You liked chocolate.

He went to bed after supper.

She turned down his proposal.

Next time, I'll do it myself.

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You'll be seeing her soon.

I think it's a good plan.

Tuan was shocked to hear that Stefan had died.

It was a remarkable experience.

One important person and the stable boy arrived to the cow cabin the first of January. Therefore, there is only one plastic bowl left at the tea ceremony arbor.


It's just up ahead.


It's no concern of mine.

You don't sound convinced.

That child felt secure in his mother's arms.

We will follow your demands and make the necessary corrections to those parts that need them.

I am sorry, the line is busy. Shall I call again?

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We found a beautiful, blue lagoon on the far side of the island.

I took the heat of it.

I'm a bit short of money now.

You thanked Roxana for the present.

Lori is depressed because his girlfriend left him.

We have a car.

That's not what I meant either.


Did you tell Nadeem what you told me?

He bought vegetables and some fruit.

I'm not inflexible.

I can speak Spanish fluently.

I just want to know how far we're going.

That's not the important part.

Dan has no idea how heartbroken Linda is.


How far is it from Osaka to Kyoto?

Quite a few people have been invited to celebrate the couple's anniversary.

Karen wants Raif to learn how to play the trumpet.


I am going to go to Tokyo tomorrow.

I couldn't understand her accent.

School begins at half past eight.

I have been your doll-wife, just as at home I was father's doll-child

It's a reasonable conclusion.

Of course, Ron loves his kids.

He acted well in Hamlet.

Who are you?

I wish I knew what I should say.


Close the door please.

I wouldn't dare to question your prowess in video games.

Heather called the referee an idiot.

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Either Boyce is wrong or I am.

That's a photo of my sister.

They made me swear not to say anything.


Do you think I should say something to Justin about that?


I bared my soul to her.


We were going steady.


This medicine is to be taken on an empty stomach.

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan.

What would you have us do?

Where art thou?

She always looked, but never was, happy.

The subjects for the experiment were chosen at random.

We never met.

I'm going to find him.

Dwayne is sitting by the campfire.

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The fireman could not extinguish the flames.


We know who did this to us.

The Pacific is very wide.

My favorite website is Kylie Konnect and it's better than Facebook.

He is sitting on the chair.

Who is she to tell me what to do?

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You must be prepared for the fact that he could drop by at any moment.

We were afraid that we might hurt his feelings.

Let's continue working together to make that happen.


Sea turtles have a long lifespan.

If Shakespeare were still living, he'd be over 450 years old.

I live pretty close to him.

No algorithm that can solve this problem in polynomial time has been found yet.

You're the one who knows how to do this, right?

Russell always did his best to help Gregor.

I have hardly had a minute lately to think about personal e-mails.

What did you tell Ernst for?

The chicken is pink.

Rabin got on his bicycle.

Roland thinks I love him.

He knows how to cross a river.

London's more expensive than Delhi.

There are things you better don't know.

Why don't you go to bed?

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You should've called William.

We expect to go.

He appeared hungry.

I'll pick you up after school.

The horse is mine.

I'm sorry I misspelled it.

Let him be a great statesman, I don't admire him.

Do you know the speed of light in a vacuum by heart?

I still need to buy some bread.


They did a DNA comparison to see if the body was Barbara's.

The town will change in another ten years.

You listen more to what this charlatan says than to what the doctor says.

Spass loaded the truck with sand.

I went to school.

As a result, prices rose.

You look better without makeup.

Father was crazy about the game.

I never went away from you.

All our blood passes through our kidneys about sixty times a day.

Most people agree.

I ate noodles for the first time today.

Something bad may happen to him.


That's cool.

I think about her all day.

I imagine that Hector will eventually run out of money and have to go back home.

I'm positive you won't be refused.

Let me ask a question.

Where are Collin and Mosur staying?

That makes perfect sense.

Modesty is the art of allowing others to discover how important you are.

Did you actually give Rick money?

It was the truth.

"Cat?", the old man wondered.

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She was dreaming of starting a family.


All my dreams will come true.

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There is nothing I can do about that.


You can't get lost in big cities; there are maps everywhere!

She studies hard.

He has a habit of looking down on coloured people.

I have a complaint to make.

I don't feel like eating now.

Many people in the world complain that they don't have time to read.

Izchak works in archeology.

You've bought us some time.

The two of us aren't that good at chess. We're just playing because we felt like it.

We've got to rescue Edward.

Just 3 days left before my trip.


Dad knows what he's doing.

Today is Wednesday, yes?

I won the fight.

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We were finally able to settle the matter.

I awoke this morning to find the summit of the mountain covered with snow.

Marci will come back. I'm sure he will.

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There was at least one person in the classroom when I left.

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Would you like to hear me sing a song?

Please let us know the prices and earliest delivery of your Steel Landscape Edgings #STL3456.

You haven't told me about your mother.

She is poopy child.

Since Christmas is coming, everyone's talking about it.

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That's gross.


We still aren't the ones who make the decisions here.

I could swim faster when I was young.

A light morning breeze was blowing across the road.

I don't like to be kept waiting for a long time.

Time will do the rest.

Chip pays us every Friday.

Ami doesn't eat as much as Piete does.

No matter what you do, don't play poker with Jon.

Isn't this a wonderful evening?


It would be stupid to get rid of all this stuff at this time.

I prefer to go by bicycle.

"We've got taller so they don't fit." "Right, it's certainly not that we've got fat!" "The useful phrase 'grown up' is our trump card."

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Sri thinks everything is his business.

They'll call tonight.

How did you figure that out?

I'm wearing an orange T-shirt.

Myrick sat at his desk doing paperwork.

You should pay more attention to your health.

So there is a magnetic field around earth.

To tell the truth, I was scolded by my mother.

Donal is something of a musician.

He answered by saying that he could swim well.

Last Sunday I relaxed at home.


I need some time with you.