• Premier Psychiatric Care Center

    Compass is a premier, comprehensive, scientific-based psychiatric facility providing hospital level care in a supportive non-hospital setting.

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  • Intensive Psychiatric Services

    Partial Hospital Programs & Intensive Outpatient Programs for Children, Adolescents, Young Adults and Adults.

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  • Partial Hospital Program

    Our Partial Hospital Programs (PHP) provide short-term, intensive treatment necessary to prevent patients from needing inpatient psychiatric hospitalization and help them transition into a lower level of care.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program

    Our Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) provide short-term stabilization of anxiety and/or depressive symptoms and help patients acquire the skills necessary to lead happier and healthier lives.
    (514) 344-2313
  • School Refusal Program

    Our School Refusal Programs provide the short-term, intensive treatment necessary to prevent patients from needing inpatient psychiatric hospitalization and to help them transition back into school and their daily lives.
    (217) 386-3414

About Our Patients

  • Child: 9-12

    Our PHP/IOP provides short-term stabilization and treatment for children between the ages of 9 and 12 with debilitating anxiety and/or depressive symptoms.

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  • Adolescents: 12-18

    Our PHP/IOP provides short-term stabilization and treatment for teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 with debilitating anxiety and/or depressive symptoms.

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  • Young Adults: 18-24

    The Young Adult program is for ages 18 to 24 who have finished high school and are struggling with the transition to adulthood due to debilitating depressive and/or anxiety symptoms.

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  • Adults: 25 & Up

    The Adult PHP/IOP is for mature, motivated individuals struggling with mood and/or anxiety disorders that are leading to debilitating daily functioning.

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  • In the seven years we have been working with people in the mental health field we could not have found a better group of people than Compass.  I wish we met you earlier… by and far the people at Compass have been the most professional and knowledgeable group of people.

    Adolescent Mom
  • You guys did a miracle with me.  You guys changed my life.

    Adult Patient
  • I wanted to sincerely and personally thank you and the rest of the Compass staff for truly opening my daughter’s eyes and helping her see her true strength, power, and gifts. The change in her is nothing less than remarkable and I can’t find sufficient words to express our heartfelt appreciation. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


    Mom of Adolescent
  • On behalf of me, my husband and my parents, we want to thank you deeply and sincerely for all your work with our son. You have changed him from the inside out; he is literally a different person from the one who sat with me  when I was at my wit’s end.

    The last five years have been traumatic as we tried to manage his bipolarity along with his self-destructive behaviors. I can honestly say there were very few bright spots until now.  He is showing a consistent ability to self regulate, reflect and plan. He is seeking out positive activities and avoiding negative ones. He is approachable, helpful and good humored.

    We feel he is now ready to move forward in his job search. Please feel free to use us a reference if a parent would ever like to speak to another parent. We will give you high marks in all areas.

    Again, we are so, so grateful for you individually and for the whole Compass experience.

    Parent of Young Adult
  • I want you all to know how much Compass made a difference in our lives. We are so thankful we found you.

    Mother of Patient
  • So… it has been a week since our son  left Compass. THINGS seem to be going very well. He and I had a problem last night and there were no anxious moments. He did not have a single episode! He auditioned for a role in the school play yesterday and made it! He is actually making more and more plans with his friends from school.

    I know that we are not out of the woods  but every day seems to be getting better and better. I wanted to once again thank you for all that you did for us! I am not quite sure we would be as far along in the healing process without you!

    Parent of Child
  • I wanted to say thank you from the very depths of my heart and soul.  I know that you are aware of how difficult these times are for families, but I don’t want to assume that you know how much your attention, love, and support has meant to me.  I have typically felt “alone” in my struggle to help my daughter.  You guys took that away and provided me with everything that I needed to be strong for my daughter…

    Parent of Teenager
  • I want to thank you  for the incredibly compassionate care you have provided for our family during the past few months. Your honesty, patience, persistence, hopefulness, and sense of humor has been amazing during what has been a very difficult time for our family. As I wrote in my evaluation, our expectations and hopes for our experience at Compass were surpassed at every level, every single day.

    You have added important layers of perspective for us and have given us all new tools for the future. I feel our daughter is as well-prepared as she could possibly be to go into this school year – and I am hopeful about the future and yet also appreciate your message that you will be waiting in the wings if necessary.

    Thank you for everything

    Young Adult Mom
  • Attending compass was the best decision I ever made and it saved my life.

    Young Adult

Compass Health Center Mission

Compass Health is cutting edge in our approach to intensive level 6106753693. Our goal is to help patients overcome debilitating psychiatric symptoms through scientifically proven treatment modalities. We pride ourselves in offering exceptional treatment to the North Shore and surrounding Chicago area.

Our on-site staff includes North Shore and (822) 469-6480, psychologists, social workers, family therapists, nurses and special-education teachers. From our outstanding clinical staff to the physical space layout-the whole person is appreciated in creating and providing successful psychiatric treatment.