Who is Accounting Cycle?

Accounting Cycle is a full service dedicated accounting and business financial consulting firm with a unique business model. Fred Schmidt has had over 20 years of experience working with small businesses and large enterprises to address their accounting issues through a variety of service offerings and uniquely tailored accounting packages. If you are in a pinch, we offer accounting rescue packages to address immediate issues.

In more long term relationships with our clients, we often act as financial consultants after pulling insights from the records we have worked with. We have helped many businesses reduce unseen overhead, address internal accounting issues, and improve general business processes. We are not a CPA firm handling thousands of tax returns each year. We provide an embedded service in which Fred Schmidt can assist your business as a CFO For Hire.

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One of our primary services is simple bookkeeping, but setting up all the records within your accounting system in the proper categories and filling each record properly can be a tedious task. If you just need someone to go through everything with a fine toothed comb, we can do that.


Tax Filing should never be a dreaded process. Whether personal or business, we take the time to understand each of our clients unique situations.


Fred Schmidt has decades of accounting experience working with a plethora of business's. Whether you are preparing your documents for a bank loan or wanting to look at where your company is most profitable, we start with a personal relationship.


We provide various different training styles including One-on-one training, Group Training, Remote Training, and "Do-it-yourself" Training.


We aim to provide the same level of personal service as a face-to-face meeting with every one of our Remote Accounting services. We offer full service remote accounting, as well as remote desktop tutorials and troubleshooting.


Budgeting is a crucial part of any business. Whether you just need a fresh set of eyes, or a full budget restructure, we can crunch the numbers and help you do what you do best.

Clarity brings peace of mind. Let us help.

A CFO for Hire

We view our unique model as a “CFO For Hire” concept. The problem with hiring most modern accounting firms is that as long as the books add up, the taxes can be filed and all is well – or so it may seem. However, most certified public accountants are not comfortable making any major financial recommendations to businesses as there are many regulations involved with what they can and cannot suggest.

We focus our efforts as a non-CPA Accounting Firm on diving deep into a company’s financial statements, finding the flaws that could be costing the business money and time, and preventing future losses by making business recommendations beyond just the books.

What We Do VS The Average Accounting Firm

We provide custom tailored packages that include the services your business needs.
They provide generic packages that only scale a certain way according to their sales model.
We provide flexible hourly rates to make more time intensive work affordable for small businesses.
They typically charge one hourly rate regardless of activities.
We make intelligent recommendations in relation to business processes increasing profit margins.
They are typically not as pro-active at recommending business or technology improvements.
We help small and medium sized businesses with financial reporting that aids in larger business decisions, just as a CFO does in larger companies.
They provide standard reports vs. custom reports tailored to the business.


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In accounting, as in love, the concepts are deceptively simple. Worse, Intuit and other ads imply that we can do things ourselves, that we either can’t or shouldn’t. I’m an accountant. I’m smart enough and can read directions. I could put in a faucet myself, or call a plumber. What do you think I’m going…

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Brand New Website

We are pleased to announce we have just launched our brand new website!          


We provide direct Accounting services to businesses throughout DC and the central Missouri and nationally. We pride ourselves on customer relationships. Primarily we work face to face with our clients in NW DC where we are located. We are willing to travel to surrounding areas for accounting services. We are able to work remotely using a remote desktop connection to your PC or Mac computer, we can work in-house in your office facility, or we can work via email and phone. We work remotely with all of our clients, even those we see in person.

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