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Sanjeev is obviously still very weak.


Get in your places.


Good evening, Madam.


Dan and Linda failed to conceive.

They used a high-speed camera.

She went to the house several times.

We are setting ourselves free from the fear of death.

It is hard to translate a joke into another language.

You shouldn't wait here.

The population remains stationary.

Plastic likes singing in the shower.

I'll have to tell my boss that I won't be in tomorrow.


Everything will be alright.

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Why did you even bother to come?

In case of a fire, use the stairs.

I'm in the pool every day in the summer.

Nicolette put on a black coat.

Jeff would've liked to go to Boston last weekend.

The teacher asked me to read my paper in front of the class.

I never told Sorrel the truth.

That boy likes to walk around the soap shop.

Why don't you take over?

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The new furniture came today.


Just give me the phone.

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He didn't have a grain of courage.

Woody's divorce from Brandy reportedly cost him more than a million dollars.

Why did Rajeev want to learn French?

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Nobody defends my country.


I didn't know you didn't understand French.

Please tell me. I really want to hear it.

One of them is a killer.

Rusty isn't a farmer.

I didn't get much sleep.


I let him kiss me.

Pieter isn't buying.

Another possibility occurred to Leif.

Roxane is teaching French to Santa.

The objection is overruled.

No action today, is there?

Is it true you accepted to marry Jackye?

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I have less than an hour left until I have to tell Christofer my decision.

Gregory is an extremist.

Basic to the argument is the assumption that the rules in question are present in the language.

He crept out of the room very carefully to avoid waking her up.

Happiness does not consist of how much you possess.

I can't do with him and his insolent ways.

I saw a cocoon on the tree.

You can't make a good meal without good ingredients.

"Styopa, how clever you are! How do you know it all, I haven't told you about that!" "Professor, I've read it in this encyclopaedia" "Bravo! Well done!"


I was beaten.


I love your eyes.

Let us know what you hear.

I could use a little more money.

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Her plan seems to be better than mine.


All of a sudden, a fire broke out in the department store.

The police were inquiring into the suspect's past.

Ah, I forgot my mobile phone.


Shawn clinked his wine glass against Blayne's.

You like to distinguish work from play.

The cost of the painting is very high.


Tad didn't get to eat any ice cream at the party.

Has the letter carrier been by yet?

Who wrote that?

Stanislaw had to make a decision.

You may return.


How long have you been the boss?

I want you to want me.

Tell her which train to catch.

Lots of my friends are going there tonight.

At first sight, he seemed kind and gentle.


Let's strive after virtue and give up vice.

Nobody tried to help me.

Update my software.

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Is there a problem I should know about?

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What's that tall building?


I am not a dwarf. I am of short stature.

It was kind of funny.

She doesn't play soccer.

I'd have told you that.

I know that Mats is happy.

Thanks for the clarification.

I didn't know Those was your girlfriend.

No one lives in that building anymore.

Marco tugged on the rope.


I very seldom eat lobster.

Life has been hard on you.

The money was not honestly come by.

Men differ from brutes in that they can think and speak.

A savage tribe lived there in those days.

I believed that he was a doctor.

Why are textbooks so expensive?

Do not belittle his suggestions.

We sang, danced and chatted after dinner.


Please, give me the biggest pineapple.

I feel like an impostor.

Stephan proposed to Morris.

Saul seems interested in me.

Please answer the telephone.


Do you like spruce beer?


There you see the gate which Mr Jones built.

Is John your name?

Len's doctor told him to give up smoking.

That's what makes this so difficult.

Faith works miracles!

What is it you like about me?

Allen knows I'm not the type to settle down.


Everyone loves to hear praise, but over-praise has the opposite effect of sounding insincere.

He walks fast.

I noticed.


I wrote back to her.

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Miki has trouble making both ends meet.

It gets better every year.

How about if the three of us go out for dinner tonight?

His hair was long last year.

Brandi was ruined.

It is better to read a few books carefully than to read many at random.

He's no saint.

I'm not really mad at them.

My parents aren't old yet.

You must be more careful to avoid making a gross mistake.

Not only did they ignore the protest, they also lied to the press.

Vincent is going to tell us a story.

Sonja left the water running.


Words can not convey how glad I am.


I told you it wasn't an accident.

He heard the news calmly.

If you always travel by subway, you seldom surface other than at your stop.


The wind is blowing.

It is impossible to live without water and without oxygen.

I'm hoping they'll give me a big raise.

This is a classic.

German classes are held twice a week - on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Tell me why I'm talking to you.

Louise often doesn't keep his promises.

When was the last time you were on a date?

Luc walked around the car and opened the door for Rex.

The apples are big.

She could smell his cologne.

A dance will be held in the school auditorium this Friday evening from 7:30 to 10:00.

I want to buy a coffee maker, I can't drink instant coffee any longer, it's disgusting.


I almost ran the marathon last year.

I'll ride my bike.

He is such a teacher as we all admire.

I'm making far journeys, seeing foreign countries, doing things I never did before.

If you follow this street, you will get to the station.


He will be a good husband to my sister.

He abandoned the plan.

Because I don't have to go to work today and tomorrow, so I will use the opportunity to quickly finish moving it.

She has a soft and clear voice.

"Did you have fun?" "Not really, it was boring."

I did it without any problems.

There were hundreds of people milling about in the streets.

Mindless entertainment is very popular.

I need this money.

If anything happens, let me know.

I'll handle that later.

He was in the habit of taking a walk before breakfast every morning.

Nothing is as precious as friendship.

That's hindsight.

She's muttering something.


The economy still hasn't completely recovered from the financial crisis.

I was wondering if you can speak French.

It's only me.