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Aggresive staking and lending interest payout on average 1.5 - 2%

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IOCT Pre ICO Price: 40 cents(ICO Launch price: $1.20):

Projected Price after ICO: $14.50

Earn daily interest: 1.9% (up to 48% a month)

IOCT COIN will be listed on External exchange soon


1st Round


100% SOLD

2nd Round

100% SOLD

3rd Round

100% SOLD

4th Round

100% SOLD

5th Round

    100% SOLD

    What is iotaconnect?

    Lending and Arbitrage

    IOCT COINis a new cryptocurrency which aims to become the best alternative to current popular coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    It is a form of digital public money created by complex mathematical computations and validated by millions of computer users .

    IOCT Coins are digital coins which you can store on your computer drive, smartphone, hardware wallet or somewhere in the cloud.

    Once you own IOCT Coins, they behave like physical gold coins: they possess value and can be traded like stocks in popular exchanges.




    IOCT COINtechnical specifications

    How IOCT holders make money?

    Lending Program

    Last 5 day's credited interest

    Optional capital lock boost

    Staking coin for profit

    Trading coin on popular platforms


    Affiliate program

    We offer special bonus rates for leaders and promoters.

    Please contact us now by email at for more information.


    About us

    IOCT COIN has been created by bankers and traders from major financial institutions (Based in Hong Kong, South Korea and other Asian cities) . We realize the financial transactions in the world are going to be revolutionized by cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Based on this analysis, we've built a tech and financial team to create a blockchain platform to make worldwide financial transactions faster, cheaper and more reliable.

    Q & A

    Q: Is this a scam or a legit project?

    A: A lending project is usually considered risky. Any person who would like to participate needs to understand the risks. However, is not involved in any illegal activity. We aim to create a serious platform which could bring values to all participants.

    Q: Est-ce une arnaque ou un projet sérieux ?

    A: Un projet utilisant le "lending" est souvent considéré comme risqué. Chaque personne désirant investir doit comprendre les risques que son investissement entraîne. n'est cependant pas impliqué dans quelconque activité illégale que ce soit. Nous avons pour objectif de créer une plateforme sérieuse qui pourra créer de la valeur pour ses participants.

    Q: Why haven't I seen any information yet?

    A: We're focusing on building a solid, bug-free platform. The worldwide marketing campaigns will follow soon, but we don't want to roll out things that are not ready. You will see more and more reviews, blog articles, social messages in the days to come.

    Q: Pourquoi n'ai-je pas encore vu d'information ?

    A: Nous nous sommes, dans un premier temps, concentrés sur la création d'une plateforme solide et sans bug. La campagne marketing mondiale va débuter très rapidement mais nous ne voulions pas nous lancer avant que tout ne soit parfaitement prêt. Vous allez voir de nombreux articles dans les news, sur les blogs ou les réseaux sociaux, dans les prochains jours.