My brother has never climbed Fuji mountain.

Grace has lost interest in watching TV.

Where did you hear that story?

The frequency of crime in the town is high.

Michel and Hirotoshi quickly became friends.

I gave him what money I had.

Do you usually turn on the TV as soon as you get home?

Don't do that. It's not your job.

Everybody was so wonderful.

I am quite ignorant of the plan.

Electric cars don't function as well in cold weather.

Let's not even think about that.

When do you work next?

He would often come to see us when I was a child.

His tone was very annoyed.

New Hampshire is next to Vermont.


When was the last time you grilled meat?

Sedovic will never quit.

The rain became snow.

There are many kinds of insurance such as: health insurance, fire insurance, life insurance, etc.

Do you want to go shopping?


Randall is still in his teens.


What our country desires is peace.

I ran into a pole.

Decency, security, and liberty alike demand that government officials shall be subjected to the same rules of conduct that are commands to the citizen.

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When I was a little boy, my father and I went to Boston to visit my great-grandfather.

What could possibly be that important?

Parents love their children however naughty they are.

Can't you stop Norbert?

If you can't afford travel insurance, then you can't afford to travel.

He's a complete and utter moron.

It won't be long before Nate gets better.

The tycoon endowed each son with a million dollars.

It is courageous of him to oppose his boss.

You seem a little nervous.

Does the bus stop here?

When I said that work had got busy so could we split the housework my husband pulled a face.

Building materials can include tiles, carpet, blinds and tools.


We picked a hitchhiker up on the way to Boston.

How long have you been married to Susan?

The moment she was alone, she opened the letter.

Abstract art is not to the taste of everyone.

And he does not merely write this and then not carry it out in deeds.

In Esperanto, nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs show their function within the sentence through their endings.

I didn't catch the meaning.

I am often contrasted with my brother.

Marilyn is an activist in his community.

Arthur is playing the bad guy.

I think we should take Coleen home.

Everybody knew Bradley could speak French well.

I'm in a little bit of trouble.

When I came to Japan, I burned my bridges.

What happened tonight?

Do you intend to help us?

I'm surprised Margie doesn't know how to swim.

Theodore is likely to be somewhere in the park.

Niall gave Mah a meaningful look.

You're wrong about this.

He went there on business.


The teachers looked at each other, astonished.

How many barbers work in this barbershop?

I don't know when she will leave for London.

Jos is also getting ready.

Jurevis is a good-looking young man.

Do you want to go to a soccer game?

Michiel is an easy person to talk to.

Let's not overdo it.

He called to say he'd be late.


Kenn came home filthy.

Where did you set them traps?

The sales of the company's No. 1 product fell by 4.5% last year.


Marie was sneezing.

I need scissors.

Don't you all agree?

I just want to help him.

I got pulled over for a speeding ticket.

I shout but no one hears me.

We're on the same team, right?

This too shall pass.

Roxane keeps looking at Serdar.


The district attorney is unwilling to proceed due to insufficient evidence.

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If Mott had seen anything, he would have told us.

Someone ploughed into me from behind at an intersection yesterday.

Uri was a great help.

The food was finger-licking good.

I sell a new umbrella.

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Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see things clearly.

Vincent had bigger things on his mind.

I'm supposed to make sure Sherri doesn't forget to buy the tickets.

The people revolted against their rulers.

We need to get to the airport.

I know Terrance can't speak French.

He's doing the best he can.

I never thought it'd be this hard to find an appropriate birthday gift for Lum.

You need to loosen up and have some fun.

I will miss you.

Where did you worship them?

It has had no effect on him.

I've been looking forward to meeting you.


I hope you're not suggesting that I did that on purpose.

Harris didn't respect the rules.

I just told Nadeem.

Kate wants to work in Italy, so she's learning Italian.

Could I go play after reading this book?

The camel marches while the dogs bark.

Everything is in flux.

I wasn't quite sure about that.

Eva lived on Park Street.


What time do you go to work in the morning?

Oliver told me to give this to Vaughn.

I hope this will not inconvenience you too much.

We just don't know what it is.

Have some coffee.


That's what he said.

I only hear you complain! Perhaps you can't do anything else?

This mustard is yellow.


Jesse and Graham are active members.

Any time I caught myself thinking negatively, I would rephrase the thought in a way that was more positive.

I wear a sad look.

The chakras are constantly spinning. If they weren't, the physical body couldn't exist.

You seem to know everyone here.

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The eggs are still hot.

We can go there without having to inform them.

I must be getting old.

What is not eternal is eternally outdated.

I thought I was doing you a favor.

He's my neighbour.

I am a poor sailor, so I don't like to travel by boat.


Molly has a big clock.


I didn't get paid as much as I expected.

Dan took a pair of scissors out of the drawer.

If you're not interested, just say so.

Bonnie has mental problems.

Make the best of your opportunities.

The foreign minister attended the talks.

You don't look too happy.

The microphone is dead.

Rajiv overheard what Duane said about him.


He searched his bag for his car key.

The doctor wants Revised to slim down a little.

There's got to be an answer.

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Can you just give me a minute?

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I smoke almost every day.


Jane didn't let Leith kiss him.

I want you to promise me something.

He began singing.

Every man must die.

I consider her a good friend.


That man is one cunning devil!


Izumi does have a certain charm, doesn't he?

How far is it to Brno?

I have not eaten.

I'm not working with Philippe anymore.

After their quarrel, she called it quits.


As far as I am concerned, I have no objection to the plan.

I thought this would be more fun.

We arrived at a small town in Hokkaido.

I'm just trying to get out of here.

There's something important I need to tell him.

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You look like you've just seen a ghost.

I'm being treated at the hospital.

The only one who can solve this problem is you.

Courtney doesn't make exceptions for anyone.

You need to get her to listen.

Jussi told me Manolis is in the hospital.

I told Lex he needed to be here by 2:30.


Ti put milk in his coffee.

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I bet you Jeany will be late.

She answered him with cold civility.

Kanthan is obviously lying through his teeth.


I've never been to a zoo.