You should never make big life decisions when you're emotional.

I'll put it on the list.

Please let me talk to her.

Ruminants are a kind of mammals

In Japan, the new school year begins in April.

Albert was silly to buy a new coat.

There's still one more question that you haven't answered yet.

I guess I'm not the first to tell you that.


I speak English.

I have a crow to pluck with you.

We will not surrender.


Stay awake.

I saw her in the theatre.

It won't be as fun as you think.


Lois always hums while working.

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They supplied money to him.

He works for a bank.

The water came up to his waist.


That isn't my fault.

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Moe almost never leaves the house.

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I'd like to hear more about that.


She doesn't want to talk to me now, and I don't know why.

There was something odd about the way Srikanth looked at me yesterday.

I'd like to go back to Boston.

She met Hein.

Mr. Nakamura went bar hopping in Tokyo.

Have you been in here this whole time?

Where were you 3 years ago?

That lady has a fan because it is hot.

Tarmi cut her arm open.


When it comes to making things, I'm all thumbs.

Skip was the one who gave me this ticket.

Murthy's muscles are well-defined.

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These things don't happen quickly.


Those are the most expensive shoes I've ever seen.

Stay out of sight.

I like candy.

What was the matter with her?

Women are beautiful.


I hope Kikki remembers us.

I kept the cheese in the cellar.

I have high hopes for you.

I gave my word to Billy that I wouldn't do that.

Ranjit is going to see Clem today.

Danny ducked into the restroom.

I really can't take it anymore.

It's terrifying.

That's not helping.

I'm sure your father would be very proud of you.

My father was no less affectionate and tender to me than my mother was.

I have to get out of here.

He came in through the window.

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Hienz and Suwandi both have dogs.


Theodore was impatient and restless.

Clare met Graeme in front of the library.

Stop complaining about the weather.

I'm having a hard time writing.

Has Dory told Courtney that he's married?

The whale is well known to be the largest mammal.

Take one four times a day, after meals.


Laurence doesn't usually wear jewelry.

Is that me?

Testing is delayed by two days, as a consequence, we need to reschedule the release date.


Do you think Knut had something to hide?

We'll be waiting for Adlai.

I'm looking for them.

Life expectancy, gender discrimination and the social system are the main criteria the representatives have taken into account in drawing up the rankings.

He puts up with these terms.


I need to get to the bottom of this.

We watched TV after lunch.

You're taking too much.


A driver was sleeping in the car.


Mariana is going home now with Susana's mother.

The cat is in its basket.

You told Margaret to go to bed early, didn't you?

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You have cleaned your shoes, haven't you?

Could it be a virus?

Allen has a good reason for not telling Marco what she wants to know.

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Kory should go to bed early tonight since he has a test tomorrow.

She girded her waist with a belt.

I'm taking Pierette to his favorite restaurant.

Liyuan went out into the bath wearing only a towel.

You're good at that.

Strong winds stripped the tree of its leaves.

I play a little piano.


It must have been his sister's doing.

You don't know who did it, do you?

She is seldom at ease with strangers.

You need another ten dollars to buy that camera.

I spent all day with them.

Written in simple English, this book is easy to read.

Sangho became good friends with the elevator operator in their hotel.

They had better cut down their living expenses.

Seth isn't as active as Brad.

There is a cat in this room.

Dogs that bark a lot usually aren't dangerous.

They ganged up on him.

We may have a situation here.

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Sylvan finally found out how to make it.

It's been a long time since we last saw each other.

He also needs many workers.


Please bring in the washing.


Romain told me that he doesn't have a problem with that.

I can't wait for the war to end.

These goods are available to members only.

Phillip is still working for us.

Heat expands most things.

Let Liz rest.

Bruno seems to be unwilling to accept the bribe we're offering him.

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You should try to write more legibly.

Can we turn on the air conditioning?

The sun is bright.

That's what's crazy.

That child did nothing but cry all day.


Let's play dodge ball.

I think people should stop using plastic bags from supermarkets.

I sat up till late last night.

You can adjust game configuration options when starting the game for the first time.

Try not saying "I don't know" for a day. Instead, give more detailed explanations. It's a habit that might stick.


Put this on.

You can have any picture that you want.

That left him pensive.


He has a background in business.

I have found a job.

Nichael is mentally handicapped.

She is a shade better today.

List is old enough to go to school.

As a soccer player he is second to none.

I was surprised at his strong resemblance to his father.


No one would hurt them.

I like figuring things out.

We can all benefit from his experience.


In the meantime you can just put on a sweater if you're cold.

It is too warm for a fire today.

I'm a beginner, so I think I'll start from a 'garter stitch' muffler or a 'knit-one-purl-one stitch' one.


You don't even know who I am, do you?


You come from Taipei.

I still couldn't format my hard disk.

Siping pretended not to know anything about the situation.


Raanan played the guitar and Elisabeth sang.

I don't want to go, and besides it's too late.

Gilles showed Gene a picture of his family.

Ben couldn't say a word.

Sometimes it just happens that way.

I really want to spend some time alone with Vince.

Now that Lin has left, Grace is happier.


Markku made eyes at Liisa.

Horses need to eat.

As soon as you arrive, she will make something to eat.

I was on leave.

You've got to warn them.

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Noemi said he had something for you.


It sounds like James has been busy.

You'll go to Ireland.

Wilmer hasn't cut the tree yet.


Fine, thanks.

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The more information you give me, the better the advice I can provide you.

I am ashamed of your conduct.

If you need help, just ask.

The potato salad wants boiled eggs.

Let's study the verbs and their respective patterns.