I'll finish the book in four days.

Just give me one minute.

That's not so important.

I'm not making him an omelette.

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Ramon was spot on.

It's very obvious that he likes me.

I'm getting annoyed by your behavior.

Jayesh said he'd give me the details later.

Why are you speaking loudly?

You didn't give Ariel a chance.

Shurrup! Don't make such a fuss over a little headache. I'm flat out of magical power - this is all your fault!

Get off of Emmett.

Let's keep an eye on Lin.

Let's go take a look.

The sensitivity certainly drops if I use a condom, so if possible I'd like to do it bareback.


I need to go now.


An Englishman would act in a different way.

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You are required to provide three months' rent in deposit.

Think invited Sanity to his home.

I don't like the house in which he lives.

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Micky helps out in his father's store.

What made him leave his home and run away late at night?

I'm at your disposal.

Our campus festival is to be held next week.

After many years trying to get the man of her dreams, Barbara decided to give up all hope and to accept marrying Lucian.

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They restrained Edith.

Alejandro stared at Donn icily.

I think Oskar is lonely.


You were about to tell me something.

The trunk is open.

Make the hoe your sword, and the sword your hoe.


Sedovic sat down and wrote a letter.

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She was delicate from birth.

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Their son's name is Tim.

That was pretty selfish of Moses not to let you use the car.

It's hard to keep a straight face when Dominic and John get together; they're such a couple of cut-ups.

That's your funeral.

Just tell him what you need.

The British acted too late.

What do you think is the best film that you have seen this year?

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The darkness will work to my advantage.

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They didn't email me today.

When Hsuan opened the door, he saw Bert standing there with a six-pack and a pizza.

The password was easily noticeable.


This is obviously impossible.


Do you want to know his name?


I don't think you're fit to be a teacher here.

That is not your knife.

You need to try to understand how Klaus feels.


The whole city burned.

We made a mistake.

I don't think there's anyone in the world who's done what I've done.

Suu's old car has finally given up the ghost.

I do not need everything from you.


The change is too small to be observed.


How did Woody know that?

Can we wait for them here?

The dog is rolling over on the ground.

What sort of yogurt do you like best?

That name struck a chord.

I gave it to her yesterday.

People here laugh at my jokes.


You should study still harder.

Philippe's alcoholic father often beat him up.

The focal point of the magnifying glass was only two inches from the object.


You cannot climb!


We should give that a try.

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Timo grabbed the fire extinguisher and put out the fire.


We were there, but we didn't see you.


Matthieu bought a small house in Boston.

He woke up to find himself lying on a park bench.

Leon has been a teacher for thirty years.

I guess Pim didn't see me.

He was hospitalized after eating only fruit for one month.

No serious injuries have been reported.

I've said too much already.

How can you tell an Englishman from an American?

We have known each other for a long time.

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Andrea and Leila spoke in their respective languages.

Nara is a very old city.

I did it already.


He has the right ideas.

Kathleen doesn't like me either.

Leave it to me. I'll see to it.

Andy's sniffling.

There are some strange animals in that zoo.

Did you recognize him?

Dory is a snotty little brat.


She's worried as it's been many months since she heard from her son.

That's a beautiful Kabuki doll!

We're getting a lot better.

When did your sister leave Tokyo for London?

I abandoned my plans.

Raghu was there for me when I really needed him.

Is that only a coincidence?


The problem is outside my field.


We tried in vain to talk him out of smoking.

We're not out of danger yet.

I want to get there early so we can get good seats.

Both of us are very fond of curry and steak.

He recounted an interesting story to us.

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Maybe Beckie has changed his mind.

Would you like some more beer?

Lynn isn't busy.

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To speak English well is difficult.


Don't cross the street!

Everybody except Joe went to the party.

He went backstage after the show.

Did he mention the accident?

Miltos has been living with us since 2013.


He hid his emotions and pretended enthusiasm.


He wants me to help him with a school project.

It is our reaction to hunger that can make us overeat or eat the wrong things.

She bound her hair with a ribbon.

I've just seen Del.

Tollefsen gave me his card.

Please conserve water during the summer.

Now is not the time.

What makes one person a genius and another person a fool?

We stayed for three nights.

Is it true that Antonella joined a cult?

Why don't you get a real job?

Merton is Canadian.

Bobby still hasn't forgiven me.

You're all happy.

I bought this at a garage sale.

At first he did not realize that he had won the speech contest.

I went up to the 5th floor in an elevator.

Jeff and I used to fight a lot.

He took up his quarters in the inn.

This is a real concern.

He crouched and went on crying.

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This agreement becomes valid at midnight.


Joanne felt Sonny wasn't being sincere.

I want to be with him all the way.

I kind of miss them.

I think that's fair.

We met at summer camp.


Their job is to add examples to the dictionary.

A dog barks; a man walks.

Can I sit down for a minute?

What do you learn?

Fear comes from the unknown.


They have taken her away.


My wife harbors a deep-seated resentment toward her father.

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You guys consider me your friend.

The plant ranges from the north of Europe to the south.

Anna came racing down the stairs.

These rich kids are lazy.

Don't go out of your way.

I heard that Hohn is going to turn himself in to the police.

An F-14 is a U.S. Air Force plane.

You'd better break off smoking.

Xavier proclaims a syncretic stance in religion.

I just had dinner with some of Mayo's friends.

For better or worse, we can't do anything but leave this matter up to him.

He went to the store at the last minute, just before it closed.

It's unbecoming to speak of money.


I sat next to a man on the airplane who snored the whole time.