Exchange, trade and barter
 with verified season ticket holders

Finally a product that allows its members to use their tickets as currency. Leave your credit cards in your wallets. SwapSeats operates by allowing members to trade game for game.

Find tickets to trade for
Negotiate fair trade

Cashless marketplace

Use your own tickets as currency and connect with other season ticket holders from across the US who want to trade their seats for yours. You pick the games. You pick the terms.

  • 1 Intiate the swap
  • 2 Negotiate the terms
  • 3 Attend your game
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Why sign up?

You might be thinking, "If I can't sell my tickets to make money, why should I become a member?" We get it. You want to make bank, bro. Unfortunately, you can't make money on this platform. SwapSeats' goal is to help its users attend more events.

  • Bring more friends
  • Sit in different seats for a game
  • Sick of spending money on tickets for events
  • Meet ticket holders in your section
  • Attend a different sporting event
  • Catch a game while out of town
  • Swap multiple times
  • New experiences
  • Another avenue for ticket exchanging
  • Gift tickets to friends or family in another state
  • Build a trusted social network of swappers
  • Did we say bring more friends?

We got you

We are sure you have questions. Below is a list of the most common questions we are asked. If you don't see your question, please don't hesitate to 7312546750.

  • How do I become a member of SwapSeats?

  • Is this application only for season ticket holders?

  • When do you plan on opening up the product to the public?

  • Do you monitor the trading of tickets?

  • How do you know if a user is really a season ticket holder?

  • Can I swap tickets that I swapped for?

  • Can I cancel my membership if I am unhappy?