I'm two years younger than he is.

Kindness is the essence of politeness.

We now know that Lukas was lying.

You know it better than me.

I should've been more thorough.

The weather will probably clear up tomorrow.


We really need to talk to Nathaniel.

That would be insane.

I must buy groceries.

They're traitors.

Only a handful of activists in our union are getting on us.

I'm so glad you could make it.

We're aware of the risks.


Marla squatted down.


How will this affect you?

Please don't use my name.

Don't let him claw you.

We're not friends. We're acquaintances.

I don't know who's involved.


So many languages, so little time...


Tomorrow the teacher will not attend the class.

The Earth orbits around the Sun. It takes one year to go around the Sun one complete time.

Couldn't you have told me about that yesterday?

You are a goody-goody.

What is most important is your strong will to master English.

We got something for her.

Nothing would make me happier than to see you happy.

All right. How many?

Can you reach what's on the top shelf?

Joseph can say "I love you" in fifteen languages.

Do you always have to be so dramatic?


Today, I do not want to go to school.

Don't waste your time.

The Korean vocabulary is composed of three components: native words, Sino-Korean words and loanwords.

She gave him her name and telephone number.

Life's too short to drink bad wine.

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Sorry I didn't e-mail you sooner.

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As he walked away, his figure gradually became dim under the snow.

I visited the town for the first time in a long time.

You don't want Kieran to think you're insane.

That gives me goosebumps.

We stayed at a small hotel just outside of town.

I grow old always learning many things.

Ugh! I hate snakes!

Having spent seven years as a prisoner of war, Miriamne was a broken man.

She raises Arabian horses.


Before this decision takes effect, nobody will lift a finger in order to solve this.

Norbert is a big railroad executive.

Lea appears unwilling to help.

Lee's army fought off each attack.

The human mind is never better disposed to gratitude and attachment than when softened by fear.

He's nervous and gets scared easily.

I am writing a sentence.

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Flight attendants, prepare for landing.


Hal stretched the clothesline between the trees.


This dog is, so to speak, a member of our family.


Hard work injured his health.

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As he has done a lot of bad things, we can conclude that he is a bad person.

Marc left his kids at home.

There is something here.

Did Hunter buy anything for Kitty?

They don't accept volunteers.

I forgot that Siegurd spoke French.

Forty euros for a scarf? You don't have anything cheaper?

This car must go.

Why are you still talking?

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How long have you been sitting there?

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What about him?

The recession has put the crunch on wage laborers.

Are you done with that magazine?

Stop, or I'll shoot!

Sanjib can't control his children.

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What would you like to be in the future?


John turned his back on the company and started on his own.

If Toufic doesn't go, I won't go either.

Well, I was taking a walk, thinking. I just needed to let it all out, and to recharge my batteries.

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Mom, I don't want to go!

I've been searching for her.

I'm ready for the challenge.


Jennifer had a problem with that.


Men are more likely than women to turn to risky behaviour when depressed.

There's too much money in these accounts.

His speech irritates me.

I'm pretty confident.

We're all hungry.


Everyone thinks you're dead.

We're really pleased.

I paid very little for this painting.

She intends to participate in a beauty contest.

What's the technical terminology for assisting someone to go to the toilet with a urine bottle?


Why do you buy this all the while knowing you'll never use it?

At the greengrocers I buy a kilo of bananas, oranges and apples.

Mechael looks pretty upset.

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I don't have time to sleep.

When did Hitoshi buy that?

Luc told me he and Gigi had gotten divorced.

Rebecca was brokenhearted.

This is no joke.

I made him a promise.

Barrio couldn't believe what he saw.

We're creative.

What did they add this needless function for?


Who's your daddy?

I sat at the riverbank, under the shade of an oleander.

The leaves fall in autumn.


Murthy became an alcoholic.


I was anxious for her safety.

Our teacher is in a good temper.

You should let me go with you.

Nobody seemed to be there.

Piet and Dalton survived the bombing.

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How did you come here?

Amos is a few years older than Laurie.

He goes there to meet people.


This town isn't lively.

We must start at once.

It'll be hard to convince Presley.

Do you think Sjouke was depressed?

"Do you trust me?" "No."

I love the genuine smiles!

You are blessed, oh Lord, our God and God of our fathers, God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob.

He began to cry.

It was easy for them to be famous all over the world.

I'll be back at seven o'clock.

He brought the world to its senses.


Who wrote this on me?

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You're seriously going to eat this?

What does EC stand for?

Marian has told us quite a bit about you.

We sit down at the table.

How many papers do you take?

Harry is the only one with the key to this cabinet.

It's pretty obvious that she loves him.

If only I could help you.

Such was his pride that he could not bring himself to ignore the insult.

I'm happy to ride with Ricardo.

For your own safety, never ride in a car with a drunk driver.

Hughes wasn't the one who borrowed my car.

I would like Margot to apologize to me.


I'm going to lie down.

Elisabeth knows a few magic tricks.

We were so afraid.

I feel bad about this.

Is there regular bus service to the town?

Each month, a gift certificate worth 10,000 yen will be given to thirty people chosen at random who have completed this questionnaire.

You're not very good at it, are you?

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He was learning a poem.

Hubert saw a ghost.

I'm not supposed to leave here.

The girl drank down the milk in one gulp.

I know that you feel helpless.

I'm displeased at your negligence.

We're candid.

My name was drawn.

What are you doing up so early?


As soon as I can afford to buy a house, I will.

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Let's talk about something else for a while.

Love is not what you think.

I will never understand.

What more do you want from me?

You don't have to be crazy to work here.

You've got an hour.

But, then again, Latin was already a "dead language" by that time.

I only have one question.

A good husband makes a good wife.