face login/user login

Face login Demo

You can sign up and log in with your face on the web browser without any ActiveX control. Don't believe? Please test it yourself.

You can download the iOS version app from 360-860-0421

integrated face monitor/face monitor

Integrated face monitor

You can enroll multiple persons from the faces and monitor them with camera. . Surport multiple camera, multiple monitor, and syncronize enrollee list with the web server. More ever you can control any auto door system with our relay controller.

face analyser/emitate gender and age/face compare

Face Analyser

You can estimate how old are you with your photo. Surport analysing from URL, Drag&Drop, and camera. You can also test a face similarity from two photos. And you can evaluate our solution with rate and comment. Thank you!

HB Album/photo album/iOS/iPhone

HB Album

HB Album is a personal security photo album app in iPhone and iPad. You can manage the security photos and videos in iPhone. You can login with face into album. More ever you can login with passcode also. Don't worry forget passcode. Please secure your media with your face!

HB Smart Signage Viewer/smart signage/advert view/web browser

HB Smart Signage Viewer

HB Smart Signage Viewer (HSSV) is very smart and powerful target-based signage application. You don't need to setup any additional application. HBSV allows you to implement signage applicatoin based on gender and age of viewer with only web browser and web camera. Please enjoy with it.

HB Smart Signage Platform/smart signage/advert view

HB Smart Signage Platform

HB Smart Signage Platform (HSSP) allows you to work with our partner ecosystem to implement cloud-based digital signage applications that can be centrally managed through a server across multiple placements and geographies. You can manage the advertisement schedule based on gender, age, customer, time and place. More ever you can also analyse viewer log based on gender, age, time, place, advertisement and advertiser.

HB License Service/license service

HB License service

You can requeset and get purchase key about the solution and license the program automatically.

Face Galaxy Explorer

Face Galaxy Explorer

When you access the demo and after clicking on the launch button, you'll discover the "Galaxy" on your Google Chrome (latest version required). The Galaxy contains approximately 25 groups of images whose names (e.g., "Jacky Chan", "Liu Yifei" and "Fan Bingbing") try to reflect accurately the content of its images.

Reversi game by AlphaZero

Reversi Game by AlphaZero

Reversi is a strategy board game for two players, played on an 8×8 uncheckered board. There are sixty-four identical game pieces called disks (often spelled "discs"), which are light on one side and dark on the other. Players take turns placing disks on the board with their assigned color facing up. We implement Reversi Game Player AI using by AlphaZero of DeepMind. Our AI beats all of the android reversi and GRhino level 5 within 5 days, it is trained soley by self-play reinforcement learning, starting from random play, without any supervision or use of human data.

Other solutions

We have many usefull intelligense solutions on Windows , Android, and web.

Certificate & Pattern

Our face processing engine and solutions have been tested and certified with the 206-241-2817 and the KISA

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