What is your favorite sound?

Intolerance is a breeding ground for war.

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The 1960s were years of protest and reform.


This does me good.

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Did Svante arrive on time?

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Why did he run away?

We went through the woods and came to a lake.

Space didn't quite understand why everybody was looking at him.


The company is running so well, it's unnerving.

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The retired often feel that they are useless and unproductive.

Everybody needs one.

It'll work like a charm.

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Harmon certainly is skinny.

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I'm here to help you.

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The doctor told Kitty he needed to eat a more balanced diet.

A republic is a nation whose head is not a king or queen, but a president.

Catherine picked up something off the table.

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Fear drives him, he plucks up courage and throws himself into the roaring waves; his powerful arms cut through the flow, and his God feels pity.

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It may rain, but I will go today anyhow.


Jacob tried to get Angus to come out of her shell.


All the apples disappeared.

He was in the shower.

One calls that metal zinc.


Everything is going to turn out OK.

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I want to learn that song.

I have gained two kilograms this summer.

She put down her thoughts on paper.


The woman is almost deaf.

Terrorists were everywhere.

You're still alive.


I use Google almost every day.


They'll be so grateful.

It seems that Graeme is unable to solve the problem.

There is good reason for her to get scolded.

Thermodynamics is a branch of physics which deals with the energy and work of a system.

The plane gets in at eight o'clock.

That's what I tell myself.

It was probably my fault.

Let's hope she's all right.

The poet compared death to sleep.

I told Becky I loved him.

Carol and Jane must have forgotten it at the office.

This school was founded in 1650.

The debt-servicing cost on bonds will take up major portion of the budget.

Does Julianto like it there?

It is necessary for you to go there.

Are you sure that's safe?

I don't want to forget anything.


Listening to him exhausts me.

You should not speak ill of others behind their backs.

I need some paper with letterhead to send the quote to the new client.

Do you know the people who live here?

Do you want to know why I quit?

Don't tell me to go home.

I insist on being paid in advance.

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Darryl needs to know what he's up against.

Only Delbert could see the ghost.

She isn't so against the idea.

Suddenly he saw me.

They had a spat yesterday.

Who do you know at the Boston Police Department?

You should have talked more politely.


She found herself much alone.

She looks down on me for not having a sense of humor.

I told him about our school.

I'd heard you'd moved.

Liz was sitting beside Kyle.

My leg cramped up as I ran down the stairs to catch a train, and I had to sit down right there in the middle of the stairway.

We will terrorize the terrorists.

The spiral galaxy closest to our Milky Way galaxy is Andromeda. Andromeda is over 2 million light-years away. Its central bulge and spiral arms are tilted toward us at a 15 degree angle.

He is a daydreamer.

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Is there some kind of problem?

Being skinny is unhealthy.

We have enough food.

Man differs from animals in that he can think and speak.

Francois told me that he was going to Boston.


There's been a lot of rain this year.

She let me penetrate her.

I'm also in favour so it's three to one. And thus your objection is overruled.

You may invite whoever you like.

You can't expect Tuna to get well overnight.

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I'm not living with him anymore.

You'd have to expect that.

You don't have to come see me.


After this, nobody ever saw the ghost of the old woman again in that alley.

Leonard is making soup on the stove.

Micah stood up and headed for the door.

She took her secrets to the grave.

You smell good.


I walked out of the clinic without paying my dentist.

I understand why Piotr would want to phone Noemi.

Are you no longer in pain?

I lost my job on Monday.

I wouldn't be able to do that.

No one happened to be there.

I heard someone on the street calling me.


This is a 30-passenger bus.

"Tatoeba is barely being used today because the weather is so nice," said Lowell. "That doesn't make any sense," answered Maria. "After all, the weather in the various regions of the world varies widely."

I saw them.

She is very dear to me.

There is a lot of crime in big cities.

Don't compare yourself to him.

Where did you slaughter them?

Can you tell me what you mean by that?

I don't know what to feed my dog.

Jerald wasn't a very nice man.

I can hear Vic.

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Books are the offspring of one's mind.

The Red Cross dispensed food and medical supplies to the victims.

I didn't know about the meeting.

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Do I have your word on that, Jarmo?

Hunger is one of the strongest griefs.

We can't keep doing this.


I did not order this car.

The coin is gold.

Can you tell Clara that I'll call him later?

I remember Rafik asking for my help.

Be embraced you millions!

You're perfect at everything.

Bitter experience has taught me that happiness and wealth attract the envious. Unfortunately!

He calls her up every night.

I verily believe that your convictions are false.

I'll get Ravi right away.

I'm not even supposed to be here right now.

Don't tell her anything.

To which of these boys will you give the book?

Maybe we can fix it.

That's not important now.

That's my favorite language.

Loyd asked Shai what to do next.

The restaurant tried to pad our bill with extra drinks.

I'm still part of this family.

This is true of students.

I should've known it was going to be a waste of time.

Judging from the look of the sky, we might have a shower before nightfall.

Betty likes to spend quiet time alone every day.

There is no need for him to work.

She lost a book.

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Pam is throwing up.

Some learned writers have compared a Scorpion to an Epigram, because as the sting of the Scorpion lies in the tail, so the force and virtue of an epigram is in the conclusion.

This is the coldest winter that we have had in thirty years.

I think it's time for me to do my homework.

Let's get right to it. What do you want from me?

Olof has to let me go home.

Luis Bonfa is a great musician.

Only she can use the computer.

She doesn't remember anything.


Someone must have stolen your watch.

That won't happen on Monday.

I don't think Gilles will ever be able to do that.

I kept as quiet as possible.

Caroline's mother did not see the need for a girl to become educated.

The main issues of the company are highlighted by the report.

Don't do it again.

Have you ever known Lievaart to lie?

They had no alternative but to retreat.

My uncle bought me the same camera as you have.

He has trouble waking up on time.

Please tell me you aren't that stupid.

Name the rivers in Arkansas .


I knew I could trust him.

Part asked me to speak more slowly.

Some believe that Nessie lives in this lake.

A year has passed since he came here.

If it never happened to you, you're a virgin.

You must pay the admission fee here.

He wants to come along with us to the movie.