We'll catch up to you.

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I have a few pens.

I'm looking for them right now.

Carole will definitely be missed.

My roommate is too talkative.

There was nothing for it but to wait for her.


When we get down to brass tacks, we are all as guilty as the persons who actually committed the crime.

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It is provided that the applicants must be woman.

She recorded a few sentences.

It is plural.

That car is a Chrysler.

People shouldn't stare at foreigners.


I like strawberries very much.

It took exactly an hour.

That's better, isn't it?

I'm not worried about you, Tommy. I'm worried about Teri.

Henry said that he needed to go to bed.

I think he's handsome.

You took some unnecessary risks.

What time do you get up, Benedict?

Your dreams will come true.

Marsh wants to see his son.

Wait, don't shoot yourself!

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You have to talk to him.


Don't take any unnecessary risks.

Muiriel has turned twenty.

When I had just arrived in Switzerland, I was completely taken aback by the prices.

The boy washing the car is my brother.

It's clear that Sriram doesn't want to talk about it.

You made cookies, didn't you?

Burglars broke into our apartment and stole my wife's fur coat.

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Whose textbook is this?

How did you discover Rajeev's hiding place?

Bud isn't jealous.


When his food supply ran short, he had to look for a new place to live.

Petr's criticism was unfair.

How do I thank you?

This album reminds me of my happy school days.

What is written in the book?

He loves a banquet, provided he is not expected to make a speech.

Tell me what you did to her.

Samuel and I discussed the problem with each other.

I have enjoyed reading this novel.

We've gone to the park to take photos.

Galen lives in a brown house.


I believe we have a serious situation.

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I know that he set them all against me.

You can put it anywhere.

I have to convince her to come.

It leaves you breathless.

Sweden is a Nordic country.

"Your speech was great." "Really? Thanks!"

Do magpies really steal things from humans?


I need to check on her.

There are only 24 hours in a day.

Don't touch the wet paint.

You must really like him.

Rolfe has granted me an interview.


It's possible I said that, but I don't remember saying it.

My teacher guided me in the choice of a career.

You don't want to go, do you?


I meant to ask you about it.

They had some doubts about their commander.

If you lose your way, ask a policeman.

I just kept my cool.

Where were you planning on putting all this stuff?


Many students go to Europe for the purpose of studying music.

Nhan is neurotic.

We're trying to prevent forest fires.


We've made our decision.

Why would anyone try to stop us?

I love my yellow pullover very much.

Brandy loves Indian music.

Even though he has become boss of the company, Mr Yamada is unassuming. That's probably why he is liked by everyone.


I'd like to return to Boston someday.

Saturday comes before Sunday.

How many languages disappear each year because another language seems more "cool" to their young speakers?

Did anybody want to see the picture from above?

This would be catastrophic.

Tanaka opened a beer.

He was loved by everybody.

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The soldiers clicked their heels together.

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion.

There's no mistaking about that.

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Why would you do that?


You look as beautiful as ever.

He has had a crush on her.

What is it you think I can do for David?

I'm going to tell you something you need to hear.

I'm sure Guido appreciates all your help.

I can predict how Pratapwant will react.

They are also too good.


How long do you plan to stay in Boston?


He painted the door blue.

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He's much more into her than she is into him.

He is a great scientist.

John said that he had met this man at the conference.


The potential is there.

A general election will be held in May.

Tigger has a beautiful smile.


Don't you have classes today?

Len did it anyways.

I'll take that into consideration.

We're smarter than that.

Miltos is lying fully dressed on his bed.


Sangho appears unhurt.

Why is Sid going to the picnic with Stephen?

He has already eaten.


I don't like him very much. To tell you the truth, I hate him.


Lex's coming too early took me by surprise.

I showed my ticket to the doorman and went into the theatre.

She is excellent in composition.

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I'm supposed to go to Boston next week to attend a wedding.

Happy him who with ease can steer, from grave to gay, from lively to severe.

I've contacted Wes.


Kikki is writing an autobiography.

I already know who you are.

It wouldn't be bad if you come as well.


Please give me some coffee.

Siegurd goes to Boston three times a month.

I was cleaning.


Your little brother has the face of a slob!

The alveolar approximant is a sound that is very rare in languages worldwide, but that exists in the English language.

I only want to know the facts.

He made believe that he was a millionaire.

I used to eat pizza, but now I don't.

I'll need to run some more tests.

The following is the project's progress.

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I don't have anything else to do.

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When she was young, she participated in the student movement of anti-authoritarianism.

It's going to snow tomorrow.

No officers involved were injured.

Who has time for this?

Within a week, most of Europe was at war.


My heart aches from love.


No liberty for the enemies of liberty.

I want you to go easy on them.

The mail arrives before you go.

He can neither read nor write.

You aren't bruised.

That's what we do.

Dylan climbed down the ladder.

My uncle suffers from osteoporosis.

Why didn't you just say that to Charlie?

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Sedat was standing by the door.

His book sold millions of copies.

This is an illegal procedure.

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I saw Elizabeth and Cyrus eating popsicles.

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My brother hides his porn magazines under his mattress.


They love you all.


Victor is not to be trusted.

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The rain prevented us from finishing our game of tennis.

What's Jiri like?

There is no cause for undue alarm.

He mistook me for an Englishman.

Can you tell us where we are?


He's popular with the students.