This shirt wants washing.

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I can't buy the bicycle for you.

That problem was accepted.

Would you really do that?

I'll fire him.

That'll never fly.


What's your most prized possession?

We must keep up the family traditions.

I tell Manuel that every day.

You're not allowed to smile either.

Although Internet has become more easily accessible in recent years, many people still can't enjoy this service.

Is everything all right at the office?

My microscope was stolen.

We don't trust Hui.

What can we learn from a dog? Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joy ride.

His long absences were starting to provoke suspicion.

I have got to go now.

Clark made extremely good maps of the area.

No one should be surprised.

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I quench my thirst with a cold glass of water.

I want to give Alex something nice for his birthday.

I live in Hyogo Prefecture.

Our class is made up of 30 students.

Prakash is willing to go with us, isn't he?

Did you learn anything new today?

This isn't a private beach.

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It's fair.

It's hard to believe that it has been clear and sunny until now.

The soccer game is tomorrow.

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You need to go with them now.

It's better to be alone.

That was quite an experience we had yesterday.

Tell her which bus to get on.

The cat's ear swiveled in the direction of the noise.

I already have someone for the job.

The cottages were blown down one after another.

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It's not so far.

We have a good view of the sea from the window.

Starbuck wondered why his wife left him.

You are sending me a Japanese doll, right?

May I introduce you to Dr. Johnson?


She wore heart-shaped earrings.

Dolphins are really smart.

I am not a fan of conservatism.

I spoke with them today.

Show me how you use a comma and I'll show you your political leanings.

How are you guys doing?

Metin says he wants a puppy for Christmas.

My father was, I think, a little drunk then.

My clock is two minutes fast.

He was taught English by teachers who couldn't really speak the language.

There's something oddly familiar about Hazel.


Better leave it!


We enjoyed our holidays to the full.

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This story is too predictable.

That's just the way it happened.

Come and sit down.

We don't have classes today.

Come sit by me.

He dropped in on us from time to time.

I don't think anyone can help me anymore.

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This color doesn't suit you.

Well, what happens now?

I've always liked that name.

I think Margie did that intentionally.

Cyrus kissed Lynne on the neck.

We want to go to France for our honeymoon.

The committee welcomed her with acclamation as chairperson.


The chakras are all aligned in a vertical column along one's spine.

She grabbed her towel and headed for the beach.

In Italian everything is written the way you pronounce it.

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What if the problem isn't him?

Rabbits have a lot of offspring.

I wish I had treated the girl more kindly.

Do you actually feel sorry for Michael?

Have you ever been to outer space?

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I was just about to leave when the telephone rang.

Look at all that money.

Should I call him?

They must be removed.

You'll come back to visit, won't you?

Just take my money.

The song I want to sing is one that you know.

The parents of these children had each a large wooden box in which they cultivated kitchen herbs for their own use, and a little rose-bush in each box, which grew splendidly.

How long has Vince been studying French?

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The number of officials doubled last year.


Suddenly, the light went out.

We can't stay for dinner.

What's the big news?

I'll stay with him.

He often goes to the movies together with her.

She did not come even as far as my house.

I said stay here.


I'm not in agreeance with your methods at all.

They talk very fast.

It was tedious and boring.

This place isn't as safe as it used to be.

Jean remained miserable in his marriage.

We need to keep fighting.

I've had a lot of fun so far.


Miriam can't abide veggies.

What do you think you're doing here?

He had to walk all of ten miles to his home.

We'll discuss this later.

Can you hurry it up?


He lapsed morally.

Do you know what your name means?

The Danube's water level has reached a record high.


It has come to my ears that he will not be long in this country.

It's for her mobile phone.

Jane has been quiet and grumpy for the past few days.

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We were late because of the storm.

It took me two hours to memorize this sentence.

Nobody could catch those last few hens.

Linda was pregnant at that time.

Bring her over.

"I'm going shopping. Do you want to come?" "Sure!"

He can't answer their questions.

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Dan arrived at Princeton University in 1976.

The Japanese watch Japan too much and don't know the situation overseas. Koreans watch Japan only and don't know the situation of their own country.

Our dreams came true.


You have to ask her first.

I'm wont to take a shower in the morning.

Jayesh's head is bandaged.

Pratapwant and Tahsin were shocked, and John was embarrassed.

He repairs the electrical devices.


Rodent is on his own.

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Many people are skeptical.

We are Australians.

Call her up at three.

Presley might not know the answer.

Give people what they want.

You need someone you can trust.

Hold her down.

I can do much better than Shatter.

It's unsurprising that Yoko would have said something like that.

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It's a pity we're not all as reliable as Price.


They must be happy.

I think we can all agree on that, right?

I'm a real loser in English.

Edith became increasingly upset.

Trace elements of proven dietary importance do not include polonium-210.


Calvin took my keys.

He's only a couple of years younger than me.

The same holds good of us students.

Pardon me, please.

I haven't seen Sedovic for a good while.


I had hardly left home when it began to rain heavily.

Let me check my Rolodex.

Won't you have some coffee?


I almost feel sorry for him.

How fast can a year go by!

Let's discuss what happened in Boston.


She's timid.


These two pencils are similar, but not the same.

Do you want to bring your family to Germany?

I was a criminal.

We can't stay here.

I don't really want to go to Boston.

The text is deemed as fluent in the target language.

She was dressed fit to kill.


The things he says are not the least bit important.


Francis earns twice as much as me.

Gideon asked me to talk to Byron.

He will surely succeed in his new job.