The future of public shared mobility

Teporto redefines the way people are getting to work, making commuters life better, reducing traffic congestion and leading the future of autonomous car orchestration.
By harnessing the power of machine learning joined with the wisdom of the crowd Teporto forms a new ride sharing model, preserving flexibility and traveling time. Making you rethink owning a car.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine learning algorithms transform the world we live in. At Teporto we harness these powerful tools to make our transportation and commuting smarter.

Wisdom of the crowd

Science has long conformed the ability of the crowd to acheive better results. Our customers are our partenrs, we utilize the wisdom of the crowd to make better routing decisions.

Holistic approach

Teportos’ solution touches all aspects of commuting, from routing, through transport supply to commuting demand. Strengthening the ecosystem supporting the commuter.

The Story

Remember your last traffic jam?

Just standing, waiting for something to happen? Commuters lose every day 15, 30 minutes per direction and this number just grows every year. Now imagine the same route half empty, it happens, at 2 am, we want to make it happen at rush hour. Every time we see a traffic congestion, even on the opposite lane, every time we see a mass transit vehicle we think of the problem and about Teporto.

A recipe

Letting commmuters constantly influence the routing

through a marketplace for transportation services on the one hand and commuters on the other. Teporto enabels this marketplace with sophisticated algorithms combined with the wisdom of the crowd.

The Future

Tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles

Autonomous cars may very well create the traffic conjestion of the future, as long as we stay with one person per car the problem will persist. The key is utilization, shared vs. private. Teporto is delivering today the future of shared transportation growing to be the leader in routing when autonomous age arrives.   

Do you want to disrupt the way we commute?

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