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His ambition knows no bounds.


Pitawas can't stay here alone.

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The apples will be ripe soon.

His wife goes with him wherever he goes.

My dream is to study French in Paris.

You shouldn't speak with your mouth full.

Tell me that story you heard from your brother.

Al and I both spent our time in the navy on the same type of ship.

Will you switch seats with me?

What color are they?

He was admitted to the college.


When I want your opinion, I'll ask for it.

There's no sense acting all triumphant like a conquering hero over such a minor thing.

I assumed you and Rajendra were planning to come.

When is this supposed to happen?

The alert witness recognized the criminal.

Take a taxi to the hotel.

Few historical debates have inflamed passions as much as the debate concerning Slavisation of Greece between the 7th and 9th centuries.

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I am suddenly in awe of you!

Don't get the wrong idea.

We live near a big library.

Listen! She is going to explain that rule again.

I wholeheartedly agree with everything Shakil said.

A woman in movement clothed in what resembles a bikini is drawn on a Sicilian mosaic from 5th century Rome.

If Katsumi is not allowed to have his own way, he easily gets angry.

Setting a new record added to his fame.

Panos wallowed in self-pity after Roxie dumped him.

Is your aim good?

Have you ever read Gone With the Wind?

Nobody can disturb a true friendship.

I love the sun.


I'm just trying to get you do what you said you'd do.

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Have you ever visited Italy?


It's about my brother. Lately, he's been hanging out with the wrong sort of people. Don't you know anything about it?

Let's get prepared for the lunch.

Did Vice laugh?


The initiative is punishable.


I'm talking to them.


What is the bad news?

Is fishing from this bridge permitted?

She was very nearly run over by a truck.

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Michiel tossed the soda can into the trash.

Yesterday there was an earthquake.

They want something from us, but I don't know what.


Donnie is too poor to marry Eliot.

I'm here and I would like to say something.

I just wanted to drop by to say hi.

I hide the true amount from her.

Kuldip is tired of being told he's too fat.

They've had heavy rains for over a week.

Where did you get that sweater? At the Salvation Army or from the trash?


Which food do you prefer?


I expect him to take care of my younger brother.

Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.

How long were you sick?

The man got mad when his wife called him names.

The big fish loves the deep.


You have eaten the candy.

He doesn't even have a car.

We don't need you.

They buy vegetables at the supermarket.

Is it too late to change my mind?

German is not only spoken in Germany.

I would have failed but for his help.

He upped one end of the plank.

It's time to go home now.


We know each other.

I'm not drinking tonight.

Is Sandra protecting someone?

It wouldn't hurt to tell her.

Unfortunately, I already have plans for that day.

I never thought The would make it this far.

Roberto is hardworking and dependable.

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I owe what I am today to Dr. Brown, who saved my life.

Rex'll succeed.

It seems like you don't remember me.

We need to go back to the drawing board.

Mother has just gone out shopping.

"Er, Karin ..., shouldn't we call it a night soon?" "No! No quitting while ahead! Next time I'll win for sure!"

You have to tell the police what you saw.


I've had a really tough day.

Health is all I want.

He found that the things he had studied in school were not useful in the business world.


You shouldn't always follow the crowd.

It's by no means impossible to earn one million yen a month.

The slippery snake slithered right out of his hand.

Hein confessed his love to me yesterday and we have started dating.

Carol took the pan off the stove.

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I'd like to leave a message for Elliot.


Like I said, we have a problem.

Dan was very competent.

At last, a chance in a million arrived.

"Thanks for the help." "Don't mention it."

To start with, I want to thank you all.

The enemy is weak.

Let's not squabble.

I cannot scold Taninna. She's still a little girl.

Tor is not in his bedroom.

His wife is mad.

When was the last time you swam?

His dad will not come, he is very busy,

Do you intend to come tomorrow?


I've always wanted to see London.

A cat always lands on its feet, even if upside down when dropped.

Norman knows something that he's not telling us.

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I want to share my thoughts with you.

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Vistlik had a girls' night out.


Don't get mixed up in that.

They boil water to drink it.

Take your hand out of your pocket.

I was unable to breathe because of the smoke.

You've let yourself go.

Send us your detailed CV at [e-mail].

Everybody in here already knows that.

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Andy and Hartmann sat on the bench, watching people swim.


You were the one who solved the problem.

They know I want to leave now.

There was no one to stop him.

I hope you like this.

It was successful.

I really can't deal with that right now, OK?

Monsanto controls 27% of the world seed market.

No one answered my question.

She is looking for a job where she can make use of her foreign language ability.

Let's leave as soon as he arrives.

He works as hard as any student.


Tracy could hear Andries crunching on a carrot.


There is a secret base on the other side of the moon.

Jakob is very incompetent.

We closed early.

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The couple broke off their engagement.

Let me have a word with you.

This subject is not within the scope of our study.


Does anybody here have a corkscrew?

President Arthur vetoed the bill.

Major Anderson was ready to stop fighting.

See you later.

The original book dealt primarily with the natural language processing of English.

I'm not quite sure who we should hire.

They posed for a picture in front of the castle.

We just saw them.

I just found out that my dad is not my biological father.


When we're hand in hand, everything heavy becomes light.


He offered his seat to an old woman.


They will hold a meeting at 2 o'clock this afternoon.

He likes soccer a lot.

If you have ever seen a "falling star", you were actually seeing a meteor.

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All you have to do is to work harder.

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You're a good customer.

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The elevator was not working and we had to walk up to the fifth floor.

You've got my personal guarantee.

I would have left on my trip if the weather hadn't been bad.

Tobias has offered to walk Sridhar home.

I'd like to do a feasibility check.


I thought I could be of some help.

Brian had lots of run-ins with the law when he was a teenager.

Donovan is not going to do it.

He tried, in vain, to borrow a large sum of money from them.

Do as I ask you or I won't answer for the result.

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I met her only once.