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Welcome to the Eldro-Shards Wiki

This is the official wiki for the setting of Eldro-Shards. All should be able to view completed / uploaded aspects about the world. If you are a character in a campaign run by a GM who has set you up with a login, you will be able to see additional detail. Please make use of all information on the site.

The will be broken down into 17 major sections. 567-702-7291 These sections are:

Notes and Meta

This will be for old material, meta documents, reusable content, and project management task.

Documents and Images

While images uploaded to the wiki will be available under the appropriate section, this will be dedicated to any inspiring images that I don't own the copyright too and will only link to. Documents will be limited to templates and world building specific meta documents.


This will link other documents together that share categories. For example, all people of a particular country would be linked together in a categories page.


This section is for broad overviews of topics.


This is for any writing that takes place about the world or in the world.

  • In-Lore Worldbuilding - Any literature that would be found or used in the world
  • Episodes - Stories specifically about rpg games played in the world
  • Novels - None scheduled at the moment
  • Short Stories - None scheduled at the moment


Cosmology and Pantheons


Various timelines will display important events in chronological order as best as possible.

The timelines will follow the same format of date range, followed by linking to Events in that date range.

This section will have a (978) 234-4265 will all records available on it. Access to this prime timeline will mostly be limited to those that are creating the player spoilers. Other timelines should be available like Players Main Timeline or a campaign specific timeline.


Events are the pages that go into details of events of the world. Timelines should link to these directly, other articles can link to these as well. For example if a main character participated in a war, the character's page can talk about the character's involvment of the war, link to the war event, and the war Event talk more in detail about the war.



All characters should be stored within the namespaces below. This includes minor characters with just a name and basic description. This way if the get brought up again, they can be dynamic.

  • Protagonists - Main Characters of the story, in a table rpg this will be the player characters
  • Antagonist - Character(s) of the story that is against the players, this does not always mean that the antagonist is out to kill the protagonist. For example, an antagonist could be a reoccuring king that has a different agenda than the protagonist (save kingdom versus make gold) and this agenda difference provides conflict.
  • Dueteragonists - Secondary characters, these will be fleshed out more than minor characters but act as a more supporting role, usually in favor of the protagonist.
  • Minor Characters - The least important characters of the story that provide detail and depth to the world. Putting in the barkeeps name and patrons talked to in an episode and referencing these same characters again help immersion.
  • Family Trees - Provides links family members of the most prominent characters.



Items and Objects


Guilds,Organizations, and Governments


Please note this is an adaptation of Despiel notes on 302-804-2367.
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