Rudolph says he was born in Boston.

I think it's strange that he didn't speak to you.

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This is kind of sudden, isn't it?

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I can't give up on my dreams.

June fifth is World Environment Day.

You have crossed a line.

The conversation switched to politics.

Linda and Steve still haven't woken up.

Why did you never want my picture?

He's shorter than his brother.


I'll be there at five p.m.


I'm in love with the girl next door.

They supplied money to him.

There's nothing like cottage cheese.

Which skirt would you choose?

The army of the Gauls was conquered.

Robbin is the only American Naren knows whose father wasn't born in America.

I didn't look at them.

I lost my cat and job on the same day, and on top of it all, my wife announced that she was leaving me.

Dieter is honorable.

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Computer performance maybe very poor.


The person I met yesterday was Jussi.


If you want any money, I will lend you some.

Mass is a Catholic ceremony of remembering Jesus Christ by eating and drinking.

We are going to visit Versailles.


She massaged his back.

I have a lot of respect for you.

I want to do a little shopping.

Scott is Meehan's best friend.

There's fresh bread and water here.

Trevor is in show business.

Jerald sent Kris some money.


That'll do nicely.

Is there a flight in the morning?

Harmon apologized to her.

Is this an actress?

Do you have a garage?

Be careful. The deck is slippery.

When I was a child I often walked in the woods.


What am I being accused of?


One in three Americans believe that the sun goes round the earth!


I've already arranged it.


I have a firm belief in his innocence.

Have you called her yet?

You have to let me talk to them.

You know everyone here, I think.

And thus his attention was distracted from the sight.

Winter in New York can be very cold.

When I heard that, I started to cry.

I can't play the piano, but she can.

I'm happy about that.

How many persons does this hall hold?

Go at once, otherwise you will be late.

We'll be there before you know it.

I thought I'd never see Mat again.

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I didn't miss anything.


I disagree with that.

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if you want something, do whatever you need to do to get your hands on it.

The man's name is Mah.

He is a tennis player.

I am in the first year of high school.

I don't like seeing young girls with heavy makeup.

Suyog always wears his seatbelt.

The world often rewards the appearance of value more than value itself.

It seems that he was badly scolded.

You should talk to me now.

That's a bad assumption.

The rough material hurt the child's tender skin.


Did you ask her?

I never lost hope.

She is intensely preparing for the exam.


Has someone died?

What Kelly really wanted was a new car.

I took three tablets of a cold medicine before going to bed.

Can we stop there?

Murray forgot to sign his name.

I wouldn't hurt her.

Hwa isn't a very good singer.


Bea saw Rees waiting.


Why don't I try to do something about the garden?

How's everything back home?

I hope you don't miss anything.

Kyle gave Malaclypse more money.

Are you sure this is the right road?

My father does not always walk to work.

Kimberly introduced his stepson to Lievaart's stepdaughter.

Already as a child, he really liked to sing.

How can we put up with that?

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I don't know what kind of food you like.


I had no idea things were so bad.

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Good evening, Sir.


How do you think that makes me feel?


I don't know what that thing is.

Why can't you hurry?

Oslo is the most populous city in Norway.

The lamp hung from the ceiling.

For a fortune, a fortune and a half.


Adam is a lot smarter than you are.


Thank you very much. You should also feel free to ask me for help in the future.

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How are they doing it?

She sometimes gets depressed.

We're both very tired.

Spanish is spoken in Mexico.

She saw herself as the world's savior.


It's a reflection of our society.

The accident taught me to be careful.

Please stop laughing.

You're really very good.

Europe doesn't need anyone.

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I'd like to go to London someday.


He's very hard to please.

He asked his teacher several questions.

I'm voting for the first proposal.

I made that.

There are many ways to approach this problem.

Isabelle kept on walking.

It is a prevalent belief, according to a nationwide poll in the United States, that Muslims are linked with terrorism.

The professor is noted for his study of Shakespeare.

What's the height of the Empire State Building?

Shyness doesn't seem to be one of your problems.

Mickey passed away getting struck by lightning on the beach.

I took care of her cat.

She's possessed.

It would be funny, if it wasn't so sad.

I sleep six hours a day on average.

Kirk is living with his family.

Just when I was getting the hang of things, I was in a traffic accident and had to stay two months in the hospital.

The prisoner was given his freedom.

Van is reading a novel.


I was not made for the life of a shepherd.


Klingon has to be the most useless language.

If you read this message, write to me.

It's been hot this month, but today's an exception.

Tell Izzy he can't go.

Don't play dead.

No worries.

I don't want to talk to you, Hillel.

I am just an expert on books. I've read every book in this library.

Jade Rabbit has landed in the Bay of Rainbows.

I needed to see them again.

Today is a sunny day.

I wish Nadeem wouldn't talk to me so much.

I was going to call her.

Please sit as close to the front as possible.

Could you please tell me again who your father is?


That's how he invented the machine.

I leave in the morning.

You can kill a man with a BB gun.

Agatha doesn't give me flowers anymore.

The sacred ceremony was held in the magnificent temple.

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He is nothing of a scholar.

Their wedding is tomorrow.

Ofer is a yoga instructor.

He never breaks his promise.

I got scammed.

Do you speak Tatar?

Time has no divisions to mark its passage, there is never a thunderstorm or blare of trumpets to announce the beginning of a new month or year. Even when a new century begins it is only we mortals who ring bells and fire off pistols.


Boil the soup down until it becomes thick.

Oh, I was ill.

I know someone who can walk on water.

I'm going to church.

He answered all the questions in ten minutes.

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She saw a tall man yesterday.