That just goes to prove that you are a liar.

Gene helped himself to another serving of mashed potatoes.

The Queen made an address to the nation.

He married her in secret.

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I wasn't doing anything.

I have not heard from her yet.

I think this has something to do with Kelvin's problems.


Laurianne asked what was in the box.

You know the rules.

I wouldn't want to see you get hurt.

Was there something wrong with the car?

I don't know how many years Page has been a teacher.

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I decided to stay one more day.

The woman brushes her hair.

Meztli likes the moon.

You will never manage to find Harry.

Ned is almost always cheerful.


The only problem is we don't know where to start.

The doctor told me to give up smoking.

Laurent, you're supposed to be enjoying yourself!

A canary is a small bird and people sometimes keep it as a pet.

Where's Deb this morning?

The teacher confiscated a student's phone because he was texting in class.

He gave way to the old lady and let her pass.

I mistook him for my brother.

Raymond took care of Laura's dog while she was in jail.

Should I be taking notes?

The boy threw a paper airplane at the teacher.

That kid kept crying for hours.

I don't want Miles wandering around the mall by himself.

Eriko worked so long and so hard, without stopping to eat, that I feared she would faint.

You're saying you wrote this book?

Don't make so much noise.

This author is a prominent critic of the role of the United States as a superpower.

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Bring your student ID card.

Spike can't get along with Erik.

Mead and Bateson chose the upland village of Bajoeng Gede for their research, because a lack of iodine in the villagers' diet made them slow of speech.

I waited.

I hid in the woods all day.

Knudsen sought solace in the bottle after he and Tollefsen broke up.

He already knew about it.


Did you get to meet Huey?


Would you like to start?

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"They say that in a hiring interview, to say one plays piano suggests a disinclination to cooperate and that it's better to say one plays in a choral society or an orchestra." "Who told you that?"

Don't make a fool of me.

Every dog has four legs.

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Is one of you Samir?

I appreciated her sentiments.

I know something they don't know.


Let's let them decide.

It was frightening.

I submit this plan for your consideration.

I like exotic foods.

Could you place your bags on the scale, please?

That's just a cheap publicity stunt.

I think we were awesome.

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Neither of us could have done it alone.

He did not fail to confess.

Don't be too rough on him.

Everyone of us will have to accept the current of the times.

Two wrongs don't make a right.

His dream has finally come true.

The young man tricked me into consenting.

Two thirds of the students came to the reunion.

If you slack instead of typing, you'll never finish the book.

There's insufficient power.

Three of my children died.


Marco can swim almost as fast as I can.


The Ku Klux Klan of American philosophy wove a vast criminal conspiracy to corrupt the American nation.

Bruce threatened to kill us all.

I was able to answer the question correctly.

Fishing is prohibited here.

I admire you for keeping your head.

Roxanne came racing down the stairs.

She raced him down the hill.

The lunch is on the table.

He's late. Let's wait until 5h30.

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This book is suitable for beginners.

This is as heavy as lead.

I'm stumped.

He illustrated the problem with an example.

The landlord barked at his servants.

Nathan arrived very early.

Emmett sent his daughter to bed without dinner.

I'd like a twin room, please.

He is the spitting image of his father.

Do you have anything particular in mind?

Keep next Sunday free.


I don't want to drink any more beer right now.

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We're better off than we used to be.

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A rattlesnake's bite is filled with poison.


People with low self-esteem tend to interpret everything in a negative way.

Does it really hurt?

I can't stand that nasty attitude of his any longer.


There wasn't a soul.

Is all this stuff stolen?

Are you competitive?


"How old are you?" "Sixteen years old".

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This week was nice.

May I call later?

She is dear to me.


She told him to keep away from bad friends.


I heard that Nancy is really pretty.


I'm not sure I can trust you.

I ran to school, but the bell had already rung.

Stacey had no desire to go out with Jaime.


There are some things you can't learn from books.

I don't like people touching my food.

You should eat breakfast.

These streets see more and more outbreaks of vigilante violence.

Jerrie's father is very strict.

He finally found out how to make it.

You can tell a lot about a person by the state of their garden.

Dare you ask him about it?

The Romans are famous for their aqueducts.

You can't smoke in school.

Stanislaw is driving a rental car.

I went ahead and ate your dinner since you weren't here.

Do you remember anything odd happening at the picnic?

She looks young because of her makeup, but she is already more than forty years old.

I know all about it.

I saw the children kill the bird.

I could go with you.

I downloaded one.

Hebrew is not at all old-fashioned, but rather modern, effervescent, and fresh.

She called me a taxi.

This has bred more fear and mistrust.

That's all I need for now.

Come with me and I'll tell you everything.

I'd love to help.

That's the dream.


The glans of the penis is generally very sensitive.

The book's weak-point is that it lacks credibility when a married writer recommends remaining unmarried.

I think that you should break up with your boyfriend.

He's not the right guy for you.

Kerri doesn't look that strong.


I think that's undeniable.

What a nightmare!

You look skinny.

I can't afford to buy a pony.

The elevator stopped on the second floor.

Ramiro's alone.

I should never have let you go there without me.


How gallant are you!

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Don't be too strict. They're just kids.

All I wanted was to make you happy.

I can't remember the last time I did this.


Take a look around you.


Please don't cry.


You're holding me too tight, Patricia.

Skeeter wants us to come back.

It was you all along, wasn't it?

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I want to fly more than anything else in the world.

The house was in flames.

Who's the best person to speak with to file a complaint?

Come here tomorrow without fail.

I know you've been avoiding me.


Many people in Africa were killed as a result of the storm.


Have you discussed it with Angela?

The game got rained out.

You can't shake someone's hand with a clenched fist.


Shouldn't we try to help?

Jean drove all night from Boston.

I cannot buy this book. It's too expensive.