No one went to the station to see Sandy off when he left town.

I came as fast as I could.

Florian wanted to take Ravindran with him to Boston.

Hume is certain to show up.

Don is awake.

I've only seen Morris twice.

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We knew Albert wanted us to do that.


You should be a thought more careful.

Who's your favorite talk show host?

The show was wonderful, but the tickets were too expensive.


Naoto read a book while he was waiting for the bus.

I'll come alone.

Wait till six.

I didn't think Novorolsky knew any French.

Andy waited for Naresh to say something.

He reads detective stories on occasion.

Soohong is very undependable.


All the other issues are subordinate to this one.

My father doesn't really talk much.

It is practically unthinkable that a scientist of his stature would have made such an elementary mistake.

I want a cake.

Kinch won't understand.


Think about death.

Tanaka is not open to criticism.

Stop crying. You'll ruin your mascara.

I know I'm good enough.

What do we do next?

The rope was a couple of meters too short.

You won't fool me with your flattery.


You must return him the book.

Now it's about what we do next.

We'll do it, but only after the show. And now we have to answer the guy's questions.

Ellen's patience has run out.

Men are rather reasoning than reasonable animals, for the most part governed by the impulse of passion.

I'll be free this evening.

Your sister cannot swim well, can she?

Why didn't you go to the police?

No one seems to know what happened to him.

Elisabeth should've stayed home.

I don't allow it.

You have only to believe him.

What shall we have tonight?


All right, what's going on?

When he got home, his wife was frying some delicious steaks.

Everyone's sick.

A Frenchman, for instance, might find it hard to laugh at a Russian joke.

I'm very grateful to you for your advice.

Is there anything else you need me to check?

You require medical attention.

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What type of TV news you watch?


We can but wait for the results.

Robin Hood lay hidden in Sherwood Forest for one year, and in that time there gathered around him many others like himself, cast out from other folk for this cause and for that.

Are you watching the presidential debate?

Sometimes, a little bit of pride is what we need.

It looked as if we were on the eve of a revolution.

She bought eggs by the dozen.

I'm coming to help you.


But no one's lifted a finger.

Men are rather reasoning than reasonable animals, for the most part governed by the impulse of passion.

Seth was wearing a red shirt.

He found out the secret.

A cab is waiting.

The police car was driving at fairly high speed.

That night, Asem broke five dishes.

The summer was coming to an end.

He won't make it to old age.

He feasts before fasting and fasts before feasting.

You certainly knew List was married.

This transparent liquid contains a kind of poison.

"That's the only problem," he said angrily.


They are to hold a party tonight.

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None of Kenn's friends could speak French.

His mother sighed with relief.

What should we do with him?

It's really painful.

Teri was obviously happy to see Victor.


We don't even know where it is.


Yesterday, there was a traffic accident in front of the house.

He went slowly and deliberately to his car, being careful not to step on the cracks in the cement walkway.

Unfortunately, it's not a photomontage!

Are you always this quiet?

No one came except Mason.

It's a good idea to bring something to slip on over your bathing suit.

Sometimes it happens.


How come he didn't show up?

School finishes before noon on Saturdays.

Don't worry, I'll help you. Just take it easy.

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Promotion was an incentive to harder work.

I wonder if you received my e-mail on January 10, since I have not heard anything from you yet.

When I was eight, my mom bought toys for me.

He should have been rich: he had every opportunity before emigrating.

Phil used to love Jacques.

Many astronomers assume that the universe expands infinitely.

Skef sounds like a great guy.

Leith wrote Nhan a glowing recommendation.

If you don't look out, you will get into trouble.

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This coffee has a bitter taste.

She was last seen talking to her jealous ex.

Once, Zhuangzi dreamed he was a butterfly, but when he woke up, he wasn't sure whether he was Zhuangzi who had dreamt being a butterfly or if he was a butterfly now dreaming he was Zhuangzi.


I met Vladislav in the park.

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It's an art more than a science.


It's all very simple.

The fisherman's story is fishy.

I can't remember the last time I saw Ima so happy.

That's a great name.

A child needs a mother.


We can't let them kill Spass.


I am consoling Leo.

It must keep going despite everything!

What's the name of the store where you bought that?

When I was small, my father used to throw me up in the air.

She did the homework herself.


I wasn't wealthy at that time.

He was soon accepted into the family.

I inquired after him.

The teacher let the boy go home.

I don't think it'll take long.

He came back at nine o'clock.

Have you ever had a nap at the library?


You wished to see me?

I don't believe her.

Please send me the doctor's bill.

Let us in, please.

Does fracking really cause earthquakes?

This is no place for me! I was not born for work.

Tony doesn't seem to be in a rush.

His son was expelled from school.

That can be said of mankind at large.

There's a bottle of white wine in the refrigerator.

I spent a lot of time with him.


This all sounds great.

Rudolf hasn't changed his mind yet and isn't very likely to ever change it.

There's still a lot of work to do.

The theory of the separation of powers is attributed to Montesquieu in his book "The Spirit of the Laws."

That's exactly where I intend to go.


Stu will probably be late.

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You're wet.

I was taken aback by his rudeness.

She spent most of the day at the hospital.

We have less than two hours until our plane leaves.

How've ya' been lately?


Catch as catch can.

I didn't know you were from Boston, too.

Victor can swim a lot better than I thought he'd be able to.

They're very capable.

Why not come and have supper with us tonight?

I've given up trying to please everyone.

Acaraje, a Brazilian food from Africa, is a ball of caupi bean dough, onions, and salt, fried in palm oil and served with shrimp and a spicy sauce.

Everyone screamed.

I've made you a sack lunch.

The truth hurts, doesn't it?

I have no quarrel with him.


They made the road more even.

Not a word was said.

I waited for you.

She could not but worry about her daughter.

Everyone sympathised with her.

What can you tell me about them?

This area has changed completely.

"If you keep eating just beef, you'll turn into a cow!" "No way!"

How can I get a hold of you?

John thinks the dress I bought for Sho is too big.

Steering wheels of American cars are on the left side.


I'm not sure there's a problem.

Which class is your little sister in then?

Leigh died later that year.

To begin with, you must know yourself.

He kissed her again.