I'm not angry with Lewis.

If the car breaks down, we'll walk.


I don't have any artistic talent.


It's hard to steal from a thief.

Why don't you let me go?

Carl and I talked about various things.

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Esperanto, an official language of the European Union, finally!

Romain kicked the stool out from under Vassos.

It was his idea. He made me do it.

You know very well what Edward wants.

You're a disgrace.

Sjaak studies at Harvard.

Hey! A bee stung me!

We're both college students.


They were all here.

I just said something very stupid.

I'd like to pick you up now.

You answered by yourself.

Tim Howard was the goalkeeper for the United States national team in 2014.

That's not quite right. It's even completely wrong in many cases.


I've never seen them so angry.

I'm glad we're all in agreement.

I'm sorry that I hurt you.


I know this area quite well.

Why didn't you try calling me?

It is just slightly larger than a typical fob.


I used a computer in order to save time.

You can't see him because he is engaged.

Isabelle doesn't mind swimming in the rain.

I want to buy the same watch as Jack has.

He became rich overnight.


We know this.

Glenn was in a lot of pain.

The child is writing a book.


That was absolutely unnecessary.

The trailer goes with the car.

There's something on that shelf that Randell wants.

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Believe in yourself.


That's so unfair.

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Srikanth said it was funny.

Would you please put me in touch with the General Manager of Overseas Sales of AB Software Ltd?

The RMS Lusitania was sunk by a German U-boat in 1915.

Many had lost their arms or legs.

What does this device do?

Please forgive me.

I can only speak French and a little English.

The committee approved the draft budget.

My friend asked that I call the obstetrician because she was afraid the baby was going to be born too soon.

I have to see them now.

I told them where we'd gone.

Just 3 days left before my trip.

I can't believe you're so clueless. You're like a babe in the woods.

The weather favored our travel.

You'd better hurry.

Clara thinks that Bernard will leave.

I haven't renovated the house yet.

Victoria was drunk last night when I saw him.

She's back there with some friends.

Her dark, almond-shaped eyes were remarkably beautiful.

We'll never work for them.

Aaron wears strange clothes; people often laugh at the way he dresses.

Come over here and join us.

I've been living in Kassel for two years and still haven't been to Herkules.

It ain't easy to please my parents.

Can you translate that into French?

I can't lift a suitcase heavier than 30 kilos.

I'm twice your age.

This is the most interesting story that I have ever read.

How bad can this get?

He will certainly be late.

I'll see the president myself.

This work is new to me.

We didn't do it.

It's not like I haven't been trained for this.

I exchanged seats with Kylo.

The object of the journey was to visit Grandma.

My life is coming to an end.

My brother hides his porn magazines under his mattress.

I know how special Niall is.

Oh, what the hell.

He can't have written this; it's not his handwriting.

It is time not only to equalize men's and women's wages, but also to equalize responsibility for housework.

Perhaps I'll like this book.

I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.

Lea, be careful!

Martin and Billy got married three months later.

He ran away for his life.

Hubert fooled me.

Strike out the last paragraph.

I don't want to do that anymore.

Did you try it?

He can speak Russian too.

I want to travel all over the world.

My notebook is in the desk.

K-cups have a large environmental impact.

Anne is obnoxious, isn't he?

Susumu died early Monday morning.

He was the cock of the walk.

The soldiers were on the alert.

The patient was lying in the bed with her eyes closed.

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Carisa's blinds are closed.

Tomorrow I'll turn 28.

I found it impossible to do the job in a day.

I have a high fever.

I'd like to ask you about a patient you treated.

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Honestly, I really like you.

Los Angeles is one of the cities that I want to visit.

Dan's message was insulting.

Hypocrisy is the height of all evil.

God's not dead, He's surely alive. He's living on the inside, roaring like a lion.

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Raif put his bedroom in order.

Let me tell you why.

Fold the paper in the middle.


Do you remember what you told me before?


There are thousands of participants at today's event.

I discovered American music.

Send Margot home.

Felix studies all the time.

What would you like to do in the future?

Lincoln was elected President in 1860.

That's what happened to her.


From behind the fridge, a roach comes out.

My maths professor suffers from insomnia.

Allan heard Carisa recite the poem.

This afternoon I feel very tired.

In general, the Japanese are polite.

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Lorien asked Ro if she was free on Valentine's Day.

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You must not be late to school again!

Don't be pigs.

Did Sandeep say anything about what happened?

We love going on picnics.

Cats and mice are natural enemies.

I like that dog.

There's no way I'm going to dance with Bernard.

What're you going to tell him?

He gives plain, simple explanations.

Laurianne wondered what Adrian's problem was.

I need a ladder so I can get up to my roof.

There's no need to shout. We can hear you.

Marian forgot to turn off the stove.

I had a drink with Terri the other day.

Francisco and Rudolf went shopping together for their costumes.

We brought him his son's completely bloodstained garment.

You've probably always felt you could handle any problem yourself.


The entire book was written by hand.


Let's play some tennis.

I see you've got a new hat.

Lonhyn started working when he was thirteen.

One minute earlier, and we could have seen the Queen.

They can't act.

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It is thought to have been much colder long ago.


I know some of the kids in the class.


I take it for granted that he will succeed in the examination.

Presley died alone.

Randolph was sure you'd like Rich.

If you are to succeed, you must try harder.

Don't give up on love.


I don't like coffee too much, but I tend to have a cup once in a while.

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I got to be pretty good at guitar before I gave it up.


How did you find out about this place?

She magnified her sufferings.

You needed money, didn't you?

How deep is this lake?

Please let us know.

Do you want to see my boat?

I'm not too crazy about that idea.

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It's very hot inside.

Knute needs to be here tomorrow.

What's your native language? Mari? I lately discovered this language after reading the article about the Finno-Ugric languages on Wikipedia. These languages have a very interesting history.

It's fifteen minutes on foot.

You can go if you want to.