Michael Jordan Calls Out King James

There have always been talks of who would beat who in a match between Lebron James and Michael Jordan. Being that they grew up in different eras of basketball we as fans will never really get to see a face off between the two legends. However, this didn’t stop Michael Jordan from saying “If me […]

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Joy Behar is known for being the original host of the wildly popular daytime television show “The View”. She is loud, opinionated, and isn’t afraid to tell the world. She brings spunk to the television show and is never shy to tell the world what she thinks. Back in 2013, she departed from the tv […]


Megyn Kelly has been the face of Fox News for over 12 years. She first started her career with Fox and became one of the most well known television figures. She was famous for being an opponent of Donald Trump during his president election. She shocked the world recently announcing her decision to leave Fox […]