I'm sick of running.

Because she has a good figure, whatever she wears suits her.

I met a dog on my way home.

Ahmed will have to go by himself.


We'll all be home in time for dinner.

I'm sure you've misunderstood.

It's about thirty yards ahead.

That's the first option.

Isaac forced Luis to do that.


I'm pretty sure I can help him.

Graham crawled under the fence.

Get them away from me.

This book is really old!

I don't want to eat now.

"Hey, Willie," the farmer shouted out.

He's closing everything.

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Don't worry. It's OK.

I am happy to see our green flag flying in the wind.

Jeanne is going to be here any minute now.

He took a trip to Europe.

New questions will be asked and new debates will unfold.

He was very kind to them.

Boeing has calculated the chances of a series of crew errors leading to CFIT.

This eccentric billionaire has amassed one of the world's largest art collections.

Tatoeba was out of service.

If I'd studied French harder when I was in school, I'd probably not be so bad at it now.

The police arrested him for theft.


I have to confess to you that I snore.

Can you tell us what it was?

Murray promised me that he'd clean my room.

I don't think I can love two people at the same time.

Tell Jianyun not to buy it if it costs more than three hundred dollars.

Note the function of the background layers of these graphic designs.

Tell them what you heard.

I don't want to live in a big city.

The olives are harvested in the fall.


You must be confused.

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Lucifer wants to kill Siegurd.

Nobody bought it.

I won't let this happen.

Have you ever milked a cow?

The floor is dirty.

He is haughty to his juniors.

With teaching and studying all of my time is taken up.


I have no desire to do that.


Ron eats at least three bowls of rice every day.

A camel is a gentle and pleasant tame beast whereof there are plenty in Africa especially in the Deserts of Libya, Numidia and Barbary by which Africans estimate their own wealth.

How do you feel?

We have a lot of snow here in winter.

Please excuse my being late.

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I don't usually agree with Pratapwant about anything.

The word meant "attendants."

It's strange that she came home so late at night.

You didn't put the port of embarkation.

Ha - this work finished! Let's go to next stage!

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That's not what Ssi says.

"And what are you implying?" "I'm not implying anything."

When I get sick of what men do, I have only to walk a few steps in another direction to see what spiders do. Or what the weather does. This sustains me very well indeed.

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He is a masked hero; what could he ever be hiding?

I have not heard from her since then.

I guess Lloyd is on vacation.


We couldn't allow any interruptions.

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It's very slippery.

What comes next?

I've seen that look before.


Hasn't Granville returned yet?

Gunter rode his bicycle through the village.

You earned it.

No one will ever know.

I am looking forward to seeing you.

How soon can I meet him?

In case of an emergency, phone me at this number.

Please give my best regards to your parents.

The outlook was negative.


Perhaps the only adjective in the English language that can follow the noun it modifies is "unknown".

Let me know when you need me again.

Have mercy, my God, for the sake of my tears!

It's useless in this condition.

That's what love is.

I met a child once.

We have a busy evening ahead of us.

What do you think happened to your suitcase?

Krzysztof wasn't put in jail for espionage.


I have completed the moving.


Sam made no reply.


You explained that well.


Andrew was real busy.

Matt was subjected to a full body search.

How many sisters do you have, and how many brothers?

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No one expected them to win.


In this world everyone is ruled by money.

We're a big family.

"Where is everybody?" "In the meeting room".


Kyle lived from 1963 to 2013.

The city is hosting the fair.

How was the wedding?

Was there such a thing?

I don't have much time.

The problem is not so much the cost as the time.

Stefan hasn't said anything to me.

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That sounds like the kind of thing he'd do.


What don't you like about him?

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Let's smoke this shit!

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I bought a pair of leather shoes.


Mother has a good opinion of the writer.

The game ended in a victory for B school, which was quite contrary to predictions.

He regretted that he could not read the more academic logograms in the advanced book that he found trashed at the university.

I think that's great!

I have no time to explain this in detail.


It is not always easy to separate right from wrong.

It's folly to eat so much.

Do you think anyone is watching us?


He believes in God, but he rarely attends Church.

Somebody ate all the cookies.

The elephant won't move an inch.


I wasn't staring.

Matthew is an excellent singer.

He will soon be back.


Have at thee, coward!


Soccer is a team sport.

I'm afraid I have addressed the parcel wrongly.

I don't know the exact place I was born.

Which team won the game?

I like being alone.

My children have to stay indoors after dark.

Thanks for sharing.

Our teacher has often told us not to idle away our time.

The police informed us of the accident.

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Who's ready for more?


If Mikael goes swimming, so will I.

Your dog may be really depressed.

We are to meet together at 9 o'clock tomorrow night.

He is the best among us.

Answer her.


The most laudable way of acquiring books is by writing them yourself.

Alright, go and tell the guard that I am remitting his punishment.

Are you doing fine?


The word processor on the desk is my father's.

Get back inside.

I'm not going to be there.

You're very mature for your age.

I've never seen him so busy.


I don't have a sword.

Kenn was asleep.

Don't disturb her. She is at work right now.


He complained that he was unfairly treated.

I never give up.

Jeff isn't giving up.

Ichiro sounded somehow upset but my long years of hanging out with him told me that it was out and out fake.

We have a very important decision to make.

He's her beau now.

I have to make a decision.


Where am I supposed to sleep?

Tomas doesn't want you to go, does he?

The British Empire and the French Republic, linked together in their cause and in their need, will defend to the death their native soil, aiding each other like good comrades to the utmost of their strength.

Hubert beat Alison unconscious.

Srinivasan pulled some bills from his wallet.


Randal and Damon usually speak to each other in French.


I think I'm going to pass.