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NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller laid out the importance of defence spending at a time of unprecedented security challenges in a speech at the annual NATO Resource Conference in Paris.

What is Exercise SAIF SAREEA 3?

Exercise SAIF SAREEA 3 is a combined military training exercise between UK and Omani Armed Forces.

Tornado and Typhoon jets obliterate Islamic State command posts

Tornado and Typhoon jets bombed three Islamic State command and control locations in eastern Syria.

UK explores purchase of 16 extended range Chinook helicopters

The US State Department has approved a possible Foreign Military Sale of sixteen H-47 Chinook (Extended Range) helicopters to the UK for $3.5 billion. 


Canada has selected the Type 26 Frigate as the preferred option for the Royal Canadian Navy's future Canadian Surface Combatants.

HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives in New York

HMS Queen Elizabeth has arrived in New York this afternoon, marking the start of an historic visit to the US city. 

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Coalition effort in Iraq and Syria ‘Aims at Stability’ say officials

The coalition continues to help forces in both Iraq and Syria establish security and stability, the spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve said to the press.


The JS ATAGO used an upgraded Aegis Combat System to test their Ballistic Missile Defence capability for the first time.

US Forces conduct massive exercise ‘Valiant Shield’ in the Pacific

US military forces from the US Indo-Pacific Command are scheduled to participate in exercise Valiant Shield (VS) 2018 this month, around the Marianas Island Range Complex as well as on Guam.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is as important to the United States as it is to Europe, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in the US last week.


The Russian military said Tuesday that while Syrian air defences shot down the aircraft, Israel was to blame for putting it in the line of fire.

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The consequences of a Russian-Syrian offensive into Idlib, Syria, against terrorists hiding there would almost certainly be a humanitarian disaster, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said to press.

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