Sergio had three children.

See what else is in the box.

I'm glad you decided to come.

I'm just kidding. That really didn't happen.

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I will send a letter to my brother who lives in Sapporo.

How can you be so confident?

I can't figure out your motives.

The road tends to the south at the next village.

Is he so foolish as to believe that?


Fritz received the materials you sent him.

The picture window is too dirty to see through.

I have some things I need to do.

Dana was hopping mad when he was notified of his sacking by email.

This is a smooth wine.


She went to Shanghai by train.

I have to go ask her.

I am sick and tired of fast food.

I didn't start out thinking I'd go into show business.

I strongly suggest that you study harder.

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The United States is in the Northern Hemisphere.


They flattered him about his diligence.


Holy cow!

Ramneek didn't have anything to say to Collin.

The boy appeared to be in bad health.

The ship hull is divided into watertight compartments.

Roger did everything by himself.


I think that thirty dollars is too high a price to pay for this.

I wish we both weren't so busy.

Galactose is a carbohydrate.


I'm too much of a lazybones.

Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it.

No more need be said.


He wants to sell his old car to a man in Kobe.

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Tell me all about your plan.


Let's do this while it's still cool.

Why did you ask Daren to leave?

Dustin lives in Gangnam.

Well you're always putting on a show, and you're always on guard.

He told me that he would assign all his employees to the same task.

She laid the child down to sleep.

Sometimes she tried talking to him about India.

If that were true, what would you do?

Anders disassociated himself from an increasingly corrupt board of directors.

He didn't hesitate to elbow through the crowd to reach the ticket counter.

She says she brushes her teeth every morning.

He bought a hat.

Miss Gray told the boy to hold his tongue while she was speaking.

James's mother confiscated his felt-tip pens after he had started drawing on the walls around the house.

Just exactly what do you expect me to do?

Don't tantalize me.

I made them myself.

Why is everyone staring at Vivek?

I was too short to reach the top shelf, so I asked Tal to get the book for me.

He said with a perplexed expression, "I've heard nothing, so I can't say anything."

Let me know if you need more.


I need to take a shower.

The men, the women, the boys, and the girls are people.

No special equipment is needed to do this job.

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Today is a big day, son!


I think you should drink some coffee.

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Have you hidden anything?


Mr Miura brought an action of libel against a weekly magazine.


An integer is natural if and only if it is greater or equal to 0.

Do you really think Jaime is good-looking?

We went by bus as far as London.

Do you want to watch the game together?

I think it is dangerous for you to drive a car.

We're all worn out.

The money will be enough to carry me to Hong Kong.

This book is of great use.

The butterfly landed on the hand.

But he will never ever find it.

I sometimes help my parents in the shop after school.


Vadim doesn't have any brothers.

The simple perception of natural forms is a delight.

When he got up to make his speech, Jim's mind went completely blank and all he could do was stand there with his mouth open.

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Ronald is Catholic, but her boyfriend is an atheist.


I hope you got what you needed.

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What were your grades like in high school?


Mrs. Sugimoto always wears neat clothes.

You've been in Boston way too long.

Who cares what happens to him?


Life never ends but earthly life does.


What will a child learn sooner than a song?


Gregor seems to be in charge.

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Would you mind paying this time?


Are you a teacher?

Jin said it cost too much.

The girl playing the piano is Akiko.


Darrell is a hero.

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We can't do it alone.

You're definitely crazy.

Kimmo is never going to find out.

If it weren't for your courage, we'd now be dead.

As the lessons were over, the children went home.

Nici is very photogenic.

I have complete confidence in Olivier.

She has talent in writing.

Not for all the tea in China!

I was hoping you'd tell me what you wanted me to do.

I've done what I can.

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Lisa has nothing to be ashamed of.

Cindie isn't my boyfriend anymore.

One of the pickpockets blew the whistle on the other two.


The only website Jill visits at least once a day is this one.

Why should Huey do that?

Am I really the only one who thinks this is a bad idea?

Who is this lady?

Afterburners are only used on supersonic aircraft like fighter planes and the Concorde supersonic airliner.

The good always overcome the evil. . . in stories.

What do adjectives modify?


I tried to change her mind, but I couldn't.

It often happens that young shogi players become a little self-important, but I don't think that's something limited to the shogi world.

I heard him sing at the concert.


I'm meeting a friend of mine at the store.


There are more people living in towns and cities.

Nikolai said he was ready.

I am sure that we will find a solution.


I didn't think you'd be in today.


Edwin told us that he had a headache.

Nate was John's roommate.

I think you're making a mistake.

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Playing go is my favorite pastime.

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Please don't let me interfere.

Please send an empty email message to

Pam didn't doubt that there would be a lot of people there.


I promised Manavendra that we'd be at his party.

The moon was mirrored in the lake.

Would you like to stay longer?

I want to do everything.

Make the best of your small income.


I approve of everything that he does.

There is a small chance that he will succeed.

That's a very intriguing idea.

You can stay here for a while if you want to.

They were deserters.

They asked Lincoln to make a victory speech.

We found out recently that some foxes live here on this mountain.

You can't live without oxygen.

Judy prepares food in front of the customers in his restaurant, Sjouke's tavern, that's known throughout the city.

The results were not definitive, but I'm sure the DNA's a match.

He brought out the truth of the murder case.

That CD is my son's.

I remember that night.

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Chemistry gave us plastics.

He complains with good reason.

I hope you know what you're getting us into.

I didn't think anyone still lived in this house.

All my friends turned their back on me.


I hope that this isn't a mistake.


I knew there was a reason.

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I owe him money.

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Boiling water evaporates and turns into a gas.


Last week I saw a German movie.