I'm just as mystified as you are.

I don't like his hat.


The man said he was innocent of the crime.

After three weeks of searching, he found well-paid work.

Sunday is not a workday for me.

They adorned the room with flowers.

Hasn't it been solved yet? Whose responsibility is it, the prefecture's or the country's?

Ed and the rest of the robbers rendezvoused at a subway station.

In Tatoeba, you gotta always listen to veteran members. They'll tell you what can't be done and why. Then do it.

I don't want to be treated special.

Her father made her tell him everything.


Do you have a boyfriend back home?

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We'll get you another balloon.

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Did Amedeo change anything?


No one thinks, but everyone has their opinions.


She was offended by something.

Emily is an Australian citizen.

Be specific.

Linda felt nauseated and suspected she was pregnant.

In the event that asbestos-covered mesh is found, ensure its safety by damping the asbestos portion to prevent dust release and wrapping in a plastic bag.

He's not supposed to be here.

I'll do it the way you've told me to do it.

The party walked down the mountain.

Calvin bowed his head in shame.

Leigh has everything he needs.

As a first-aider, Juliane is morally obligated to perform CPR on someone who's had a heart attack.

Obstetric care in crisis as the number of obstetricians continues to fall.

I know she'll agree.

What you said surprised me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart .

I entered a singing contest.

It's really early.

Oh, I love life in the woods, declared Ron suddenly after a long silence, while he was relaxing on his blanket.

No ghost was ever seen by two pair of eyes.

Antony opened the bag and poured out the sunflower seeds.

Vic didn't go alone.

What do you say we head over to Carsten's house?

Alice hung her head in shame.

Must I speak English?

You pull up the blanket.

Damone said he didn't want to think about it.

There are many old Indian legends.

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The hat is yours.

She got kicked upstairs to an executive position.

I want to know what this is all about.

When will it be good?

"Mom, you need to sign this." "Let me read it." "No, it's okay. You don't have to."


He had little social life.

I need to write a book report.

When did you fall in love with me?

He's attracted to black women.

I'm sure that was him.

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I ran for the bus and was already breathless.

Oh dear, this pain is so unbearable I can hardly take it. I wonder if I will survive the night.

I'm at an office party.

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I'm leaving tonight for Australia.

The baby clamored to be fed.

He meditated on his past life of suffering.


If the man doesn't believe as we do, we say he is a crank, and that settles it. I mean, it does nowadays, because now we can't burn him.


Girls do not talk like that.

Ralf said he liked rain.

Ellen was supposed to protect us.


I want to see that again.

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I do remember you were in Boston for a short while.

Whoever has saved the life of even one person will be rewarded as if he had saved the whole world.

I didn't have anything to eat.


Stars undergo nuclear reactions that burn hydrogen in their cores.


Bonnie was in jail that night so he has the perfect alibi.

Jussi told me that he doesn't like to study in the morning.

No one knows my broken dream.


If you don't wash your hand before working, you'll contaminate the samples.


To welcome guests is to make them feel at home, even though that's exactly where you wish they were.

He put this information to good use.

He is an expert in economics.

A child is missing.

She screamed when she saw the snake.


If there are two in a room and three go out, one must go in, so that none is in the room.

The snake is wriggling.

The new law was twelve months in the making.

The modern Japanese politics is bad.

The air of hills is cooler than that of plains.

I'm not supposed to eat peanuts.

The competitor twice jumped the gun.

Andries is still trying to get here by 2:30.

It's hard to choose.


This region is located in a valley.

This drawing is less than great. He needs to do something with the line here at the back of the leg.

I am swearing at that jerk!


Is this cool?


Do you eat seaweed in your country?

The gap between the haves and the have nots is widening.

We have been studying French for three years.


Put the disk in the computer.

Bjorne is supposed to help Wade do the laundry.

I am 18 years old.

I think that guy is Dimetry.

The overall goal of the Juno mission is to improve our understanding of the solar system by understanding the origin and evolution of Jupiter.

There was absolute silence.

Lucifer is an authority on Australia.

He was going to leave the house when she came.

Why are you still complaining?

I think Sabrina will drive me to the airport.

The sky clouded over.

She devoted her time to the study of music.

You don't even know him.

His career had faltered.

Phiroze's living proof that you don't have to have brains to be successful.


I cannot go to the party, but thank you for inviting me all the same.

Who likes reading books?

My brother bought a used car, so it was not very expensive.


That's not important, is it?

Since when has Jorge been studying Portuguese?

Gunter looks healthy.

He sometimes ate out with his family.

How's your old lady doing?

Naomi didn't do anything that he wasn't supposed to do.

That's not what we're about.


A gentleman would not do such a thing.

He was injured in the accident.

I don't know how or why it happened.


This is the first time I've ever helped my father.

How're you doing today?

I would've liked to stay longer.


I shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry.


This sentence isn't in English.

I'm getting thirsty.

It was one of the best nights I've had.

Why would somebody want to live there?

They obtained a yield of 8 percent on their investment.

After the death of his parents, his grandparents took to his education.

What are you asking me?

I know her well.

Rand has a very nice car.

That's the worst part.

Don't waste your life on meaningless things.

She needed the money.

Great thanks for a lovely night.

He earns his living by teaching.

They were most attentive to his speech.

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It's up to them to meet halfway.

Roberta told me he was afraid that Vidhyanath might kill him.

Show me what's in your pocket.


They worked jointly on this project.

Did you go to Cairo or Alexandria?

I am a very old man; how old I do not know.

This is no place for me! I was not born for work.

She straightened her skirt.

You may depend on it that it won't happen again.

I have lost my pen.


She tried to spice up the conversation with gossip about the neighbors.

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Why can't we tickle ourselves?


Tai won't be able to drive for a while.


Apparently he wanted to distract her.

The affluence of the United States is often contrasted with the poverty of undeveloped countries.

He is a mere child.

I was going to work.

That isn't necessary, is it?


I caught a glimpse of her face.


This is a major crisis.

Do you think this is the best form of government?

She was so sad that she did not want to speak to anyone.

Dwight can speak three foreign languages.

Why does Piotr need a bodyguard?