Your stupid remark just added fuel to the flames.

She cried until she ran out of tears.

Shit on a Ritz!

We all agreed with Shai.

Lend me your car for tomorrow.

The heat has relaxed.


This seminar will target senior marketing leaders from Japanese firms.


Why doesn't Wendi say something?

We need to get there as soon as we can.

I've hired them.


I hope you're not alone.

How many people do you know well?

Spy has developed a new system for learning English.

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I will telephone you as soon as they return.

How much wine should I buy?

We had lunch at a little coffee shop.

We didn't know each other until today.

Have you got it yet?

I have a problem with my car.

Antonio said he never saw Eddie.


That's not exactly what happened.

Make sure you have reserved a room at the hotel.

Ask June what he thinks of Boston.

We'll never forget your kindness.

Ragnar had an accident when he tried to ride a hoverboard for the first time.

Both brothers said that they couldn't support both a wife and an airplane, so they spent their lives as bachelors.

His daughter has become a pretty woman.

Knapper and Price have a nice house.

I saw her crying.

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Murray is apparently an honest person.

Can you do the job or not?

I've never heard anything more dreadful.

I'm looking for Naim. You haven't seen him, have you?

My illness kept me from starting.


Many an insect deriving its delicate colour from harmless leaves and herbs, was stained anew that day by dying men, and marked its frightened way with an unnatural track.

I need it ASAP.

I can't tell you how I love you.

Charlie wouldn't leave me alone.

Ric passed the exam.

Eat something.

I'll stay here for a bit.

You can't expect Joshua to care about it the way you do.

There is a hut below the bridge.


Farmers work hard in the winter, too.

My school marks were average.

Blake shares his office with Sjouke.


I ate dinner last night, but I don't think Tandy did.


It takes two hours to go to school by bus and train.

We could fix that.

We'd better tell Woody about this.


They listened to the teacher with their eyes shining.

John arrived a week ago.

Louiqa pulled a knife out of his pocket.

Be patient.

The last time I spoke to Jun was last Monday.

It was already too late.

You'll never know whether you can do it or not if you don't try.

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Having all of you here is more reassuring than having the police or anybody else.

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There lived an old man in a village.


Allan wants to know what Shane did last weekend.


It is premature to put the plan into practice now.

The train leaves in 5 minutes.

I hadn't thought of it like that.

I think he just looked at me.

Does Australia have four seasons?


You've got to do something to help Adlai.

Mats isn't famous.

Suresh is twice as heavy as I am.


Jay reluctantly went outside.

If you understand, raise your hand.

My nose has been broken three times.

I don't know why I did that.

How could you possibly know?

Europe has fallen into a vicious circle. It has been hit not only by debt but also by a lack of growth.

You're safe as long as you stay here.


I didn't say I liked Seth.

Beckie poured Del a snifter full of brandy.

I'm feeling the breath of life.

They didn't choose me.

Can I count on them?

It is no use studying when you are sleepy.

He is skating.

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Please send all comments and suggestions to Rajiv Jackson.

Thank you for this, Kusum.

Did you have to get up very early this morning?

We do have some options.

I work at the zoo.


The news spread abroad.

Vinod has a large hunting knife in his right hand.

I wonder if it will rain tomorrow.

I asked Johnny what time he was planning on leaving.

You're not allowed to do that.


Randolph is the maid of honor.

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Bucky doesn't know all the facts.

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I'm not dating Piet.

He has always been an advocate for the poor and downtrodden.

Can't you hear it?

He can understand everything you are saying.

I'm not Amarth. I'm John.

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The Waterfront's success could mean that other cities soon follow, creating areas that offer people a new kind of city living, with all the benefits and none of the stress, noise and pollution of crowded centres.

Liz isn't used to being ignored.

It's not always easy to translate.

The murderer dumped the body in the lake.

Sergiu is on the job.

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Mongo struck the wall with her fist.


Maybe you can convince Kristian to do that, but I doubt it.

Shamim had fun talking to Sriram.

By the way, is there some blog or column online that you check often? Well, it doesn't have to be online; magazines are fine, too.

These questions can be answered quite simply.

I've decided to write a novel.

He said nothing as to money.

I know that everything I need is here.

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A blue suit, white shirt and red tie are essential for all male workers.

That's why I need your help.

They went home to their respective houses.


The only time you talk to me is when you need some money.

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I don't engage in illegal activities.

Do you know her personally.

Joshua knows my number.

He doesn't understand sarcasm.

We arrived yesterday afternoon by train.

She can't tell the good from the bad.

I've been worried all along.


Turn the knob counterclockwise.

Remember what we talked about.

The employees voted on the manager's proposal.


I want to go see a movie.

Vaslav Nijinsky was a Russian dancer.

One hour until the event.

I locked myself out of my house.

Celia must be angry with Dori.

The story is very interesting to me.

George didn't need to do that.

Will you take on the job?

They don't make 'em like they used to.

"Fiction" is something that is not factual; it comes from imagination.

This development tool has a high learning cost.

I'm glad it happened that way.

Stay still!


Erick isn't a candidate.

Recently, I've been developing a spare tire. It must be middle age...

Who's Lin arguing with?

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She has a mysterious air about her.

Please join me.

We need to tell Juliet where to park his car.

You buy stamps at the tobacco shop.

These boots are expensive.

She only listens to indie music.

We congratulated her on her engagement.

My father told me where to go.

It was a stupid joke.


He's a good actor and he's really cute too!

His words pierced to the heart of the matter.

Let's just say things didn't go exactly as planned.

Is there a restaurant close by?

No boast the tyrant's scorn shall make - how friend to friend can faith forsake. But from the double death shall know, that truth and love yet live below!


The governor supports the bill.

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Go away now and I'll forget this happened.

The party started for New York.

Green light... Red light!

Please remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

Don't I even get a phone call?

Don't get a stomachache by eating too much.

Take care of it.