What is Mallaidh doing?

I'll get you for this.

Do you ever have involuntary urination?

As I happened to be in the neighborhood, I went and paid him compliments.

He's your regular workaholic.

Botany deals with the study of plants.

If only I'd sold that property during the economic bubble, I wouldn't have suffered such a big loss.

Something is strange here.

She read the poem aloud.

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Neither of us wants to get married.

If a dog bites you, wash the wound with soap and water.

She used the car to go to the office.

Kee performed in bars and pubs.

At last he attained his goal.

Dan didn't even let Linda tell her mother goodbye.

Sridhar has a surprise for you.

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Someone should talk turkey to him.

Do you like cats?

Tharen didn't know what was really going on.

I don't like hearing myself.

I didn't sleep last night.


If you had left home a little earlier you would have been in time.


Do you have any aspirin on you?


Patricio was so cold his teeth were chattering.


I'm interested in bouldering.

Can you help me find my daughter?

I will not blame him for the accident.

He made a gesture to me to run away.

Randolph is drying his face with a towel.

You really should've been more clear about what you wanted.

You are double-faced and this is the problem.


You've got to be reasonable.

The fierce pounding of the waves during the storm washed tonnes of shoreline into the ocean.

I don't want to cause any more trouble.


Dylan might not go to tonight's party.


I don't think it'll take long.

He has given up running in order to focus on the long jump.

I forgot to put a stamp on the envelope.

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She visited him in Boston.

It's clear that it's so.

I told you this was going to be boring.

Nou opened the gate.

Aren't you happy?

Be careful, he might shoot you!

I don't subscribe to your idea.

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We don't know Andre.

Are they hostile or friendly?

It's very unlikely that we will release a new album before next winter.

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The fifth of May is the day when Napoleon died.

It just wouldn't be right.

I feel normal.

You'll always be Ssi's father.

What kind of question is that?


And the tree was often alone.

The festival witnessed an unusually large attendance.

Why did Dan commit suicide?

We love each other, right?

I have to go away for a while.


Education is the best antidote against violence.

Geoff did what I asked right away.

He wasn't about to pass up that once-in-a-lifetime chance.

The problem exacted a great effort to solve it.

He leaves for Tokyo tomorrow.


She can't ride a bicycle.


Francisco wanted to be in a committed relationship with Carl.


It is not money but time that I want.

What does his father do?

Close your eyes and sleep!


The moonlight shone brightly.

Do you have a plan yet?

Tell Chuck what really happened.

I prefer quail eggs.

I'm not miserable.


Let's all think on this together and we might be able to come up with some good ideas. They say two heads are better than one.


When will I get to see the effect of this soap?

Come to help me.

Can you deliver that?

Are you telling me you can't do that?

It is characteristic of him.

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I am too tired to keep on walking.

Did you read that thick book?

You bought an expensive coat.

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I'm not sure whether I really want that.


Why should I be scared?

She didn't receive the flowers.

I'm 24 years old.

How deep do you think the water is?

Sundaresan knew where Jakob wanted to spend her summer vacation.

I often read comic books in my spare time at work.

I wonder when I'll wake up tomorrow.


I'm never going to do that again.


At first they rejected the proposal, but a clergyman urged them to accept.

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He went to the station to see his friend off.

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Trying is really good at it.

The normal fetal heart rate usually varies between 120 and 160 beats per minute.

Don't go in there, Merton.

I'd like to speak with Ssi in private.

Judging from those facts, Mr Mori must be a wealthy person.

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Knock yourself out, Valerie.

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It tends to rain here a lot in the summer.

She was beautiful and charming, but looked at her husband's poetic efforts with complete indifference.

New programmes will appear in the fall on television.


Anyone who says so is a liar.

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What else is needed?

My technique is without flaw.

This carpet is big enough to cover the whole floor.

Enjoy the fucking music!

To purchase a ticket, you need to enter your personal details.


My horse ran away.

Is Pete old enough to drink?

I'll take it inside.

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He's a food snob.


If you paid attention, you'd be worried too.

Elliot finally noticed that Cyrus had a phone up to her ear.

Three men broke out of prison yesterday.


My car is parked outside.

Well, I'll be damned!

Scurvy, a disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin C, long ago plagued sailors who ate no citrus fruits.

The killers are running away!

A hundred years ago the jungle had already fascinated people so much, that they placed it under protection.


When did you meet them?

I tell you everything.

Some of Tanaka's students speak French very well.


The machine broke because he had not looked after it properly.

Clayton didn't want Kent to know.

The train left two hours ago.

At what time did he leave?

This is an instructive book.

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We've got to help out.

Is the exam today?

Would you ever consider dating your best friend's ex-boyfriend?

Tolerant is in his office sitting at his computer.

You are too, son!

She has started acting strangely.

This coffee is a blend of Java and Brazil.

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He's always playing up to the boss, in hopes of getting a new PC in his office.

I'm supposed to do this by myself.

It makes no difference who I meet.

Do you have any advice for me?

Get up early in the morning.


We got off the train.


Don't burn your bridges.


Cindie fluctuates between having an exaggerated sense of her own importance and an inferiority complex.

This clock seems to be malfunctioning.

I found this in the cavern.

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I was forced to sell my car.

The way they plan to punish Malloy seems kind of severe.

That theory isn't generally accepted.

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Did you actually talk to her?


Could you ask Bart to stop by after work?

How's that possible?

The cat upset the can of fish so that it could eat them.

They were ranged against the king.

Have you ever lighted a cigarette with a blowtorch?