Len and Vince lived in Boston for a while.

I take back everything I've said.

Tell Bruno that he was recommended by Jose.

Casper doesn't want to discuss it.

I take it you know him.

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I was waiting for the bus.

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Morton will talk to us on Monday.

Our future will be full of difficulties because of lack of funds.

Marion is at a dinner party.

Our school administration decided to do away with that school rule.

I want to know how they do that.

I am completely accustomed to this kind of work now.

I think Edgar needs to start hanging out with someone other than Donovan.

Money is not to be treated lightly. It is like toilet paper: when you need it, you need it badly.

I looked through Raif's wallet.

I told Ji not to drive my car.

Jeannette usually wears jeans.

Jock doesn't like eating fish.

This only takes quarters, you know.

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I could help you make a list of things we need to buy.

Valentin got killed.

Could you wake me up at eight in the morning?

Rupert is not open to criticism.

His mother sat up all night waiting for her son.

Takao is good at telling jokes.

I don't know what Think looks like.

My opinion is the same as yours.

It was thrilling.

Every student passed the driving test.

Football is the most popular sport in Brazil.

We collected coffee cups.

I feel a deep connection to him.

It was rather boring.

Nhan announced to Oliver that he would soon have a new brother.

Narendra showed us his stamp collection.

"Can you cut it like this, please?" "A little shorter in the front and a little longer on the sides, please."


It's been a long time since I've thought about Klaus.


Nou knew about the robbery.

The gardener turned out to be a murderer.

Hsuan looked down at the ocean.


He's very much satisfied with the result.

If anyone can do it Bill can.

Have you got this number memorized?

Six men came forward to volunteer for the work.

He sank the knife into her back.

My father doesn't like soccer.

An epigram is a short, sharp saying in prose or verse, frequently characterized by acidity or acerbity and sometimes by wisdom.

Our train arrived on time.

It's a much larger problem than you think.

I should get going.

Please do not add comments.

I shouldn't have kissed him.

I'll be staying here for three months.

Casey is responsible for preparing the report.

You and I both know you were the one who broke the window.

I don't know exactly what happened.

The aphorism is, how to say it?, the champagne of melancholia; each short statement encapsulates years of disillusionment distilled in a moment of intoxication.

This document must not undergo later modifications.

The stars are spread all over the night sky.


Wilson ordered a bottle of champagne.

Today is my lucky day.

I think it's working.

Matthias missed you.

Look at that mountain.

We're done talking now.

Whose glasses are these?

This beach has a strong and dangerous riptide.

The news left me uneasy.

One cannot erase the past.

I don't want anyone to find where we buried the treasure.

I feel strange.

It's rather impressive.

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He has a perfect body.

That's what's so scary.

Do not eat in class.

Please tell the truth.

What position do you play?

I've mislaid my watch.

I've got to get something to eat.

She's so bossy - she's always trying to impose her will on others.

The lake is frozen solid.

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Death is the point at which you can't be alive again. You can't die and then come back to life. If you think that happened, you weren't really dead.


It was very difficult for you to concentrate.

What reason did Lorien give for doing that?

He is in good physical condition.


I love you and think about you all the time.

I'll do everything I can to protect you.

We must think about the community.

That looks pretty cool.

I was trying to lose weight.


Perfection isn't good enough.

This is out of my control.

Earnie committed a series of murders.

Harold finally persuaded Shane with these words.

His appearance animated the party.

Willie had no idea how busy Kimmo was.

Talk to your boss.

I understand her.

A man appeared from behind the door.

Tal denied having stolen the money.

The time-bomb exploded with a loud noise.

There's absolutely nothing romantic between us.

Are you planning on staying in Boston for a long time?

You're not invited.

Are you satisfied now?

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Do you want Nou to know about this?


Is it used in order to keep things cold?

I spoke with him.

We were young and foolish back then.


"Who is that girl?" "That's Keiko."

Where they burn books, they will in the end also burn people.

Suzanne just offered to take care of you.


I know every corner of the city.

You may not be ready now, but you will be, in time.

The writer was descended from the Greek royal family.

Walter doesn't allow his children to go out after dark.

I was disappointed with the result.

It is not easy to get rid of a bad habit.

Don't look at us.

You have no idea what's going on, do you?

While I was waiting for the bus, I saw a traffic accident.

I like watching baseball games.

My friend seems serious to me.

I hope they both get what they want.

His departure means that there will be peace in the house.

I just hope everything works.

You will be able to see her tomorrow.

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I worked hard day after day.

Neal speaks French as well as Edmund.

Please tell me when he'll arrive here.

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I will see my friends tonight, but my sister won't see hers.

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Lester's phone number is very easy to remember.

How old is the captain?

The rabbit is eating a carrot.


I share an apartment with them.

Someone who is carefree easily changes their tune.

I heard about him.

The cat has hidden under the bench.

It's vitally important.

OK, this next! The combination of this and this might be way sexy!

Cathryn requested a seat over a wing.

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I'm extremely disappointed.

The most of them are not mandatory.

On Monday, the Pierson Publishing House will launch an ambitious advertising compaign for Real Life, a highly anticipated new novel from Korea.

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They confirmed the importance of strengthening global precautions in order to prevent devastating losses.

Did they find anything odd or suspicious?

I'll come there.

He is afraid.

It's easy to catch a cold.

Try to estimate how much you spent on books.

She makes me eat so much fruit.

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Everything that lives will die sometime.

She looked as if she had seen a ghost.

I think we agree, the past is over.


He drew a straight line on the wall.

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This child believes that the earth is flat.

Lions dwell in Africa.

Doyle has a daughter about your age.

The Japanese and Chinese pronunciation for kanji is very different, isn't it?

They have taken her away.

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There are many words that I don't understand.


I wish I knew why this keeps happening.

She went on a trip for a few days.

Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies.

It's time to sleep.

What company do you work for?

"The Parisian police," he said, "are exceedingly able in their way. They are persevering, ingenious, cunning, and thoroughly versed in the knowledge which their duties seem chiefly to demand."

Matthias never gave me the details.

I have heard nothing from him for five years.

There is a time for everything.


This is the window which was broken by the boy.