This is the book I was talking about.

Nobody wanted to criticize my country.

Les thinks he can do anything he sets his mind to.

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Who can tell what will happen in the future?

When was your most recent dental appointment?

This game is based on a novel.

What kind of plant is it?

You can't let Stan get away with telling lies about you.

We now know that was a lie.

When I got back, I found my car missing.

She's been having trouble with back pain for years.

I don't think Donn and Randy are ever going to be friends.

Erwin won't talk to Andries.

How did you know where to find Rabin?

I want to have a cup of coffee.

He has two daughters, both of whom are married to doctors.


Yes, that's the right answer.

We had fun at Disneyland.

Manolis understood why Hal didn't want to go to Boston with him.


Is that what you want?

Are you from Boston as well?

I don't know where you will go.

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It was a fair game.

Hey, twirp! This here is our territory!

She betrayed you.

I don't want to go back home. I want to party.

I missed the point of the joke.

I would highly recommend it.

You're a wonderful cook.


Miltos is better at French than me.

I had not a little difficulty in bringing the truth home to him.

That suit is too good for me.


Perry decided to gain information from Drake.

Jack's book is interesting.

This new law will apply statewide.

He wears designer glasses.

Cows give milk.


You'll catch the bus if you hurry.


I was sitting next to him.

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Irvin was nice.

In the future, you have to get here on time.

She asked anxiously.

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Wait a minute! Hang on!

She would do anything for you.

I haven't been back to Boston since I graduated from high school.


In many countries, the main reason that people come to big cities is because of work.

They were members of the middle class.

We really need you.

Does Pratt want to come in?

He makes a face.

Mario is grounded.

This used to be my room.


Betsy didn't even know that Ernest was a doctor.

This car belongs to me.

I see her frequently.

These are my books.

It has been six years since I started to study English.


It was here.

This is the magazine I spoke to you about.

Piet doesn't even live in Boston.


What a pity you can't dance!

You should have learned how to swim when you were young.

Loyd doesn't know anything about Nikolai's family.


Daryl is a freelance photographer.

You're already there, right?

Steve would've tried to stop you.

He caught sight of Nancy getting into a taxi.

My father is an expert surgeon.


He is not so foolish but he can understand this.


I really want this.

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You're the only one who can do it.

Srinivasan's girlfriend is a lot younger than he is.

What is the exchange rate today?

Please make sure to put a period at the end of a sentence.

He was displeased with my coming.

I cannot coo like a pigeon. I'm a hawk.

The dog was covered in mud from head to foot.

Father got laid off.

Stay here and look after him.


We'll always be here.

Whose idea was it to fire Aimee?

Learn the language by ear rather than by eye.

The meaning of words can change according to their context.

Raymond found a job as a gardener.

I want to be the one who decides.

Here's a list of difficult words I have compiled so far.


Who's there?


He had a crush on his Chinese teacher; but what with all the hormones, he had a crush on just about everyone.

Michael Jackson was a whisky expert.

I just hope no one saw me.

You can't wear that.

I remember mentioning it once or twice.


She would sooner translate sentences on Tatoeba than chat with me.

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He kicked the dog which ran at him.

Tolerant was right on target.

You need to keep trying until you get it right.

Dan pleaded guilty to second degree murder.

He needs a taxi.

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She was looked after in the hospital.

You don't need to talk to Ping.

I borrowed money from them.


I guess it sounds a bit silly.

Novorolsky was afraid that Konstantinos might poke her eye out, so he told her to be careful.

We'll have to double our budget for next year.


I wouldn't be surprised if they couldn't find Cathryn.

Gail is not old enough.

Ramadoss has lost quite a lot of weight.

Bart never really got over it.

This is a horseshoe magnet.

If I were to spend more time strictly studying only for myself whilst minimizing red herrings online, I'd be more of the person I want to be.

No mountain in the world is as high as Mount Everest.

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We're getting a new car next month.

The wind blows wherever it pleases.

Todd was beaten black and blue.


Was it just a misunderstanding?

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I'd like to confide in you.

I played tennis with Taro yesterday.

The number of times it happened increased.

Traveling is a lot of fun.

I can't go on.

You may as well tell us the truth.

Feeling sick, he stayed home from school.


We took action immediately so that things wouldn't get worse.

I'm not that easily intimidated.

Judge has a really big day ahead of him.

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I didn't mean to spook you.

How do you know Dawn is not into me?

Families want to educate their children and can, in principle, defray the costs with the greater incomes that education generates.

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It seemed so simple.


We cannot live on 150000 yen a month.


It was all a mistake.


She was caught trying to burn the office down.

What didn't you like about them?

It seems strange.

There's something odd going on.

It doesn't seem serious.

O brave new world that has such people in't!

"Do you know why?" "No, why?"

Angus was rescued by a passerby.

I told him I made a mistake.

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It's in your hands, Raanan.

He ate the whole apple.

He was greatly amused at your suggestion.

Insurance is a good idea - just in case.

He exclaimed, "What a dirty face you have!"

If you leave now, you'll be in Boston by tomorrow evening.

I wish we had done that.

A picnic is easier on everyone if you use a paper plate.

Marcos is off tonight.

When we arrived at the house, Chin and Chilla were sitting at the top of a broad flight of stairs.

It's time for you to start telling me the truth.

I want to put this on house charge.

Hy has been waiting for us for the past thirty minutes.


Do you know the real facts?

He walked along the river.

The Loyalists fled to Canada.

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Stephanie seems a little bored.

Antipasti are appetizers served before the first course.

Behave yourself, or you'll have to leave the room.


I did that already.