lesson.

What do you think of when you look at this photo?


The party was well along when I came.

I cannot see it.

Tait is a dependable person.


I booked a seat at this restaurant.


When will you eventually get out of the bathroom?

What an awesome family!

Are you allergic to this medicine?

Martha described what had happened.

The oven is hot.

I have two brothers and a sister.

That poor family lives from hand to mouth every month.


Life is like licking honey off a cactus.

I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.

Every man has his weak points.

Despite a shortage of steel, industrial output has increased by five percent.

Why is it so complicated?

Dan and Linda went to a restaurant.

Lucy can't use chopsticks.

"In the depths of our hearts we all experience the Green Ensign; we all feel that it is something more than a mere symbol of a language."

Do you see that man? He's my husband.

They sent my suitcase to London by mistake.

If you want a good seat, you should get there early.

Many people go to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore.

I have a different opinion on that subject.

That's a very good sign.

That's why I like her.


Brian studied English for this trip.

We've got a lot of friends.

I'd like to book a double room.

He's very religious.

I'm proud to be an Italian.

I left your umbrella in the bus.

When will Elliot get back home?

Jiri's friends tried to cheer him up.

You cannot depend on his support for your project.

Knock it off, guys.

You're not a child anymore.

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When do you have to file your income tax returns?


Sandip doesn't want to admit that he was wrong.


That's a fascinating question.

I heard a sound.

With Kris's help, I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

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I don't see Irwin every day.

I'd never played that game before.

Dan seemed nervous.

Moe promised he wouldn't be late.

I'll inform him.

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She lives near the ocean, but she can't swim.

The road was icy.

You can't help but like him.


What are you going to do this evening?

Dinner finished, they enjoyed playing cards.

It's all right, I won't tell anybody.

Have you seen, Rolf?

I want you to refurbish the house.


I need to speak to you alone.

We are thankful for the good food.

Reading is not less necessary to our mind than food is to our body.


I don't dislike you, only your face.

I'd love to help.

Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins, which feed among the lilies.


Black smoke spewed out of the third-story windows.

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Can you drive me to the airport?

The sun gives us heat and light every day.

Please give Neville my best.

Clay told us he'd be waiting in front of the post office.

Jack doesn't like Camembert at all.

My boss is very strict.

Personally, I don't think it makes any difference who wins the election.

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You don't think that I did it, do you?

If Niels had had something to throw, he'd have thrown it.

Becky often sings when he's in the shower.

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He works for the sake of money.

I attended the party.

You live here, don't you?


I can't untie this knot; it's too tight!

What are you suggesting?

What's your impression of them?

He wiped his nose on his sleeve.

Don't compare yourself to Clayton.

He went so far as to say that she was stupid.

Steve kept beating Samir.


Is it accessible?


Dariimaa rarily drew birds and animals.

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What is the length of this piece of cloth?

Time for action!

She misled a customer.

The parking lot was located two buildings ahead.

We're under investigation.

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He's a widower with three small children to take care of.

Who knows how this day will end.

Myron wants to buy a new smartphone.

Juliet smelled a rat.

Shut up and get back to work.

From hand to mouth will never make a worthy man.

I think you underestimate us.


We're credible.

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However he has to take it at fixed intervals, just one day without taking it is swiftly fatal.

It looks like Pam got what he wanted.

Come on, the bus is here.

Act according to the rules.

Seenu said he wanted to take an afternoon nap.

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Have you told them what to do?

Heather gave Luis the money she asked for.

You took the words right out of my mouth.

They didn't give me my passport back.

Why did you do it, Kit?

Griff started yelling at Geoffrey.

You'd better ask Sharan if he minds.

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Reid is a golden boy.

Do you know anybody in Boston?

Are you unable to see properly?

Knapper is trapped.

These girls use white skirts.

I want to look like her.

Real men drink tea.

Please excuse me.

These government officials are corrupt.


Let thy understanding enter into the things that are doing and the things which do them.

The fact that he was a great statesman cannot be denied.

The baby has been crying for a long time.


He came first. Therefore he got a good seat.


Not everyone in town likes Tolerant.


The door of the office is yellow.

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Are you sure she doesn't have a boyfriend?

You can't hide forever, Edwin.

Can you give me a house?


Barrett asked if any of us could speak French.

Because of the problem of air pollution, the bicycle may some day replace the automobile.

I'll never forget that feeling.

We've been way too lenient with Florian.

Did you really eat everything?


Perry tried to stay awake, but he soon fell asleep.

Sovereignty resides in the people.

I'm pretty sure Pamela could do that.

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I didn't know him then.

With all the kerfuffle since this morning I'd almost forgotten but we've still got the problem of the club members haven't we?

I was stung by a bee.


It makes me feel alive.

The incumbent broker has 10 days to obtain a countermand letter in order to maintain the account.

I don't like to guess.

I want a golden cross.

Do you add new sentences to Tatoeba?

They changed the rule.

Odd, isn't it? We should have already arrived.

Gordon visited Boston.

Klaudia appealed to us for help.

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Kari was alone in the kitchen.


You don't need a gun.

What's that building at the back of the hospital?

I go to church every Sunday.

Make haste.

It's Laurie's.

You never talk about your wife.

The bridge was built by the Romans.