creative direction & strategic direction

creative direction

As a Creative Director with over 16 years of experience in the industry behind me, I tackle every new challenge with a level head, a measured approach and a detailed brief.

I have developed a clear understanding that creatives are in the business of designing sales tools for a client ... visual handshakes if you will, that promote their goods and services with the intention of engaging, delighting, resonating and ultimately selling to their intended target market.

It’s my experience and understanding here, coupled with a high creative ability that allows me to devise solutions for any business and position them for success.

strategic direction

No design of any substance can enter a market place and perform its role effectively without a sound strategy behind it.

Having worked hand in hand to an extensive level with Marketers, Brand Managers and Business Strategists, I’ve become well versed in the role that strategy plays in underpinning any design and will regularly employ it with any project I undertake, devising creative strategies with measurable results.



My creative expertise spans a wide variety of disciplines and industries, but at its core sits brand identity and the work that goes into taking a company’s product or service to market in the most effective way. An effective identity helps manage the perception of a company and differentiates it from its competitors. A smart system conveys respect for the customer and makes it easy to understand the features and benefits. When engaging with a client’s brand and advising, guiding as well as strategically and creatively directing it there are many aspects to consider, but at the heart of it there are really four key questions that I seek answers for:


Get the client to describe in as much detail as possible who exactly they are. What is it that they actually do?


Who is their ideal target market? Define them as clearly as possible, what demographic do they fit into and how does that effect their purchasing behavior?

Know that, and we know who to design for.


In what time and space will they interact with the client’s brand? This often has many practical applications, if we’re working with a golfing company for example, then the logo may need to appear on the side of a something as small as a tee.


Why you over your competitor? What separates the client’s product over other competing businesses? What are their USPs? If we can define these clearly then they can be leveraged through the brand’s identity. who am I?

Alex who am i?

I began putting pencil to paper at a very early age, and it was to be the beginnings of a passion that would become my life’s work. Today it forms the foundation of my core mantra - to help and guide businesses in effective visual communication.

Over the years I have also become an accomplished Illustrator, Graphic Designer and even classical painter, which continuously adds a level of richness, quality and originality to all the work I produce or creatively direct. In more recent times, I have embraced and immersed myself in the world of digital design to understand the language and psychology behind it and how best to communicate through these mediums. My lengthy experience in a business capacity has allowed me to apply these capabilities, along with others from a broad repertoire, to design effective strategic solutions for all the clients I’ve worked with.

I have a determined pursuit for excellence in my designs, my direction and the work of my team. I am always looking for a better solution to a problem.

As a professional, I believe in team outcomes and lead where it’s needed, and when it’s not, I enjoy seeing others take ownership of their work and grow as individuals.


If you would like to connect with me to discuss a project or employment opportunities please feel free to get in touch.

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