German Shepherds have beautiful bushy tails.

Barrett seems to be extremely uncomfortable.

Just as Timothy was about to speak, the lights went out.

How many sons and how many daughters?


This is my wife Edita.


I had to climb over the wall.

You can use my car today.

Do you spend more than $20 per month buying makeup?

Frank was great.

I don't think it's possible to finish that amount of work in one day.


Put some clothes on, you'll catch a cold.

I went ahead and ate your dinner since you weren't here.

Roderick brought refreshments.

A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

How long are we going to be stuck here?

Do you have a sister, Juan?

We agreed to elaborate an action plan.

Let her try.

I utterly despise formal writing!

It is necessary for you to start now.

Josh loves reading.


Get on your bike.

Terry hurried to keep up with Darryl.

One of them hit me in the back.

He is too fat to run fast.

I wonder how many people were here last night.

Why God allows these sort of actions by Satan is explained in Job in the New Testament.

If you want to understand yourself, just look how the others carry on. If you want to understand the others, look into your own heart.

I'm not touching you.

I need to plan my next trip.

How much did you pay Wes?

You must be more careful in driving a car.


My friend copied my homework and the teacher found out.


Darin doesn't even know how to boil water.

They will die.

Can you please tell me where the first class room is?

What did Dwayne steal?

Kari has just finished cleaning his room.

The evidence is questionable.

I designed it.

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I'm going to have breakfast with Kamiya tomorrow.

However you do it, the result will be the same.

You flatter me.

I'll call her and apologize.

That camera is the smallest.

Mat is wicked, isn't he?

Janet and Debbie are in the library.

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Where's the nearest public phone?


I'll wait here until he returns.

Use your teeth.

Would you like to go inside and look?

Mitch isn't yet sure what Jisheng wants to do.

I tried to get Spass to come.

Are you going to use that?

I don't like the red jacket.

What an attractive woman!

It was not until Chikako left me that I realized how much I loved her.

Are you really going to London to study?

The policeman caught fleeing thief by the arm.

That you will leave this town, saddens me.

I don't know if I'll have the time to do that.


Tao ran and ran, until at last he saw the telephone booth.

Seek truth from facts.

Ken was looking for you.

George is at the club today.

I told them I made a mistake.

My father bought me this hat.

How many cars does Woody have?


We've still got a lot to do.

We're looking forward to your being here.

The shoelace came untied.

I've never been in love before.

I learned how to drive when I was fifteen years old.

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I was curious to know why Catherine and Pratapwant broke up.

Take it easy!

I'm considering my options.

Teruyuki doesn't like going to school.

I want you to tell me everything you know about that.

I know that what I did was really stupid.

We're not the police.

Is this acceptable?

The driver told us to be careful when we got off the bus.


I am speculating that he may win the game.

I don't have an answer.

Are you going to call the police?

Thank you for asking me.

Both teams have thirteen points.

They do know what they're doing.

She got the short end of the stick.

He went up the river.

Johnnie doesn't want his son to turn out like me.

We are making plans for the holidays.

Give me some advice.

I wanted Bertrand to confess.

They speak in so many different voices.

Tran disappeared into his bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

It's not a holiday.

He went out without permission from any of us.

Jay was amazed at the huge amount of his personal information which had been gleaned by Google based on his internet usage.

Do you want me to help him?

Collin is the only one Ami will talk to.

Whose wine is this?

I have to go to school.

I was nervous as hell.

You go to the market.


It is difficult for me to skate.

I aimed at a sparrow, but shot down a goose.

That's all we know about her.

They did what they promised to do for me.

I've got a few minutes left.

It could be coincidence.

Sharon ran down the stairs into the basement.

The effective application of antiseptics is an important matter in the prevention of hospital infections.

That's enough. I don't want any more.


We are about your age.

Look at how happy Jianyun and Glenn are.

Why isn't Curt ever interested in anything I do?


You can't win them all.


You just have to wait. There's nothing else you can do.

I'll give you an apple.

I am listening to an old song.

We'll remain here.

Where do the buses for downtown leave from?

How was the night?

How much time do we have before we leave?

I don't care about them.

Hurf's goal is to own a house before he's thirty.

I agreed with you in all your views.

I never talked to him again.

The plane was about to take off when I heard a strange sound.

Mann left after me.

He took an uncertain stance.

I'll show my album to you.

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Briggs had no idea what was going on.

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I cannot eat carrots. I don't like them.

When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.

Add my name to the list.


It looks like we're in for some nasty weather.

If you could only see the twisted fantasies that wander about in my head...

Tell me something about your son.

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Dan entered the facility through a damaged metal grate.

My friend bought the second-best bicycle in the shop.

I made a joke about Vijay's accent.

I'm worried about my weight.

Do you have an alibi?

Takao is familiar with the subject.

I would like to eat something.

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I am pretty sure she'll make it alive.

The club has more than fifty members.

Who taught you to write?

The physical world is a complex network of events, and nothing occurs for only one reason.

Germany is a parliamentary democracy.


What did you do about this?


If the medicine is abused, people can ruin their health.

Roxanne doesn't know when Corey got back from Boston.

I didn't know him very well.


I can't count the stars in the sky.

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Sooner or later, every parent has to have a talk with their children about the birds and the bees.

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I saw you in the park yesterday.


Darren won three thousand dollars.

Do you know how to get in touch with Jill?

I don't want any more!


How long is a class?


Valerie usually shops at the mall.


Shean is a nudist.


At different times of year, different constellations can be seen in the sky.


Lowell was very attentive.