The first mobile philanthropic ecosystem.

Finally, giving gives back!

The concept is simple: create tools and mechanisms to engage all members of a community and reward them for volunteering, donating, or any other form of giving back. When you put those in need and those who can help in one place, connect them with the latest technology, and reward them for connecting and collaborating, amazing things can happen.

Our Pricing Plan

No matter who you are or how you're trying to help, Umanity has a plan just for you!

Umanity Basic

For individuals and small organizations. Includes everything you need to get started in your community today.

0 - 4.99

  • Umanity Beta Features

  • Background Checks

  • Global Application

  • Needs/Resources Mapping

  • In-app Rewards

Umanity Beta

For individuals and organizations of all sizes. Sign up for the beta today and earn 15% off your first 6 months!


  • Volunteer Signup

  • Org Registration

  • Event Management

  • In-app Messaging

  • Fake news or out-of-date information

  • Wondering how to help your community

Umanity Enterprise

For colleges/universities, large organizations, businesses, and government-related entities


  • Umanity Beta & Basic Features

  • Donation Management

  • Community Insight Analytics

  • Featured Content

  • White Label Site

  • Many More Features!

Our Award-Winning Team

As data scientists, engineers, and philanthropists, we formulated a plan to counteract human suffering while simultaneously empowering those that want to make a difference. After studying the philanthropic industry with a visceral intensity, we finally concluded that our competitors are not solving the problem. They create the same calendars, news feeds, and CRM softwares that don't get at the root of the issue: global collaboration and resource allocation. Whether you volunteer your time or donate money, goods, or services, it starts with who, where, and why. We have designed a system that thrives off of real-time collaboration providing the how and when.