I couldn't have done it without your help.

Sanche bore the pain stoically.

George keeps enough money for a taxi fare home tucked in his sock when he goes out drinking.


I asked Srinivas if he knew anybody who taught French.

He got his left ear pierced.

It's not clear right now whether time travel is really something that exists in reality but its possibility has been proven by theoretical physics.

He had to comply with her decision.

You shouldn't talk to him.

I'm enjoying my time here.

Just as he was getting the hang of things, he got fired.

Of the three girls, Emi was the one who danced most beautifully.

I'm not sure whether I'm doing this right.

She was seduced by Jerald.

It's unlikely that anyone besides Annie would consider taking that job.

You didn't tell them what she wrote in that article.

Say hello to Everett.

Randolph couldn't quite understand it.

He was looking into the possibility of buying a house.

What she told me yesterday is a white lie.

It is a little late for that now.


I can't understand what precisely she wants.

You've been doing a pretty good job so far.

Marion closed the door quietly.

I've never dated her!

My office is on the fifth floor.


Where are the rest of the students?

You're the only person I know who can speak French.

Mariou kept driving.

Is it very difficult to create an app for smartphones?

They kissed each other goodnight.

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Jerome is the boy I told you about the other day.


I'd do what Ning advises if I were you.


Days go by and still no sign of Drew.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

A blue suit, white shirt and red tie are essential for all male workers.

You really staying eight weeks in Hamburg?

I'm on the nominating committee.

I've been living in Milan for ten years.

You should on no account cheat in the exam.

What time do you go to school?

Shari enjoys watching sports on TV.

Naomi was simply stating the obvious.

She went to Italy in order to study literature.

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I couldn't stand to see you leave.


Keep him away from me.

Try your luck.

Eddie does know what he's doing, doesn't he?

It is out of fashion.

I went out in spite of the rain.

I hear that he eats frogs.

I'm learning to play the guitar now.


I know Harris isn't stupid.

Let me have a word with Elijah.

How can you be certain of that?

He failed in the examination for lack of preparation.

Do you have the time to run over the draft of my speech, Ken?

I sincerely hope you'll give me this second chance.

Urs doesn't want to argue with Penny.

Nothing special is planned.

I am lazy.

I didn't want Ernest to help me.

I don't mind sleeping on the floor.


I am a fan of libertarianism.

Lea gave Price a diamond ring.

At least I can see you.


I answered for him.


I am connecting this computer to the Internet.

Plastic and Fletcher look so happy.

I'm going to feed my dog then head back to bed.


I thought I saw a resemblance.

She drew her gun and said:

We cannot exist without water.


Where I was yesterday is not your business.

What shall we have for lunch?

Let's see you do better.

Nobody suspected anything.

I was acutely aware of how very important mathematical education was.


I think what he said is true in a sense.

You could buy anything in this store for Dori and she'd like it.

I have three hundred dollars in cash.

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Twenty teams entered the tournament.

Do you come from Berlin?

Eva told Magnus not to smoke.

I had the same thing happen to me last month.

We don't want you to do that.

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It is a marvel that he should say so.


The thought that in a few hours they would reach a country where there were no schools, no books, no teachers, made these boys so happy that they felt neither hunger, nor thirst, nor sleep, nor discomfort.

That was an excellent article.

Paganini dazzled his audience with (among other things) a veritable hailstorm of left-handed pizzicatos.

That man over there might be our new teacher.

Sir promised to tell the truth.

After reading all of his stories, Christopher Columbus became one of my favorite heroes.

We made him cry.


In 1935 Einstein was granted permanent residency in the United States and became a citizen in 1940.

I need your opinions.

I see her laughing and joking with them.


I think they're liars.

I have a feeling you're going to like Boston.

There was a big fire last night.


That accident is a very good example of what happens when you're not careful.

A dog puts its tail between its legs and cowers when it's frightened.

I had this guitar custom made.

Vistlik has a good grasp of French.

We have no special plans.

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Your table is ready.

I'm afraid I won't be able to make myself understand in English.

After several questions it turned out that Steve's experience in French was rather limited, so Phil switched to English.

That's the plan.

I was more than surprised at the terrible sight.

Donn has really changed a lot since last year.

Antonella bought flour and yeast at the grocery store.


I outsmarted him.

As the sun rose, the fog disappeared.

I'll buy this.

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I know only this.

Pieter looks like he's about to faint.

No one answered.


School was cancelled because of the snow.

Anyone who saw or heard anything is asked to contact the police.

I got my license revoked.

You should have one of us do it.

She fell in love with her therapist.

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What did you tell him?

Gregge has gone away for a weekend.

I need to put some gas in the car, as it's almost empty.

In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments.

You are not more stupid because you don't get up earlier.

Susumu said he'd rather not speak French.

We used to buy these by the case.


She was very unfair.


I don't know which of you came first.

That child dug a tunnel in the sandpit.

Will you travel alone?

Rajiv and Helen ate snails at the restaurant last night.

She sang better than he.


She picked out three beautiful apples.

My place is with them now.

Famous artists are pressed by journalists.

Vassos is different from his brother.

He surrendered.

When do you work?

She's adorable.

At first we really enjoyed it, but not as of late.

There are sentences which do not deserve to be translated.

What I'm holding in my hands is a fossilized shell.

They won't get past me.

Everyone likes pizza.

I want you to beg for mercy.

Dan is on his way home.

Why did you choose that particular subject?

Kay should've asked Steve to marry him while he still had the chance.

Who's your favorite TV chef?

All I want is freedom.

Catherine asked the man at the front desk where he could get his suit pressed.

You could be lying.

Marvin looks thinner.

This train is made up of seven cars.

I have nothing.


That fellow has the nerve to show up again!

The suicide letter reads: "To my family, I am finally free. Love, Jerald."

Anton is a Singularitarian, believing in the coming of artificial superintelligence.

Arsenic is odorless and tasteless.

They want it.

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The street is deserted.

It's too hot to go for a walk.

Once you do it, you see that it's not as hard as it sounds.

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Takao and I like the same kinds of things.