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Sometimes you will be left with stained teeth, even after a professional teeth whitening treatment. Preventing cavities in adults can actually include a dental sealant and can help along with you making sure you brush and floss daily. Many musicians and rappers are having gold put on their teeth to make them look fancy and expensive. Sometimes we can save a tooth by putting a dental crown on top of it to strengthen it. Flossing removes the plaque that sticks to the teeth in the back of your mouth.

Implants will help you keep the shape of your jawbone as well as keeping the density in tact. You will see people in their sixties and seventies these days who still have their original teeth. If you lose bone in your jaw, you take the chance that your teeth will become loose. You may want to teach your children to hum their favorite song while they brush so they brush long enough. You might be surprised to know that you can get cavities in your teeth at any age.

If you smoke or drink you may end up with bad breath everyday. You can have removable dental bridges made and see if that works for you. When you are looking for a dentist who can offer different brands of dental implants, call our office. If your jaw cracks every time you chew, you probably have TMJ problems. If you have teeth with roots that are in bad shape, a digital x-ray will pick that up.