Each time he escaped, he returned to this region.

He replaced the bell with a light.

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Which direction will he choose?

"May I use this pencil?" "Yes, you may."

Nobody beats him!

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Oh kiddo, I'm sorry for overlooking your message. So what's wrong with that part?


I can get her to help you.


Can't we talk about it in the morning?


The flag is raised.

Man is the hunter, woman is his game.

Jacobson lives in an old building on Park Street.


Pedro may have been right.


Can you make out the meaning easily?


I wouldn't waste any more time trying to fix that.

Bananas are energizing.

The mountain is easy of access.


However, no one was able to help me.


Juliane doesn't like eating fish.

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I crumbled one.


Have you ever met them?


There's no need to do that.


Don't write in library books.


We want you to come to our party.

Siping has done a very good job.

We've got to do something to stop Ahmed.

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The farmer regretted having wasted some wheat.

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Clay bricks can be bought from the manufacturer.


I'm sure Knute regrets that now.


It may safely be said that he will never succeed in business.


He won't say anything about himself.

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Why don't we take a look?

Let's try to have a nice day.

You're dismissed.


Look at the reddish skies, the night is falling down.

Knowledge of computers is basic to all sciences.

We don't yet know what we're up against.

I shook hands with Judith.

Shatter is a gentleman.


"Is this really our hotel?" "No, that's our hotel."

Sidney will be hard to replace.

I've got so much left to do.


A mirror reflects light.

The show will be on the air at 7 p.m.

Life is so much easier now than it used to be.

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I am dying to see her again.

The United States has still got nuclear weapons.

That's something I would never do.

Fire at will.

The guards didn't see him.

Darrell is perplexed by something.

I need to see you now.

Vice drew the shortest straw.

This time I will try it.


I am leaving for the United States tomorrow.

I'll be in my car.

Now it is my turn to speak.

Ball games, such as basketball and ping-pong, are usually played indoors.

Naresh was upset by what you said.

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How are you not sleeping?


Kurt wanted to change his life.

We surrender.

Apart from making love and reading Flaubert, nothing is more enjoyable than coining translations on Tatoeba.

I got married yesterday.

It was not easy to convince him.

It is always possible to bind together a considerable number of people in love, so long as there are other people left over to receive manifestations of their aggressiveness.

I get depressed by the slightest things.

I will try to answer it.

She's proud of her high school.

Why are you all so happy?

I am against this project.

I read all your text messages.

Ram left his umbrella on the bus.


She's adjusting more and more to the new circumstances.

There are things I must know about.

I didn't want to insult them.

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What more does Seymour want?

They say someone invented something like Haskell for quantum computers. Okay then, give me a quantum computer and I will learn it.

I just can't help myself.

He scolded her for having left the door open.

This is her weak point.

Let's play hookey and go see that movie.

I'm glad you like him.

We have every reason to believe him innocent.

We're safe, at least for now.

It's getting late and I have to get up early tomorrow.

Someone's been here recently.


And how do you explain this?

She sat reading a book.

I have no mind to go for a walk.

What year were you born?

You have twice dared to contradict me in front of the commissioner.

Listen well.

My pain may be the reason for somebody's laugh. But my laugh must never be the reason for somebody's pain.


What syrup did you drizzle on your pancake?

There's nothing else left to be done.

Getting the novel, he begin to read it.

I just need them for a minute.

He will come to the station by bus.

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You are supposed to take off your shoes when entering a house in Japan.


He is most likely to succeed.


I might make a mistake.

There were severe shortages of food and fuel.

Ned knows how to manage a company.

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Antony had some interesting news.

Go and find them.

What's your favorite winter sport?


I don't see her doing that.

They hate secrets.

A space is missing here between these two words.

To my side, my wife, who I'm presently at odds with, lies sleeping.

Everyone shook hands.

I didn't think that would happen.

He was interested in her.

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There were witnesses.

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How long has Ken lived in Kobe?


Dewey has been grounded for a week.


You have plenty of time.

Is Maria in there?

He bit off the meat.

Sorry, Ronald, I don't have time to chat.

What'll happen to us?

Jill isn't very efficient.

I need to go shopping.

He arrived at the station at five.

I've been a teacher a long time.

Shatter wondered what he should do.

Audrey looks happy today.

I feel helpless.

He's a drama queen.

Again the younger brother became a wanderer, and he arrived one day at the house of the elder brother.

It's not going to change.

Why didn't you take the day off?

Kristen didn't feel much like studying.


I spoke with her for an hour.

Find yourselves a seat.

My coffee addiction's back in full force.

You were going to the school.

They can understand everything he's saying.

He devoted a whole poem to the blueness of his victim's eyes, which the two policemen read out loud to one another through hysterical, tearful laughter.

Cats dislike being wet.

She gathered her children about her.

It's just not the same.

Nici is a thirteen-year-old boy.

You're my everything.

The scientific name of dog is "Canis familiaris".

In hockey and soccer, goals are counted as points.

I love playing tennis more than swimming.

You're on your own for lunch.

Jean voted for Romney.

There are 40 students in my class.

It has resulted in nothing.

I can't buy the bicycle for you.

You sure do have a lot of money.

She coaxed him out of his dark mood.

I thought you knew I was just kidding.

Is that what you want to talk to me about?

I want you to admit that maybe you like Prakash a little.

This money is for a rainy day.