I think Roxanne is pretty cute, too.

I'd like a glass of water, please.

Drivers need to pay attention to the traffic lights.

The man lost all hope.

I lost my trust in him.

Our water supply is very short.


I never knew my parents.

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Naomi is in a bad mood right now.

We'll kill you.

Irish is a very beautiful language.

You'd have to have rocks in your head not to take advantage of this offer.

That doesn't seem right.

My love for you won't let me tell you everything. Some things are better left unsaid.

Victor knows that Sigurd doesn't like him very much.

I'll take the children to school.

Truth is in things, and not in words.

She looked me in the eye.

Can we just not talk for a minute?


He never visited her.


We expected better terms.

I want milk and cookies!

Something you should know about me is that I'm very much a country boy at heart.

I hope you didn't lend Jeannie any money.

He paid me cash down.

The text is too long.

What exactly are you trying to do?


I worry about my future.

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Yes, I will be able to forget my busy work and relax.

Ronald helped.

His absence was due to the storm.

You had better make sure that he is at home, before you call on him.

We have only three days.

Would you like a cappuccino?

I must repay my debts.

Nobody ever told me that before.

Are you doing anything right now?

The water hardly began to boil when she added the ingredients.

You woke me.


I wondered when you'd get here.


I don't understand any of this.

His friends were uncomfortable with his high-handed attitude.

I think I'm the person who should do that.


I've always been a Republican.


We await the visit of our uncle with a happy heart.

How wonderful would the world be if everybody were me!

Are you seeing anyone?

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I'm having my name legally changed.


You have to ask for permission from your teacher.

I'd be curious to know what Jesper has to say.

I am uneasy about the future of this country.


I am in full accord with your view.

He took over a new post at the military base.

Scot remained in his car while Jimmy was in the supermarket.

I'm glad you're home.

It has dawned upon my mind that you are in the right.

Jerry asked Ravindran and her friends for help.

She must have been very young when she wrote this poem.

It's quarter to two.

Nelken shot Briggs with a rifle.


We're Orville's friends.


Insatiably greedy.

He lost hold of the rope and fell into the river.

I'm still thirsty.

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He has a son whose name is John.


I wish Alberto all the best for the future.


I was on my way to school.


I have a home.

You can add your sentences to the "favorites", and from there admire how they are translated by others.

She inherited her mother's blue eyes.

Could the situation worsen?

Murph has to stay home and take care of his children.

At times I can't understand him.

Lex says he feels fine.

You'll soon get used to speaking in public.

Wrap yourself warm, it is cold out there.

Niels is moving in.

Should I give the signal?


June and Herman seem a little confused.


You can't wear those clothes to work.


I'll just sit here.


Avery was a great neighbor.


I opened the door for Raif.

What haven't you told me?

Srivatsan has a message for John from Heather.

This seems deceptively simple.

I never liked being at home alone.

I just want to get it over with.

I don't understand what this means.

Barrett got a small portion of pie.

Manavendra thought his life was in danger.

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Thank you for agreeing to meet me here.

The German for "to dance" is "tanzen".

What I saw was shocking.

He started to go to bed early.

I don't want to be here either.

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I pray that God will forgive me.

I've never regretted doing that.

So much could change.

Rugby is an outdoor game.

What's Lloyd talking about now?

We're facing serious problems.

Have you ever ironed your clothes by yourself?

Water and oil are both liquids.

You should avoid binge eating.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

Everyone knew what to do.


We should never have given up.

I told them not to come today.

The evidence is doubtful.

You have no choice in this matter.

It's not necessary for her to go there herself.

As incredible as it may seem, she ordered a knuckle of ham with sauerkraut.

Given the circumstances, it was inevitable that such an incident should take place.

I know that this is the beginning of the end.

He looked to the heavens.


He has coached us for half a year.

You'll have to tell me the rest of the story some other time.

Francis is a teaching assistant.

I haven't done any of the things you've asked me to do.

I paid five dollars for this book.

The cat was basking in the sun.

Some of the information is very important.


Nigel didn't want to lose Antonio.


One of her three cars is blue and the others are white.

I took a book from John and gave another one to Jane.

A word is enough to a wise man.

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I gained three pounds.

I regret having been idle in my youth.

What kind of food do you have?

We've never had any reason to do that.

I really need to go home and catch some zees.

I am as happy as can be.

The mother rubbed the sick child's back.

You could buy all of those things if you really want them.

They forgot to wake me up.


He threw the ball to first base.

We'll meet Amigo at the gate.

Andy is poor, isn't he?

These garments are made from wool.

I had to get away from Boston.

That would be fine.

I sat before the mirror and wept bitterly.

The crocodile trapped the gnu as it tried to cross the river.

Sunil turned on the faucet.


You'd better get out of here before you get hurt.


Your help is indispensable for the success of the scheme.

I had stuff to do so I didn't have time to feel lonely.

Andreas slapped Mike on the back.

Tears came to her eyes.

We will be back at half past three.


I don't see Sangho as often as I'd like.


Wendi didn't use to drink so much.

Cecilia gave Harris an expensive doll.

Kazuhiro wanted to travel around the world.

I'm not bothered.

I don't really know her at all.


Don't tell him.

I know whose bag this is.

How's school?

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I cannot leave. It's too early.

I would really like to go there.

I broke the vase on purpose.