Realizing Potential.
Building Insprition.

Developing and Investing the Eitches way

With the intuition to question industry norms and the expertise to push boundaries, we set ourselves apart from the rest. Every investment we make into a property is treated uniquely, giving it its own character and purpose.

What We Do

Asset Management
Projects Completed
Sq. Footage Owned
Total Transactions Executed ($ Millions)
Average Transaction Size ($ Millions)

Taking what needs work
and making it work

With our expertise, we're able to pick up-and-coming neighborhoods before they bloom, build them up, and turn them into state of the art sites.

A taste of what we've accomplished

Out of multitudes of properties we've worked on and own, below is a small taste of what we think you'll like.

  • 4125 Holland Ave
  • 4505 Cedar Springs
  • 3054317074
    Deere St

The Future of Real Estate
Development and Investment

We're here for the long run to invest and build on those investments. We hope you are too, and we invite you to talk with us on the phone, a cup of coffee, or over lunch.